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About me

Rezday: 1/12/2007
My name is Keumjoo Ahn, and I am pleased to meet you.
I was born in Korea and raised in Germany, my native language is german. I am fluent in english and study translation studies for the languages korean and chinese at a german university. My second major is psychology, with the focus in intra- and intercultural psychology.

In 2004 and 2005 I studied as foreign exchange scholarship holder at the Hanguk University of Foreign Studies and the Koryo University in Seoul, Southkorea. In 2007 I spent an internship at the Qingdao International Translation Office in China.

Skills and Hobbies

Translation: english, korean and chinese into german.

Sim administration: experiences as Owner and Admin of RP sims.

Building: I am a beginner in this area and own a small shop where I sell my first items.

SL Videos: Recently I started making videos inworld. Please have a look here: Keumjoo on Youtube

SL Pictures: One of my hobbies is taking pictures in SL. Here you can see a collection of them: Keumjoo on Flickr


IM, notecards: Please feel free to IM me or drop me a notecard anytime. My IMs are directed to my email account.

Email: ahnkeumjoo at yahoo dot de.