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Timothy Dryke is a Second Life resident. If you where looking for the item, group or location Timothy Dryke, contact me so I know they even exist :P

SL Biography

  • Name: Timothy Dryke
  • Born: 2/3/2007 (No idea which one is the day and which one is the month)
  • Official Resident
  • Profile:


I'm just a resident who is in Second Life for spare time. No jobs, not 24/7 online (or 8/5, like work days). Just randomly if I have nothing to do, to waste time. I build and script stuff for myself and from time to time help people with scripting or building.

FL Biography

  • Real Name: Tim -
  • Born: -/-/1988
  • Nationality: Netherlands
  • Native language: Nederlands (Dutch)
  • Other languages: English, HTML, javascript (I can understand/read German a bit, but can't speak nor write it at all.)


This content has been blocked due to private content. To keep the users privacy safe, this won't content won't be able to be viewed by anyone.


Here at wiki I'm going to fix random redirects and weird linking/article naming. Also I'm going to try to translate pages to Dutch.



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