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Manage personal information and how openly you can be contacted.

Click Clear History to delete your travel, web and search history the next time you log in, similar to clearing your history in a web browser:

  • Clears landmarks from where you've traveled in Second Life saved in your Places - Teleport History.
  • Removes content you've downloaded in the in-Viewer browser.
Show me in Search results   Check to make your profile appear in search results.
Only friends and groups know I'm online

  Hides your online status to strangers, so only friends on your friends list and Residents in your groups can see if you're inworld.
Only friends and groups can call or IM me

  Restricts voice call and Instant Message contact to only friends and groups.
Switch off microphone when ending calls

  Automatically turns off your microphone after a private voice call. Otherwise, unless deliberately toggled off, you may accidentally voice chat nearby.
Show my Favorite Landmarks at Login   If checked, login screen Start At drop-down lists landmarks from your favorites bar.

Chat Logs:

Save nearby chat logs on my computer

  Save text chat from nearby Residents to a file.
Save IM logs on my computer

  Save Instant Message conversations, including one-on-one and group chats, to a file.
Add timestamp

  Inserts the time and date at the beginning of each line of logged chat.
Add datestamp to log file name

  Appends the date to the name of the log file.
Location of logs

  Click Browse to select a different location to store log files.