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Edits a new classified in your profile.


  Sets the picture of the place you wish to define as a classified. Change the picture by clicking the image, then using Pick Texture to select another texture from your inventory. If the parcel you on has a picture defined, it appears by default on all new classifieds for that parcel.

  Changes the classified's title.

  Provides a short description of your product or service.
Set to Current Location

  Updates the exact coordinates of a classified by setting them to your avatar's current location.

  Select a category from this dropdown. Your choices are:
  • Shopping - Things for sale like clothes and vehicles, as well as special shopping events a sale.
  • Land Rental - Undeveloped land for rent.
  • Property Rental - "Property" generally means developed land for rent, such as an apartment room, a themed castle, or store stalls available to merchants.
  • Special Attraction - Events, like a week-long carnival or the opening of a hot club.
  • New Products - Use this if you've just completed an awesome creation you want the world to know about.
  • Employment - Post jobs and opportunities to earn L$.
  • Wanted - Searching for a special something or someone? Use this.
  • Service - Use to offer skills you want to be hired for, such as being an events host or scripting tutor.
  • Personal - As in paper classifieds, messages go here tend to be directed at a single Resident, such as "Happy birthday!" or a romantic anniversary message.
Maturity Rating

  Choose General Content if what you're advertising is suitable for everyone. If it's of a mature nature REVISE WORDING WHEN FINAL, choose Moderate Content.

  Enter how many Linden Dollars a week you want to pay for this classified. More expensive classifieds appear higher in the public listings and are likely to be viewed more.
Auto renew each week

  Automatically deducts the L$ charge weekly. Otherwise, your classified expires and disappears. Once you've made a classified live, you can't edit the L$ amount; you must delete the classified and create a new one.

  If you're publishing a new classified, this button says Publish and you're asked to confirm. Otherwise, this button saves your classified and returns to your Profile Picks, where you can see what your classified looks like to other Residents.

  Discards all edits or cancels the creation of a new classified.