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  • I have been a resident in Second Life since Tue 22nd Mar 2005. I have spent most my time in world learning and trying to say that I specialise in one area gets tricky. I have specilisations within various areas but I have tried my hand at most things I have had a chance at.
  • My main skill (going on the custom work I am predominately asked about) would be scripting. Within scripting I concentrate on data management. I use web based languages (php, mysql and sometimes even html) to enhance my LSL skills.
  • Building started for me as "somewhere to keep my scripts". I have since discovered a love for making jewelry, I find working on jewelry almost a meditation, it allows me to express my creative side without having to worry deadlines or whether I am building to what the client needs. However, I will and do build pretty much everything. Recently with the introduction of Sculptured Prims I have been able to put some more of my Real Life education into use, having studied both 2d and 3d computer based art.
  • Which nicely takes me onto texturing. Of all the external programs I use to aid me in Second life, Photoshop is my real forte. I have at some point in the past worked on pretty much all aspects of texturing from clothes and skins, right through to Terrain Raw. I personally avoid working on clothes and skins as both are saturated markets in world.
  • There are quite a few other things I have done in Second Life, quite often to enhance projects in other areas, for example learning to animate avatars so I can add my own animation overrides to various pieces I have made, but mainly these are just to assist my main skills.
  • I would say that the main attribute that both hinders me and pushes me on, is that I need to learn. I like to stay at the cutting edge, learn the newest skills and techniques, even when doing so mean that I don't make full use of what I have learned previously.


  • Burning Life: Department Lead of DPW [1]
  • SL5B: Exhibitor Liason Link
  • Consultant: Princeton University.
  • Consultant: Cisco Systems via SLBrand.
  • SL Mentor
  • Owner: PrimCision (Jewelry Company)
  • Owner: T3 (Gadgets and Toys Company)
  • Owner: Opus (Open Sim)

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