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Roleplay Character Bio

see here!

Current Work

LSL Bundle for Sublime Text 2


Why my SecondLife Viewer 2 or 3 won't work on Mac OS X or Linux despite working on Windows?

Japanese Category Conversion

Testing Japanese category name conversion

This is template

Current Status of Updating Japanese Translation

  • I'd rather like to translate Mesh :p
  • New functions? Oh uh...


Organizing of LSL categories (now checking existing categories) User:Mako_Nozaki/Category_Function User:Mako_Nozaki/Category_Draft
Translation - Live Performances/ja
日本語ページで編集した場所の共有… Multi-lang の入れ方や、カテゴリの追加のしかた。外さないといけないテンプレート (It や AAn) など。

Tips (Multilingual)

When you find some pages in wrong category despite of its 'true' category, go to edit page and just press "Save" button without making any change.


Hi Mako Nozaki =)

Thank you for contributing to the SL Wiki! We really appreciate it!

Like any huge project, we have certain do's and don'ts to ensure that the Wiki's database will remain clean, stable and fast. It seems that you have recently every day made several edits on the wiki that would've been better suited as a single edit. This happens to many new spaz users, so it's not a deadly sin. But we would like you to consider reading Template:ediquette for information on why this is bad for the SL Wiki and how you can avoid it. But we also think that there's no cure for you. Sigh.

Thanks for reading it and happy editing!