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GPOSNP Project
"a controller cube containing instruction lists inside notecards" pretty much summarizes the whole approach
more about this here User:Luisa_Bourgoin/current projects/gposnp
turtle mover
a GPOSNP controller reciever component
that moves Prims arround your place. Usefull for home automation like drawbridges, portcullis, moat crocodiles, water valves ...continue reading here Wikipedia on Drawbridge mentality
User:Luisa_Bourgoin/current projects/turtle_mover
dynamic SLURLS
when you move your shop location (which one usually does two times a year) some 100 SLURL locations written down inside notecards, product descriptions, xstreet listings run stale. Landmarks inside product packages point to ...
so what's a workable solution? some SLURL redirection service where you can anchor a reference point that updates automatically (or at least is updateable). An anchor plywood cube could update grid coords of one such SLURL redirector using a script. when the box got moved, the SLURL changes.
inside product notecards one can reference a location doing http://the-redirector-service-url/slurl?pointto=myproduct,myshopname
distributed memory storage
a serverless approach for expanding available script memory storage User:Luisa_Bourgoin/current projects/memory_sim