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The Unknown Fate of Ruth

*forces the sun to midnight and rezzes a campfire*

Gather around and I shall tell you a tale...

It was Halloween 2002 and Ruth was working late into the night at the offices of Linden Lab. The rain was coming down hard and she wondered if she would ever get home. She sighed and hung her head, the avatar code was coming along she knew but it was nowhere near ready for the demo with the investors the next day. Everyone else had gone home, her part was all that was left to be done. To add to that the rain was dampening her spirit, in the distance she could hear the claps of thunder getting louder as the storm outside worsened. The building boomed as a strike hit nearby and the lights flickered but her tapping on the keys didn't falter. The next strike was much closer, the lights blazed brilliant white and burst, the transformer outside exploded, the fragments going in all directions and the percussion wave blowing the windows in.

They never found her body, only the smoldering remains of her chair and melted keyboard. The meeting with the investors couldn't be postponed, they needed the money badly. The code seemed to work though.

They say she lives on in the code. When you stumble upon some incomplete part of her task, a bit of her comes alive and fills the void, forever trapped until the code is done.

Unexpected turn of events

-Work In Progress-

I will try to keep this short. As I previously mentioned, the inspiration for "The Unknown Fate of Ruth" was a suggestion made that poltergeist were behind Ruthing. I thought I was writing a work of fiction but unbeknownst to me my muse had something other than fiction in mind. Ruth really did go missing. The events however weren't as I described, they were, from what I have gleaned and pieced together, stranger still. Now it wasn't until recently that during a chance conversation with Tangent Linden did I realized that something seriously wrong had happened and maybe there was some truth yet to be found. We had been chatting when all of a sudden Tangent got tense and panicky, saying he can't talk about "that" and signed off. It's not like I had said anything NDA worthy, just repeating the old notion about Ruthing. I thought it ominous that Ruthing could inspire such fear. Now it has been several years since that first original conversation that got this all rolling, the Linden who dropped the hint, lets call her Wren, is no longer with The Lab. Now Wren didn't just leave the lab, I think she went into hiding, finding her was hard, and in the end all I've managed is an email address.

Before I go any further, and please don't ask, I won't be listing any real names, Tangent is as close as I will get seeing as he has been evaporated (in the 1984 sense of the word), his UUID has been purged along with all associated assets.

-Work In Progress-


I fear history is repeating, rendition was the folly of Paris, we may well manage to sink a thousand ships but what then? Will we take the fight to the Greeks until they have no more want for war? What of those among us who say the Greeks are right? Will we imprison them? Will we torture them? Wars start when diplomacy fails, rendition will strain diplomacy beyond its ability.