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About Strife


Strife joined 3/3/2004, and is an avid scripter, wiki author and SL forum denizen. Not content in selfish information gathering, he shares what he knows through various mediums, so that others may benefit and learn. He volunteers his time to work on many public projects which include: giving scripting advice, writing LSL documentation, providing and improving LSL scripts and libraries. Secondlife has been on Strife's brain for that last 2 decades.

SL Status

Strife is unemployed. Leave me a note on my talk page.


Through his public works Strife became a pillar of the SL community.

Strife is a Hippo award winner, awarded "Best Community Organizer" in the 2007 Linden Lab Innovation Awards, and here is his mention as a runner-up in the 2008 "Best Documentation" category: "Last year's winner, Strife Onizuka, continued to be insanely prolific, with thousands of edits over the past year.... Anyone learning LSL is almost certainly indebted to Strife's work in some way."

Own Words

I'm an immigrant from URU. Was in all 3 of it's beta's.

Wiki Gnome (causing drama isn't why I'm here) for about 20 years.

I havehad a webpage but I haven't updated it in a fewmany monthsyears...

Wiki's are the way of the future when it comes to making documentation Ad-hoc. With popularity graffiti becomes a worsening problem. The wiki owner is left between a rock and a hard place: cope with graffiti edits or cope with out-of-data information. The popular choice is to restrict editing, which ultimately drives away legitimate editors.

I also contribute to some other wikis:

When it comes to writing I tend to go towards concise. A short accurate description is better then a long equally accurate description; less to get confused with, easier to find the important information (because it is all important).

View the issues Strife Onizuka has filed at


My config files:


See TightList

Float Functions

See /Float Functions


integer bitcount(integer n)
{//MIT Hackmem 169, modified to work in LSL
    integer tmp = n - ((n >> 1) & 0x5B6DB6DB)//modified mask
                    - ((n >> 2) & 0x49249249);
    return (((tmp + (tmp >> 3)) & 0xC71C71C7) % 63) - (n >> 31);


string ignore = "c228d1cf-4b5d-4ba8-84f4-899a0796aa97";
list Tenebrous(){
    integer link = llGetNumberOfPrims();
    list out;
    string s;
    for(link -= (link == 1); !llGetLinkNumberOfSides(link);)
        list t = llGetLinkPrimitiveParams(link, [PRIM_TEXTURE, ALL_SIDES]);
        integer i = t != [];
        while((i -= 4) >= 0)
            if(ignore != (s = llList2String(t, i)))
                out = [i >> 2, s] + out;
        out = llGetLinkKey(link--) + out;
    return out;