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Who We Are

German speaking Linguists are Residents of SL who are able to speak German and at least one additional language. Furthermore, they feel dedicated to the translation of the Second Life Wiki or other Second Life related non-profit resources. Beeing a member of the inworld groups German speaking Linguists or Second Life Mentors is not required to label yourself as a German speaking Linguist. These memberships are optional and require the compliance to certain guidelines. Have a look at the Volunteer Portal for guidlines of the Second Life Mentors group. The guidelines for the German speaking Linguists inworld group are:

  • Having the will to support the goals of the German speaking Linguists by contributing your skill (no need to be able to actually speak German).
  • Obey to the Tao of Volunteers while speaking in the group chat or while representing the German speaking Linguists group.
  • No non-Linguists related chat in the group channel (e.g.: no advertisement).

Violation of these guidelines might result in an exclusion from the inworld group after one warning.

If you'd like to join the group, please ask any current member for an invitation.

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