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About me

Hi all. My real name is Rui Costa and I am from Portugal.

I am 51 years old in RL and almost 2 years in SL, Mentor since Feb. 2008. Also Mentor Linguist and former Mentor Buddy.

My projects now are:

Making a skydiving land at SLVI-S (, thanks to the 2 Lottery Results June and December 2008.

Helping the Portuguese Language spoken Mentors to make the contribution for the Second Life 5th Birthday.

Getting L$ without a Credit Card, camping here and there...

My OpenSim link:

Also with 6 SIM's @ OSGRID

Portuguese Mentor Group


We got a few Portuguese speakers on the mentor group, so, we decided to create a no-official group. We have over 30 Portuguese speakers on that, and the Second Life Portuguese Mentor Group is growing fast.

So, if you want an invite, just send User:Ludinha Kamachi or me, an IM...

Thanks for reading this page.


Very Sad News

My SL best friend, Ludinha Kamachi, died last 27 May 2010.