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There seem to be no ISO 639-3 articles left, so this issue is moved to the history section.

ISO 639-1 vs. ISO 639-3

The Mentor Linguist Scribe Translation Project is advertising the use of Template:Multi-lang which uses ISO 639-1. Since this is the only semi-official resource we have about LL's plans regarding the wiki-structure, we should name German translations of existing articles as ARTICLENAME/de. Not ARTICLENAME/deu. However, the wiki is currently a mix of both ISO's since Template:ISO 639-3/cat-speaking is using ISO 636-3 (like it's name indicates). Please move articles you find using the /deu naming to /de. Google states that Mentors Teaching Mentors/deu is currently the only affected article. If you find more, please list them on this page! Please also have a look at WEB-456 and Project:I18n regarding internationalisation.

To do:

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