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Project: Volunteer Portal Translation

A translation of the Volunteer Portal was suggested and started at User:Zai_Lynch/Sandbox/Volunteer_Portal/de. It will be moved to Volunteer Portal/de as soon as the article is readable. Guidelines for this project were discussed at a previous meeting and are as follows:

  • German articles should link to other German articles instead of linking to their English parents.
  • If no German translation is available, please mark the link to the English article with a bold and red asterisk *. The required wiki-code is: {{nnlink/de}}. Please also add this page to our to-do-list at German_Linguists/Portal_Translation_Project.
  • Create new articles with German titles and enter redirects to ENGLISHARTICLENAME/de. For example:
Create an article named Mentorenanwärter with a redirect to SL_Apprentice_Mentors/de using the wiki code #REDIRECT [[SL_Apprentice_Mentors/de]] as its only content.
  • Search the English pendent to orphaned German articles and move them to ENGLISHARTICLENAME/de. If there is no English pendent, create one with a brief summary about the content and then move the orphaned German article as mentioned above.

Please don't edit these guidelines without a discussion at either the related discussion page or at one of the German Linguists Meetings.

Please have a look at Project:Languages as well for further info on guidelines.

To Do


from the moved article and add it beneath the redirect at the old article. That way, the category still displays German speaking topics. Please also add

<!-- Please don't remove the category label from this redirect without previous discussion at -->

beneath the redirect.