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Second Life is split into two separate grids and communities:

  • Teen Grid - for teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17. Adult access to this grid is limited to Linden staffers and educators (on receipt of proper clearances, and confined to their respective private islands for the purpose of educating their charges in Second Life)
  • Main Grid - for anyone at least 18 years old.

Regardless of which grid a Resident lives on, he or she is expected that to behave maturely and respectfully to their fellow residents. Here are some guidelines for standard etiquette in Second Life:

  • Mature behavior and language should be performed only in regions designated as Mature (as indicated by (M) next to the region name at the top of your SL client window. If you are in a region marked as (PG), you should refrain from speech, behavior, sounds, or images which would not be acceptable to a general audience (similar to broadcast television or a PG rated movie). Note that there are NO Mature sims in Teen Grid - all sims will be PG, and behaviours in these sims should reflect this rating at all times.
  • You should not "push" another person's avatar, either by intentionally walking into them, or using weapons or scripted objects. If you bump into someone accidently, it is common courtesy to pardon yourself. =)
  • Gun battles and the like should be confined to "Non Safe" regions such as Jessie, Rausch, or resident-owned parcels which are designated as fighting areas (as indicated by a "heart" icon at the top of your screen). Do not shoot at people who have not already consented to a gunfight game.

For the exact rules, read the Terms of Service and Community Standards pages on the secondlife.com website.

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