Beta Server Office Hours/Minutes/2009-10-01

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This meeting was held on October 1st, 2009


I freewheeled it... no agenda. Next week.

Meeting Minutes

getting there...


Transcript of Oskar Linden's Beta Server Office Hour for October 10th, 2009:

[14:59] Moon Metty: whaaa!
[14:59] Oskar Linden: hi moonmetty
[14:59] Moon Metty: hi Oskar :)
[14:59] Moon Metty: uhh my shoes
[15:00] Oskar Linden: hmm
[15:00] Moon Metty: i made sure i had no scripted attachments :)
[15:00] Oskar Linden: wassup lil
[15:00] Lil Linden: howdy
[15:01] Moon Metty: hey Lil :)
[15:01] Lil Linden: hi moon
[15:01] Oskar Linden: hrm. big turnout today...
[15:01] Lil Linden: "this is my frist time"...
[15:01] Lil Linden: how many people usually turn out?
[15:01] Oskar Linden: 5-6
[15:01] Oskar Linden: as many as 10-12
[15:01] Moon Metty: yeah
[15:01] Lil Linden: cool
[15:01] Oskar Linden: Yann and Moon are regulars
[15:01] Yann Dufaux: hi hi „ã°
[15:01] Lil Linden: I need some sort of throne thing to sit on
[15:01] Moon Metty: and some tiny robots too
[15:02] Moon Metty: hi Yann :)
[15:02] Lil Linden: hi yann
[15:02] Yann Dufaux: hi Lil „ã°
[15:02] Yann Dufaux: hi moon, √ßa vas bien? „ã°
[15:02] Moon Metty: Psi is part of the scenery too
[15:02] Moon Metty: oui Yann, merci :)
[15:02] Lil Linden: that's some awesome cube stacking back behind me
[15:03] Yann Dufaux: hi Oskar, i'm back in times lol „ã°
[15:03] Psi Merlin: Hi Yann,Moon, Oskar
[15:03] Yann Dufaux: my printer are instaled „ã°
[15:03] Moon Metty: is that your chair humming, Oskar?
[15:03] Oskar Linden: I don't think so
[15:03] Lil Linden: it's a rocket
[15:03] Psi Merlin: Hello Lil, nice to meet you.
[15:03] Oskar Linden: it shouldn't be humming
[15:03] Lil Linden: past the stacked cubes
[15:03] Oskar Linden: no audio
[15:04] Lil Linden: hi Psi
[15:04] Moon Metty: the MOTD says something about a refresh
[15:04] Moon Metty: "this morning"
[15:05] Oskar Linden: I just pinged the group on AGNI to see if anyone wanted to come around
[15:05] Moon Metty: was that "this" morning?
[15:05] Oskar Linden: oh. I need to be more specific I guess
[15:05] Moon Metty: hehehe
[15:05] Psi Merlin: Some of the group are sill at the open source OH on agni
[15:05] Oskar Linden: I'll remember that
[15:05] Oskar Linden: there is no decent tool for editing the MOTD
[15:05] Oskar Linden: I have to remember the SQL statements
[15:06] Moon Metty: ok
[15:06] Moon Metty: you see a lot of jira posts
[15:06] Psi Merlin: Real programmers just edit the database :)
[15:06] Moon Metty: they say "since the last update"
[15:06] Moon Metty: lol
[15:06] Oskar Linden: that is true psi
[15:06] Oskar Linden: I certainly get a few geek points for doing it
[15:07] Lil Linden: it's also a great way to cause downtime :-)
[15:07] Moon Metty: :)
[15:07] Yann Dufaux: hi Tech „ã°
[15:07] Moon Metty: hi tech
[15:08] Techwolf Lupindo: Hi all
[15:08] Oskar Linden: hey techwolf
[15:09] Moon Metty: so you asked for server issues, Oskar
[15:09] Psi Merlin: Hi Tech'
[15:09] Oskar Linden: well it looks like this is all we're getting for today
[15:09] Moon Metty: there's Ardy
[15:10] Oskar Linden: apparently there is a small crowd gathering on Morris on AGNI
[15:10] Moon Metty: and remember, Rex is late by definition
[15:10] Oskar Linden: who think they are on ADITI
[15:10] Techwolf Lupindo: Have they addressed the very slow loading of textrtue and objects sence the rollout of 1.30.0?
[15:10] Oskar Linden: or so the SL Beta group chat has led me to believe
[15:10] Oskar Linden: hey ardy
[15:10] Moon Metty: hi ardy :)
[15:10] Ardy Lay: Hi
[15:10] Oskar Linden: techwolf, jira link?
[15:10] Yann Dufaux: hi hi Saij „ã°
[15:11] Techwolf Lupindo: Can't file a jira if the repro is "Just use SL"
