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Out of Date

The volunteer information on this page is now out of date and will be kept for historical purposes. Please do not update information on this page.

Vision and Mission

Second Life Mentors and Greeters are volunteers for Linden Lab, communicating on its behalf the value of Second Life to new Residents, and while doing so providing a Resident perspective to Linden Lab.

We feel a special affinity for the newest Residents of Second Life. For the Residents who come to us in their first hour curious looking for answers and suggestions on how to make Second Life their own, we are often that important first personal connection. We provide a bridge to value in Second Life, a link to knowledge should they choose it, advice on the many experiences that Second Life provides and ways for them to find their peers in world. We educate new Residents how to search and find for themselves to enhance not only their first experience, but to enable them with resources that will help them have a more meaningful Second Life overall.

Our vision is to lay the best foundation for new Residents in Second Life by offering assistance, encouragement and insight into Second Life’s possibilities drawn from our own personal experiences. We believe volunteering in any world has the potential to enhance our character while helping those who need us. Our mission is to reach that potential through our individual triumphs as well as team cooperation.

Volunteer Behavior and Attitude

Set The Standard

Each Volunteer has the opportunity to create an unforgettable first impression of Second Life for new Residents while also helping more seasoned Residents with quality assistance. We do it because we want to. We do it because we enjoy it. We do it with a smile. That is how we want such unforgettable moments to be remembered.

Our personal conduct and style sets the standard:

  • We will maintain politeness when faced with argument.
  • We will be as considerate and helpful as we can be in difficult situations.
  • We will give respect to those we help, despite knowing it may not always be returned.
  • We will seek and emphasize the positive in a situation.
  • We will work as a team and help each other solve problems.
  • We will be reliable, committed, and trustworthy.
  • We will participate and share our ideas to improve Second Life.
  • We will keep a sense of humor and volunteer when we know we are in good spirits!
  • We will keep this labor of love fun!

Volunteer Awareness

Stay Informed

Each Volunteer is responsible for reading notices and guidelines. The Volunteer Program is second to none and because of this it grows and changes as the world of Second Life evolves. The VTeam in its effort to keep Volunteers informed have setup the Volunteer Portal to be our most up to the minute method of keeping Volunteers informed of any changes that will directly impact Volunteers. It further contains guidelines, how-to guides and information directly related to enhancing your mentoring skills.

Volunteer Goals

Promote and Grow

As Second Life continues to grow as a global platform we have the ability and responsibility to increase our Volunteer team’s strength and numbers. We should actively speak about what we do and why we do it. While volunteering we should always be open to learning new solutions as well as teaching what we know. We hope to create an open, collaborative win-win situation, one Resident at a time.

Consequences of Not Following Tao

Second Life Mentors and Second Life Greeters should be aware there are consequences when not following the Tao of Volunteers. Just as the Community Standards and TOS are the policies and rules of Second Life, the Tao is the policy and rules of Second Life Volunteers (both Mentors and Greeters).

Volunteers who do not follow the Tao of Volunteers will be removed from Second Life Mentors and/or Second Life Greeters. Please be aware the decisions of the VTeam are final.

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