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Visually record your Second Life experiences by taking snapshots. Send images to friends from inworld via email, or save them to your computer.

Email   Select to email your snapshot. The maximum size for sending a snapshot via email is one megabyte (1 MB); if your snapshot exceeds that, you need to lower Image quality and click .
My inventory (L$10)   Select to upload your snapshot to your inventory. Upload fee is 10 Linden Dollars.
Save to my computer   Select to save your snapshot to your local hard drive.
Snapshot preview   Shows a preview of the snapshot that will be emailed, uploaded, or saved. The file size is shown to the right of the thumbnail preview.
  Click to take a new snapshot and refresh the preview.
Send   When the Email snapshot option is selected, click to open the Email Snapshot window.
Save (L$10)   When the My inventory option is selected, click to upload your snapshot.
Save   When the Save to my computer option is selected, click to save image. Until you restart Second Life, subsequent images automatically save with the name of the first-saved snapshot in numerical order. Select Save As... from the dropdown to enter a new name during the current session.
More/Less   Show or hide Snapshot Preview's advanced controls.
Cancel   Closes Snapshot Preview.

Snapshot Size

Size   Use the dropdown to select your image size. The thumbnail preview shows the affected area.
Format   Only available when saving a snapshot to your computer. PNG provides the best balance between quality and filesize.
Width   Scroll to adjust the snapshot width, or type a number into the box. Used with the Custom size type.
Height   Scroll to adjust the snapshot height, or type a number into the box. Used with the Custom size type.
Constrain proportions   Check to maintain aspect ratio between custom width and height settings.
Image quality   Only applicable when using Email or Save to my computer with JPG. Lowering image quality reduces file size.


Dropdown available in Save to my computer mode which defaults to Colors. The options are:

Colors   Takes normal pictures.
Depth   Shows the per-pixel 3D information of a scene. This information can be used when post-processing in an image editor, like Photoshop, to create distance blur when combined with the color information.
Object Mattes   Shows a unique color for each inworld object, making it easy to create mattes and other visual effects in an image editor.
Interface   Check to capture the Second Life viewer user interface in your snapshot: all menus, windows, and controls except Snapshot Preview are captured. Useful for instructional screenshots.
HUDs   Click to capture heads-up-displays in your snapshot.

Snapshot Preview Controls

Manage your preview using these settings:

Keep open after saving   Check to keep Snapshot Preview open after emailing, uploading, or saving a snapshot.
Freeze frame (fullscreen)   Check to see a fullscreen preview of your snapshot. Like the thumbnail, click to update the preview. This is usually unchecked.
Auto-refresh   Updates the thumbnail preview every time a Snapshot Preview setting is changed. Otherwise, you need to manually click .

For more information, see Snapshots Help.