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PyOGP l33t C0d3rZ m33t1ngs

The Slides

slide 1
slide 2
slide 3
slide 4
slide 5
slide 6
slide 7
slide 8
slide 9
slide 10
slide 11
slide 12
slide 13

The Notes

this group is for peeps writing the code.. i.e. the l33t PyOGP C0d3rZ
Just so we're all on the same page here... we're writing python code to implement OGP. Usable to implement a viewer, agent domain or region domain.
one.. it's wikked cool. two.. while it's not a "reference implementation," it can be used to demonstrate details the spec is silent on. three... people can use the test case stuff to demonstrate features and bugs.
two test goals
one... test PyOGP. two... test an implementation for interoperability with PyOGP.
two test tools?
interop tester. unit tester.
PyOGP uses service interface
let's you put code underneath that either a. actually talks to a real implementation (for interop) b. talks to a "mocking interface" for unit tests.
(slides 12 and 13) there's command line tools and libraries. and there's stuff that implements functionality and stuff that tests functionality.
secret shame
OGP is far from complete. we're putting "legacy" stuff in PyOGP 'til we don't need it.

The Transcript

Sai was good enough to post the transcript here.