[15:11] Moon Metty: Sai :D
[15:11] Saijanai Kuhn: OMG its workign with relatively little lag and no major oddness
[15:11] Moon Metty: you're grey though :)
[15:11] Oskar Linden: well then it's ahrd for me to address your issue techwolf
[15:11] Ardy Lay: Two session?
[15:12] Oskar Linden: there has been more than just 1.30 going on recently that might explain things
[15:12] Ardy Lay: Expect cache weirdness.
[15:12] Yann Dufaux: well, for my part i have find the cause at the but of vortex are unmaped „ã°
[15:12] Oskar Linden: we have unsuccessfully attempted to roll out httpdb a few times and it's not worked out
[15:12] Oskar Linden: I myself have not seen any drastic difference
[15:13] Oskar Linden: that is as simple as just using SL
[15:13] Techwolf Lupindo: Saijanai is just NOW loading up on textures.
[15:13] Moon Metty: i didn't really notice a difference in texture loading
[15:13] Moon Metty: yes, Sai is visible now
[15:13] Oskar Linden: for those that have not met LIL by the way this is Lil
[15:13] Lil Linden waves
[15:13] Oskar Linden: Lil, want to introduce yourself?
[15:14] Lil Linden: Sure!
[15:14] Moon Metty: :)
[15:14] Lil Linden: Sooo. I'm Lil. Used to be in Operations for a year and a half
[15:14] Lil Linden: recently became the Server Release Manager
[15:14] Lil Linden: so when you're kicked offline during Rolling Restarts... that's me
[15:14] Lil Linden: :-)
[15:15] Oskar Linden: lil is also the one I keep an eye on at 3am when he is doing those rolling restarts
[15:15] Moon Metty: hola Roberto
[15:15] Techwolf Lupindo lol "Ok. So the avatar with the bling is a linden."
[15:15] Lil Linden: I haven't had a chance to interract much with you guys, but I'm going to be coming to these regularly
[15:15] Roberto Salubrius: hi there
[15:15] Ardy Lay: Beats "Upgrade Wednesdays" I am told.
[15:15] Oskar Linden: hi roberto
[15:15] Techwolf Lupindo: HI Lil.
[15:15] Roberto Salubrius: hey oskar
[15:15] Moon Metty: cool Lil
[15:15] Moon Metty: mind if we call you Big?
[15:15] Lil Linden: haha
[15:15] Moon Metty: :D
[15:15] Oskar Linden: hah
[15:16] Oskar Linden: Big Linden might not like that
[15:16] Roberto Salubrius: little
[15:16] Moon Metty: nor Lab Linden
[15:16] Oskar Linden: so...... now that you've all met lil
[15:16] Oskar Linden: he and I will be working closely on server release specific stuff for the foreseeable future
[15:16] Oskar Linden: speaking of
[15:17] Oskar Linden: 1.30.01 is on ADITI now and will be getting a tiny upgrade this afternoon
[15:17] Oskar Linden: we will qa it some more and hopefully get it out mid next week
[15:17] Oskar Linden: Lil, is there a public release notes for that yet?
[15:17] Lil Linden: There are release notes for what we're running thus far
[15:17] Lil Linden: I'll update them when I roll the new 1.30.1 code later today
[15:17] Roberto Salubrius: URL pls
[15:17] Lil Linden:
[15:18] Lil Linden: It's not a lot of shiny stuff :-)
[15:18] Moon Metty: Enabling extended backend debugging in SL Server to isolate crashes
[15:18] Lil Linden: mostly backend debugging code and infrastructure
[15:18] Oskar Linden: the changes were pretty minor
[15:18] Lil Linden: *nod*
[15:18] Oskar Linden: we've been mostly heads down on server 1.32
[15:19] Oskar Linden: really trying hard to get that ready for ADITI testing soon
[15:19] Moon Metty: after the meeting last week we tested svc-3819
[15:19] JIRA-helper: http: //
[#SVC-3819] "Top Scripts" in estate tools is inaccurate
[15:19] Oskar Linden: right. simon said that was half fixed right?
[15:19] Moon Metty: and the problems with sleeping scripts are still there
[15:19] Roberto Salubrius: a question: if 1.32 will be ready so soon, 1.30.x QA is that important ?
[15:20] Moon Metty: the other half doesn't have to be fixed
