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Cross Grid / Cross Domain Trust Issues


  • Each Major area, A, B, H and P are trust domains. The components within trust each other fully, and don't need to do special work to manage trust and security.
  • The domains are informally:
    • Service Provider Grids A and B: A large, complete grid, with a full set of utilities, including asset storage, currency, escrow, an instant messaging service, map and geography services.
    • Hosting Domain H: A smaller hosting company which allows individual entities to host region simulators, and provides asset storage services in support of these regions. This hoster does not manage agents, or users, but rather serves to provide virtual real estate, and the storage of virtual assets, separate from other grids.
    • Private region P: A small region of virtual land, with no utilites or services. It does not directly expose any assets or users to other domains

Note: These are three slices of the functional set which makes up a workable virtual world. There are may others, and we will likely examine them in future sections of this write up. Examples include local copies of land, pure agent domains, pure utility hosting domains, private complete domains. Each of these will introduce additional requirements and use cases.

The core problems

  • Are uuids sufficiently unique for these cases?
  • When is it safe to pass an entity to a component outside mytrust domain? (The core issue)
    • Note: Textures are already loose in the world, if we send them to clients
  • Where do I run scripts?
    • Note: the script creator may not want the script exposed to other servers
    • Note: A domain provider may not want to run arbitrary scripts, given virus, malware concerns
  • Rezzing No-copy entities would cause the entity to leave one domain and enter another

Some issues