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[NOTE: Pages within my Name Space are a WIP and constantly changing. As my understanding of the problems I attempt to address and the grasp of the subject matter itself deepens, I regularly review what I have written and update the content as better algorithms occur to me.

However, for this process of refinement, improvement and tweaking to result in something that might (hopefully!) benefit the community at large, I ask that comments, suggested improvements, corrections of fact or your own personal style preferences be made ONLY on the Discussion Pages within my Name Space. Thank you!]

A bit about me (well, maybe a byte or so)

I'm a semi-retired, long-time resident of New Orleans, LA, though I traveled extensively in my youth. I got my first computer in 1984, a Commodore 64 and self taught myself both Basic and assembly language on it. From that point on, I've always had a computer, sometimes several at a time, and my interest in this fascinating tool/toy has grown.

Along the way I decided to get some formal education so I got my GED in 1992, and enrolled in UNO as a Computer Science major. During my 4 year enrollment there, I worked for two professors as a teachers aide, both teaching course material as well as grading programming efforts of other students. At the end, I ended up with a GPA of 3.45, two letters of recommendation and fell 15 hours short of getting my Bachelors Degree (which I plan to rectify next year).

After college, during which I had discovered this thing called the Internet, I began free-lancing as a Perl CGI programmer, designing and implementing both user interfaces as well as complete back end solutions.

That business venture lasted until Y2K or so, when PHP functionality and ASP began to supplant the need for such but my interest didn't wane. I've since taught myself OOP as well as a number of scripting languages such as ActionScript and, most recently, LSL.

I'm also a practising zen buddhist, semi-professional performer, skilled carpenter & renovator, amateur sculptor, avid reader and an active volunteer in a number of causes I believe in.

I'm in Second Life to learn, create and share, the same as my RL.

Code bits that one might find useful

Json Related

  1. JSON Pretty Printer A Json debugging tool that "pretty prints" a Json text to chat. Version 2.0 released.
  2. Delete Json Element A function that removes an element (either a Value from an array or a "Key":Value pair from an object) from the supplied Json text.
  3. Json Database 2 Chat A function to retrieve a Json text from within a script, to be reused later in its original form.
  4. Workaround for Escaped Characters within Json Text A way to encode '\t', '\n' and such as well as `"\"he said\""' within Json text. [ETA 9/13/2013: added User Function for same!]
  5. Stack Implementations using Json Arrays Showing 3 ways to implement a Stack in LSL using Json Text.
  6. Json Get Value Safe (user function) A way to retrieve JSON_STRING without having it "enhanced" by LSL String handling.

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