AcceptFriendship Capability

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The AcceptFriendship Capability performs a function similar to the AcceptFriendship LLMessage. It allows the recipient of a friendship offer, restored from the retrieval of an instant message, to be accepted. This interface comes with usage contraints not present in the LLMessage interface:

  • The friendship offer must have been retrieve from offline/stored instant messages. Offers from online agents cannot be accepted with this interface.
  • The friendship offer must have been retrieved using the ReadOfflineMsgs Capability. Offers that arise from events in response to a RetrieveInstantMessages LLMessage will likely be ignored if accepted using this capability.

Two query terms are required when invoking the cap:

  • 'from' must provide the UUID of the agent offering friendship
  • 'agent_name' is the 'full name' of the recipient
Client Request POST <path>?from=<uuid>&agent_name=<string> ->

; 200 Response <-
  success: Boolean
; 4xx/5xx codes as well


~2018 Introduced