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Cache size   Enter a value between 64MB and 9984MB for the size of the Viewer's cache file.

The cache speeds retrieval of recently-downloaded inworld assets. For example, the second time you log in to a location, the Viewer uses the cached assets instead of re-downloading the content. Increasing cache size may improve performance if you have a fast hard drive. Unrelated to Clear History in the Privacy tab. See Clearing the cache for more information.


  • Clear Cache to clear the Viewer's cache.
  • Browse to set the location of the cache file
  • Default Location to set the cache file location back to the default.
UI size

  Scales the user interface to be larger or smaller.
Show script errors in

  Choose either:
  • Nearby chat - Script errors appear inline in Nearby Chat.
  • Separate window - A separate window pops up that only shows script errors.
Allow Multiple Viewers   Check to be able to run more than one instance of the Second Life Viewer on your computer.
Show Grid Selection at login   Check to show the grid selection dropwdown by default in the login screen to enable you to log in to testing grids such as Aditi.
Show Advanced Menu   Check to show the Advanced menu by default.
Show Develop Menu   Check to show the Develop menu by default.