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  • I have been a resident in Second Life since Tue 22nd Mar 2005. I have spent most my time in world learning and trying to say that I specialise in one area gets tricky. I have specialisations within various areas but I have tried my hand at most things I have had a chance at.
 ** So I took a very extended break from Second Life. I did a lot during my original play time. Maybe too much which led to my burning out, Needed to take so time to myself.
    I did a lot of RL; in places SL, even though I was not actively playing at the time, still had an effect. For example I use work I had done in Second Life in my interview for my current RL Job.
    I have been back a little while now, I decided to "Poke my head in." to see what what what happening. That was now well over a year ago. Figure it's probably a good time to bring this page up to date.
  • My main skill (going on the custom work I am predominately asked about) would be scripting. Within scripting I concentrate on data management. I use web based languages (PHP, MySQL and sometimes even HTML) to enhance my LSL skills.
 ** Still, True, Can add JavaScript and a not quite fluent amount of Python/R to the list as well as MsSQl. Also gained experience with Alteryx, Tableau, and currently getting my head around Knime. And I seem to be in a bit of a K period as my other fascination currently is Kubernetes.
  • Building started for me as "somewhere to keep my scripts". I have since discovered a love for making jewellery, I find working on jewellery almost a meditation, it allows me to express my creative side without having to worry deadlines or whether I am building to what the client needs. However, I will and do build pretty much everything. Recently with the introduction of Sculptured Prims I have been able to put some more of my Real Life education into use, having studied both 2d and 3d computer based art.
 ** Still the case, but word to the wise. Do NOT try exporting torture nano prim to replicate in mesh. They will try get their revenge for the torture.
   My toolset currently it the entire CS suite and Blender. I am still getting my head around Blender as I am having to stop myself from thinking I know my way around it. It feels familiar to Maya and Max but it's different enough to trip you up if you grow complacent. 

  • Which nicely takes me onto texturing. Of all the external programs I use to aid me in Second life, Photoshop is my real forte. I have at some point in the past worked on pretty much all aspects of texturing from clothes and skins, right through to Terrain Raw. I personally avoid working on clothes and skins as both are saturated markets in world.
 ** As mentioned before, entire CS suite, One of the other things I did while I was RL'ing was working in a company that require a lot of remaking of logos from fuzzy website headers into vectors for high resolution print, So I have gained a healthy appreciation for Illustrator alongside Photoshop.
  • There are quite a few other things I have done in Second Life, quite often to enhance projects in other areas, for example learning to animate avatars so I can add my own animation overrides to various pieces I have made, but mainly these are just to assist my main skills.
  • I would say that the main attribute that both hinders me and pushes me on, is that I need to learn. I like to stay at the cutting edge, learn the newest skills and techniques, even when doing so mean that I don't make full use of what I have learned previously.
 ** Still a sponge for new info, I have not really changed that much, I've even started making use of PKM systems initially with Notion and more recently with Obsidian. It really is amazing what you can do with a PKM like Obsidian being fed with automated systems such as N8N and managed through Knime. ;)
    What else is new...? If you have somewhere to be in the next 24hrs do not start a conversation with me on the subject of AI. I have a small army of artificial collaborators, strong beliefs about them, defiantly leaning on the side of advocate.  
    And spreadsheets, I have had a recently discovered love of seeing how far I can push a basic Google Sheet. However if you have an interesting subject that 'might' be able to be represented via spreadsheet, give me a shout and I will see what I can do. Oh and one last thing.
    I've also just been getting into dj'ing. I've yet to play out but I am having a lot of fun having AI putting together set lists for me to attempt to mix.


  • Burning Life: Department Lead of DPW [1]
  • SL5B: Exhibitor Liason Link
  • Consultant: Princeton University.
  • Consultant: Cisco Systems via SLBrand.
  • SL Mentor original only, I am a 'Ronin Mentor' these days
  • Owner: PrimCision (Jewelry Company) closed
  • Owner: T3 (Gadgets and Toys Company) closed but look at maybe a revival
  • Owner: Opus (Open Sim) closed
  • Owner: Project Twilight (homestead looking to be RP)
  • Owner: End of the World (home on the corner of the adult continent)

Blogs and Other Sites

  • Link much unloved
  • Tal's Flickr Link Some attention but Gyazo gets lions share

  • Tal's KoinUp RIP
  • Tal's Twitter Bleh


Scripts Link

  • Dialog menu example Link


  • Crazy Particle Thing... Link


  • W3C Color List Converted for LSL Vector and PrePro Defines Spreadsheet
  • TT: SimTemplate - Spreadsheet setup for the 4*4m grid in Second Life. Maybe useful for Parcel Planning? Spreadsheet original purpose
  • Unicode 200k: First 200k Unicode characters with a few other useful things. Spreadsheet
  • SL Bodies: This is a spreadsheet I use in regard to body shapes. Very useful having all the figure figures stored externally. Spreadsheet
  • Mostly Finished SL20B Events generator: This is a little sheet I was putting together to assist stage crew in generating funky little notifications. Spreadsheet
  • Windlight/EEP Notes: Just some notes I'd make on the subject Spreadsheet


  • Emote-tional Break Down (officially the most work I've put into something for the sake of a bad pun) Spreadsheet

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