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Deprecated — and only kept for historical reasons.

This balance is difficult to get right. There are so many sliders. But it must be done for the good of video tutorials!

Here's the "recipe" I currently use and will come back here to remind myself of:

Windows XP - "Sounds and Audio Devices" Control Panel

  • Go to Volume tab.
  • Set "Device volume" to 5 (the leftmost is 0).
  • Go to Audio tab.
  • Under "Sound recording", click "Volume".
  • In the Recording Control window that comes up, set Recording (on the left) to 2 (slider should be notched exactly in the middle).

Second Life

  • Go to Edit menu > Preferences > Audio & Video tab.
  • Drag Master slider all the way to the right.
  • Specific sliders (# of right arrow key taps):
    • Music = 5
    • Media = 5
    • Voice = 15
    • Sounds = 5
    • Ambient = Muted
    • UI = 10

Asus Realtek ALC883 Sound Manager

  • REMEMBER TO TURN THIS ON!!!! —> In Mixer tab, Stereo Mix (in the Record section towards the bottom-right should be enabled to record in "What U Hear" mode, including UI sounds.