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What is this about?

The so called "Community Translation Project" (CTP) started on August 4th 2008 (see also VTeam Blog).
At the moment of writing, it is focused on the translation of Knowledgebase (KB) articles to German. By contributing to this project, you have to agree to the Terms and Conditions for Second Life Community Translation Program.

Office Hours

  • Tom scheduled an Office Hours on Wednesday 1 PM SLT (22:00 MET) in Zhora Galli Bay with Q&A about this project.
  • Lexie Linden is also answering questions about the project at her office hour:


The CTP page states we should assign ourselfs to translations in the PJira and then attach these as .txt files to the issues. Since most of us are more familiar with the Wiki then with the PJira, the GsL will store the KB articles in the Wiki and offer the possibility to translate them here with the usual procedure, using Template:Multi-lang. You can then copy and paste them to a .txt file and attach them to the PJira issue. You can alternativly just write a Done, please post behind the related article and one of the project participants will post it to the PJira for you.

Here are the articles up for translation:

  • Links will soon be listed here