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What is this about?

The SL Blog and the Grid Status are a way for Linden Lab to keep their Residents up-to-date. Content there can grow and change very quickly.
Having these two resources translated in other languages is an integral part of the integration of foreign Residents. This project tries to translate and store these blog post in German language.


You can assign yourself to a blog posting, translate it and store it at Blog Translation/de. Please use Template:Blogtranslation/de so it all keeps a certain style. After each month, the page will be moved to Blog Translation/Archives/YYYY_MM/de and a new Blog Translation/de page will be put in place. Please categorize all these pages with Category:Blog Translations/de. All pages got to contain Template:Blogtranslation/Disclaimer/de on top of the page.
This project was started and is obtained by Igel Hawks, so feel free to contact her with any questions about it. It is currently paused due to other projects, but if you would like to pick it up again, please IM Igel with your request.

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