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Access Script

How to use?

Change the Access variable to one of the three; 'Public' 'Group' 'Owner'

Returns TRUE if user UUID is allowed to continue using. Returns FALSE if user UUID is not permitted to use.

// NewAge Access Script
// By Asia Snowfall
// Version 2
//  Access Mode:
//      public = anybody
//      group  = agents with the same active group
//      owner  = owner only

string accessMode = "public";

integer asAccessCheck(key id)
    string accessModeToLower = llToLower(accessMode);

    if (accessModeToLower == "public" || id == llGetOwner() )
        return TRUE;

    if (accessModeToLower == "group")
        return llSameGroup(id);

    return FALSE;

    touch_start(integer num_detected)
        if (asAccessCheck( llDetectedKey(0) ))
            llWhisper(0, "Access Granted");
            llWhisper(0, "Access Denied");