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Emailing a snapshot is a fast, easy way to share a picture of Second Life with the outside world. Many social sites, like Flickr and Tumblr, accept email image attachments, and Resident entrepreneurs have created numerous ways to show off your snapshots, all without leaving Second Life.

In the upper-right, a thumbnail preview of the snapshot to be emailed is shown.

Recipient's Email:

  Enter the email address in the standard format. For example, You can also enter multiple recipients, each separated by a comma:,,
Your Email:

  Your email address that is displayed to the recipient(s) of the emailed snapshot. If you want to change it, you must go to the Contact Information section of My Dashboard, and you may need to relog into Second Life for changes to take effect.

  The subject line of the emailed snapshot.

  A descriptive message, which could be something brief such as "Wish you were here!" to a more involved paragraph describing what you appreciate about what the snapshot depicts.

  Sends the snapshot. A "Sending..." status message appears. It may take several moments for a bigger snapshot to send, such as a higher-resolution, higher-quality one.

  Closes the window without emailing a snapshot.