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Academia Electronica is designed as an electronic space for a true scientific discussion.
Academia Electronica promotes an interdisciplinary collaboration across faculties and disciplines such as philosophy, social science, psychology and cultural studies, focused on problematic of electronic environment, treated as a kind of human’s world.


Academia Electronica exists as an open platform for everyone willing to explore and discuss the following research area:

  • implementation/immersion of a human being into an electronic environment which becomes its primary reality (reality that enables a true, fully valuable and functional existence)
  • language change in the hypertextual electronic environment (new emergent communication strategies and patterns, new emergent language varieties and genres)
  • deep analysis of mutual connections between man and technology

If you are willing to give a speech, a lecture or simply to share with others your experience of inhabiting electronic world of Second Life, please contact Academy Patron - Sidey Myoo or visit our school in-world Academia Electronica🖈