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in Second Life, Oz Linden
in Real Life, Scott Lawrence

I was the VP of Second Life Engineering at the Lab, but as of Feb 26 2021, I'm retired.

My mission was to make Second Life better, including making existing features faster and more reliable, and also adding new capabilities that make your Second Life better.

In The Real World

I worked from my home in New Hampshire (I did even before the pandemic lockdowns).

I'm a long time open source user and developer - before coming to Linden Lab I spent ~7 years leading the sipXecs SIP PBX project

My career has been a steady climb up the OSI protocol stack... I started out doing link layer drivers at NCR and other places, built a few different network and transport layer protocols, then spent several years on HTTP (if you have a device that has a web interface, there's a decent chance it has my server in it), then several more on SIP (the core protocol for most voice on the net including SLs), and now I've worked my way up to virtual worlds. I've done a lot of standards development, mostly at the IETF, but also at other industry consortia.


I am compulsive about automating routine tasks, and have a small collection of handy tools that I make available for sharing...