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About Second Life Floating Window

This window gives version information about the Second Life software, and specifications for your computer. The various entries will be described in order:

  • Second Life 1.23.4... - The version of the Second Life viewer you are running, followed by the build number (123908), build date and time, and release status.
  • Release Notes - Clicking this will open a web browser to the current Viewer release notes wiki page
  • Built with - Probably means the software was compiled using "Microsoft (R) 32-bit C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 14.00"
  • You are at... - Your location on the Second Life overall map in X (east), Y (north), and Z (up) coordinates, in meters from the grid origin. The top of the Viewer window gives your location relative to the map region origin. This is followed by the map region name (Cerura), and then the physical server hosting this map region (sim8062). Second Life servers are numbered sequentially. We do not know if server serial numbers are reused. The IP address and port number are also listed.
  • Second Life Server... - The version of the server software that is running on the current server host. The server software runs multiple copies of the "Simulator", each of which operates one map region in real time, tracking changes and communicating with users who are logged in and either in or can see the map region.
  • Release Notes - Clicking this will open a web browser to the current Server release notes wiki page

Then next group of items are specifications of your computer. Copying this info is useful solving problems using Second Life, and in comparing it to the System Requirements

  • CPU: - The model and speed of your central processor.
  • Memory: - The amount of main memory in your computer
  • OS Version: - The operating system running on your computer.
  • Graphics Card Vendor: - This is actually the graphics chip manufacturer, not the vendor.
  • Graphics Card: - The graphics card model installed in your computer

The next group of 6 items are obscure software version numbers: Windows Graphics, OpenGL, libcurl, J2C, Audio Driver, and LLMozLib

  • Packets Lost: - The number of data packets lost between the server and your computer/total packets send (percentage lost). This value should be very close to zero as a percentage. If it is not, it indicates some problem with your internet connnection.
  • Second Life is brought to you by... - The avatar first names of all the Second Life staff in the order they were hired. Avatar names are sometimes the same as real life first names, but not always. All Linden Lab staff have the avatar last name of Linden, hence "Philip Linden", "Tessa Linden", etc.