Avatar Position Adjustement to Avatar Height When Sitting

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Animation Adjustement According to Avatar Height Snippet

This is a piece of code, that is meant to be putted inside a changed event (what is initialized when avatar sits).

This snippet is for a prim that is AT THE FLOOR LEVEL mainly for standing and walking animations. If you need a snippet for a chair, just use zero.

integer agentlinknum = llGetNumberOfPrims(); // when avatar sits it becomes the last child on the linkset

  vector size = llGetAgentSize(llAvatarOnSitTarget()); // we measure the avatar size
    float adjustement = (size.z / 2 );  // size.z is avatar height, pelvis is halfway the avatar
     float avup = (adjustement + ( size.z/10)) + 0.08; // half of avatar + one tenth of avatar + your own tweak (depends on various things, so you have to test what works for you)
llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(agentlinknum,[PRIM_POS_LOCAL,<0,0,avup>,PRIM_ROT_LOCAL,llEuler2Rot(<0,0,0>)]); // here we move the avatar to the new position, the rotation part is the target rotation in euler