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Accessed via World > Mini-map (Ctrl+Shift+M) or by selecting the mini-map button on a customized toolbar.

Shows your current position on a map in realtime, a simplified version of the World Map.

  • A yellow dot and a wedge of light indicate your current position and field of view.
  • Zoom in or out by hovering your cursor over the Mini-Map and using your mouse's scroll wheel.
  • Double-click an area on the mini-map to teleport to that position

Right-click the mini-map for additional options.


Some objects and areas are color-coded:

Cyan areas Objects you own.
Fuchsia areas Objects your groups own.
Green markers


Other Residents:
  • At about the same height as your camera position.
  • Above your camera position.
  • Below your camera position.

Hover over a marker to view the Resident's name.

Yellow dots o Your nearby friends. To see and edit your Friends list, choose Communicate > Friends.
Dark gray blocks Objects owned by others. In a region with lots of buildings, you see lots of these.
Red areas Offline regions

More options

Right-click to display these options:

Zoom very close   Zooms in the maximum level.
Zoom close   Zooms in close.
Zoom medium   Zooms to a moderate level.
Zoom far   Zooms out the maximum level.
North at top   Mini-map will always be oriented with North at top.
Camera at top   Mini-map will always be oriented with field of vision (wedge of light) at top.
Show parcel boundaries   Displays the parcel boundaries as yellow lines on the mini-map.
Auto-center map   Mini-map will slide to center your current location upon click-dragging. While unchecked, your avatars corresponding yellow dot will remain at the same click-dragged offset.
Re-center map   Centers the mini-map to your location.
Stop Tracking   Stops tracking any target defined on the World Map and removes the associated beacon from view.
About Land   Opens the About Land floater
World Map   Opens the World Map floater