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This is where we will keep information about our meetings agenda, and what we will do, maybe even place transcripts in the future.

Feel Free to add information, or anything you would want to cover during a meeting.

Ok we want to hold a meeting this friday (october 30 2009) a 3pm SLT, it will be held at our premises ( agoraphobia support fund land @ egglebury ), but we are going to make something special, for people not to get anxious during this meeting we will hold it over group chat (group IM).

Location: GROUP CHAT


[| Agoraphobia Support Group HeadQuarters]

our tool for using the Anxiety log gadget is here:

[Gadget Page]

Agenda for October 30 2009

1- Anxiety Log Gadget Information and usage ( introduction )

2- Future Meetings

3- Anxiety Log Gadget Information and usage ( final information )

Agenda for November 6 2009

1- Lucinda Basset program

2- physical sensations

3- Free Time to share

Read Log here: Log

Agenda for November 13 2009


Agenda for November 20 2009

1- Free time to share ( this is not logged )

Read Log here: Log ( no log )

Agenda for November 27 2009

1- Grooming in our environment

2- Free time to share ( this is not logged )

Read Log here: Log