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About me

Being on Second Life for over a year, just enjoying and improving some skills. I had a few bad experiences, and cause of that, decided to teach some tricks all around.

After some months, i decided to get a job!! I made some Lindens, knew good and bad people and learned a lot with them.

Got hired on some sims, and started to work as a manager. Been a manager of a few sims and clubs, then one day, I got a message from Linden Lab telling that they accepted me as a life changed!!!

Second Life Mentor

Like a new mentor, I had to study a lot!! OMG, I studied a lot!! But It was something that really made me fell amazing! The Second Life Mentor Team is awesome, and a some mentors helped me to understand how to deal with some bad situations, and for sure, how to help othes.

Now, after several months, I can tell anyone that I LOVE BE A VOLUNTEER!!

Like a Second Life Mentor and a portuguese speaker, I improved all my skills, and helped a lot of residents too. Met good people and several amazing mentors as well.

After some months, I got accept like a Buddy. Was an amazing experience and something that made me so proud!! Actually, I'm a Orientation Coach and Apprentice Buddy, so, if you need any type of help, will be a pleasure help you...

Portuguese Mentor Group


We got a few portuguese speakers on the mentor group, so, we decided to create a no-official group. We have over 30 portuguese speakers on that, and the Second Life Portuguese Mentor Group is growing fast.

So, if you want an invite, just send me an IM...

I'm very very proud of being part of the Portuguese speaker community, and I can be far from(physically), but you all know that my mind and soul still live in Brazil!!

Very Sad News

My SL best friend, Ludinha Kamachi, died last 27 May 2010.

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