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Meine Existenz ist eine andere, ich existiere nur, wenn ich schreibe, ich bin nichts, wenn ich nicht schreibe, ich bin mir selbst vollkommen fremd, aus mir herausgefallen, wenn ich nicht schreibe.

Secondlife experience

Luisa inside classroom
Luisa inside classroom

Eploring this world since December of 2006, doing this and that since then. Some more coherent pieces of my SL envolvement had been 1 1/2 year of teaching basic building classes at TUi university. My current teaching place is located at Creative Learning sim.

User:Luisa_Bourgoin/classroom snapshots


One of my creations is the Omega-o-meter, which is available at xstreets but got distributed from resident to resident inworlds mostly. There is a corresponding class teaching llTargetOmega() running once a week. Additional classes focus on useage of building tools like pipemaker.

I am targeting at beginner level on my offer of guidance here. Ideal setup would be small classes like two residents and one teacher. Deliberately avoiding one on one sessions here, since virtual environments are focusing on collaboration and grouping. IM if interrested, trying to arrange regular meetings according to your timezone.

Mixing Color Vectors

The simple task of mixing two colors can get difficulty ! I tried two approaches, coding in LSL taking concepts from some google research. The web can be full of wisdom but your mileage may vary. Translating concepts into working LSL samples .. a completely different matter. More about toppic here User:Luisa_Bourgoin/mixing color vectors <lsl> // L.B. been here :-P // use it like llSetColor(tinting_two_RGBs(llGetColor(1),llGetColor(2)), 0); // to mix colors from cube side 1 and 2 onto frontside 0 vector tinting_two_RGBs(vector c1, vector c2) {

   vector re = ZERO_VECTOR;
   c1 *= 255.0;
   c2 *= 255.0;
   re.x = (integer)(c1.x) | (integer)(c2.x);
   re.y = (integer)(c1.y) | (integer)(c2.y);
   re.z = (integer)(c1.z) | (integer)(c2.z);
   return(re / 255.0);

} </lsl>


"a controller cube containing instruction lists inside notecards" pretty much summarizes the whole approach. more about this here User:Luisa_Bourgoin/current projects/gposnp

fitting on top of a GPOSNP controller is User:Luisa_Bourgoin/current projects/turtle_mover, a reciever component that moves Prims arround your place. Usefull for home automation like drawbridges, portcullis, moat crocodiles, water valves ...continue reading here Wikipedia on Drawbridge mentality

Burning Man

With the birth of Burn2, there is a sense of renewal, a sense of community and a sense of hope as Burning Man and the metaverse intermix. [Man inside SL]

When joining in the Temple builder team of Burn2 in 2012 my focus has been on redoing the message inscription part of the real life temple, utilizing LSL's hoovertext function. The script is published on it's own page here: User:Luisa_Bourgoin/Burn2

Game design draft: Broom's Race

Approaching Halloween, and following a sunday's Show & Tell presentation event I am pondering about a "Broom's Race" game which might call associations with Quidditch on first glance.


list of other LSL related projects

User:Luisa_Bourgoin/current projects


English and German in writing mostly.