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Choose a texture (including snapshots) from your inventory to be applied to an item like an object or clothing. A preview of the selected texture is shown in the upper-left corner.

Filter Textures   Type part or all of a texture's name to search your inventory for matching textures.
Inventory display   Displays all available textures in your inventory, sorted alphabetically. Click a texture's name to choose it.
Size   Displays the size of the currently selected texture, measured in pixels.
Default   Applies the default "plywood" texture.
None   Applies no texture. Only available for the Appearance Editor's Tattoo and Alpha layers.
Blank   Applies the default blank white texture.
Apply now   Applies texture changes to the selected object immediately, without confirmation.
Eyedropper tool   Click an object's face to automatically select its texture. This feature only works if you own a copy of that texture.