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KBnote.png Note: This article has been edited since it was returned from translation. REQUIRES RE-TRANSLATION.

Helps you explore Second Life by finding other Residents, land sales, and points of interest:

  • Pan around the map by clicking and dragging on it.
  • Click a place to set a destination beacon you can follow after you close the map. To dismiss the beacon, click the red arrow that points to it, or right-click the Mini-Map and choose Stop Tracking.
  • Double-click a place to teleport there.
KBnote.png Note: Only objects lower than 400 meters on the Z-coordinate (vertical) plane appear on the World Map.


Me   Shows your location on the map. Click to center the map view on your location.
Home   Shows your home location. Click to teleport home.
Select the checkbox next to these symbols to show them on the map:
Person   Another Resident.
Events   Resident-run events come in three maturity rating levels:

Select the maturity level of events you want to show on the map. You can only see events whose maturity matches your preference settings. Choose Me > Preferences (General) to set your maturity preference. To show Parcel lght A.png Adult events, you must verify you are at least 18 years old. See Age verification for more information.

infohub   Place to socialize and find information about Second Life.
Land Sale   Yellow blocks - for sale by a Resident owner.

Purple blocks - for auction by Linden Lab.

Find on Map

Seee online friends, landmarks, or specific regions on the map.

The destination beacon is the red ring on the map that identifies the currently selected destination. This beacon is matched inworld by a red beam of light and an arrow that points to your destination. Click

  • Teleport to teleport there.
  • Copy SLurl to copy the beacon's SLurl to your clipboard.
  • Show Selection to center the map there.
My Friends Online   Click to view the list of online friends who have granted you the ability to track them on the map. Type a specific name to search by name.
My Landmarks   Click the dropdown to view your landmarks. Choose one from the list or type in a name, then hit Enter ↵.
Search by region name   Type a full or partial regionname into the search field, then click Find or press Enter ↵. The results field shows all matching region names.
Zoom   Zooms in or out on the map. You can also use your mouse's scroll wheel. Most symbols don't display if the map is zoomed too far out.