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If you've ever gone freebie shopping and seen interestingly decorated boxes with unusual things inside like hobo boots, hobo bicycle, hobo blimp, hobo backpack, etc., you've found some of the work of Arcadia Asylum. More obscure, but equally free is her avie, clothing, architecture, vehicles, indoor and outdoor decor and a myriad of other doo-dads she made to strike her fancy. Much of her work is old, distressed, rusted, slummy, or otherwise intended for the SL hobo community.

During her very brief stay in SL, she was incredibly prolific, producing hundreds of objects of great detail and complexity in many cases, other things with single prim simplicity using delightful textures to captivate, enthrall, beguile and draw her admirers into her fantasy world. A group, the Arcadia Asylum Recovery group, was formed to pull all her work together and make it available to everyone. An Arcadia Asylum Library was later developed to facilitate that. Free vendors are available for land / store owners at SLX and you can take anything you want from the same vendors that are all displayed at the library. It is hoped you will contribute items we don't already have. Submit your transferable items to Mally McGinnis, An Arcadia Asylum Library librarian. We have some scripters in group who may be able to trade out a no-copy script for a full perms one so the object is no longer no-copy.

Reasons for her departure from SL are unconfirmed but suspected to be, at least, two fold. There are unscrupulous SL marketers who are selling her work despite the fact that each item comes packaged with her strongly worded notecard demanding that her creations remain FREE to anyone and everyone. It is also rumored that she lost at least a major portion of her inventory in an SL event.

Those interested in learning about building in general, about the brilliant possibilities of textures, about the clever use of scripts, about whimsy, or just about exploring the clever & creative side of one human being's spirit, you're encouraged to visit An Arcadia Asylum Library. Scrutinize her work, take some stuff home, tear it apart, study it, rebuild it and learn some things about how one person approached it.