[15:20] Oskar Linden: yes it is roberto
[15:20] Roberto Salubrius: ok
[15:20] Oskar Linden: 1.30.1 is going to AGNI next week
[15:20] Oskar Linden: 1.32 will be a few weeks out
[15:20] Oskar Linden: 1.32 is going to ADITI soon
[15:21] Oskar Linden: 1.30.1 are more immediate bug fixes for 1.30
[15:21] Roberto Salubrius: anything in particular to focus on 1.30.1 ?
[15:21] Yann Dufaux: and the bug are fixed? „ã°
[15:21] Twisted Laws: btw, i notice sandbox goguen will often crash right after a linden comes and deletes all the griefer toys that filled the sim... approx 1 to 2 minutes after being cleared of > 10000 objects
[15:21] Oskar Linden: yes yann. :-) the bug are fixed, but not all of them and probably not the ones you are hoping for
[15:21] Oskar Linden: I didn't see you hop on twisted
[15:22] Oskar Linden: is it a crash?
[15:22] Twisted Laws: crawled in :p
[15:22] Oskar Linden: or is that linden just rebooting the sim?
[15:22] Yann Dufaux: haha, i hope for a special fixes for the bug „ã°
[15:22] Moon Metty: hehe
[15:22] Twisted Laws: its a sim reset to the users anyway
[15:22] Moon Metty: hi Twisted
[15:22] Twisted Laws: hi
[15:22] Yann Dufaux: hi twisted „ã°
[15:22] Roberto Salubrius: hi
[15:22] Oskar Linden: Moon, thanks for the updated notes on that JIRA I'll bring it to SImon's attention
[15:23] Yann Dufaux: mi wirless signal of this robot need to relax :p
[15:23] Moon Metty: oh, if all is well Simon knows, he is assigned
[15:23] Roberto Salubrius: oskar you got my notes on the main grid ?
[15:24] Oskar Linden: remind me roberto
[15:24] Roberto Salubrius: moon told me about that you wanted a few notes of what we have seen on 1.30 server
[15:24] Roberto Salubrius: so I sent you a NC
[15:24] Yann Dufaux: hi roberto „ã°
[15:24] Oskar Linden: I'm not sure I saw that then
[15:25] Roberto Salubrius: ok I'll resend later on the main grid
[15:25] Oskar Linden: thanks
[15:25] Roberto Salubrius: basicall it has 5 points
[15:25] Oskar Linden: ok
[15:25] Moon Metty: something else ..
[15:25] Moon Metty: SVC-3044
[15:25] JIRA-helper: http: //
[#SVC-3044] Debug channel and script error reporting needs a major rethink
[15:25] Moon Metty: recently all script errors were made to talk to the debug channel
[15:26] Moon Metty: instead of channel 0 for some
[15:26] Moon Metty: now we want llListen to pick up the errors from the debug channel
[15:26] Moon Metty: and return a key
[15:27] Moon Metty: svc-199 is related
[15:27] JIRA-helper: http: //
[#SVC-199] list llGetAvatarGroups(key id)
[15:27] Roberto Salubrius: I'll speak about 1 issue in a while... butthe point that moon is talking about is good
[15:27] Moon Metty: hmmm wrong number hehe
[15:27] Oskar Linden: what is svc-199's relation?
[15:27] Moon Metty: vwr-199, that's it
[15:27] JIRA-helper: http: //
[#VWR-199] Chat and channel 2147483647 (DEBUG_CHANNEL)
[15:27] Roberto Salubrius: the debug channel we should be able to listen to it there are many cases... where perms get lost
[15:28] Roberto Salubrius: I mean I tought that money perm was already fixed
[15:28] Roberto Salubrius: but it does not survive some sim restarts
[15:28] Roberto Salubrius: so you get it on the debug channel... however if you listen or try to listen to that event
[15:28] Roberto Salubrius: it never feeds the listener
[15:29] Roberto Salubrius: so to keep track of that is somewhat hard and requires more scripting than needed when we would just use the debug channel
[15:29] Moon Metty: the weird thing is, that some errors are picked up by the listener
[15:29] Moon Metty: but most aren't
[15:29] Roberto Salubrius: yes some are
[15:29] Moon Metty: i never tried all functions, i'm too lazy
[15:30] Moon Metty: i suspect there are 2 versions of a function
[15:30] Techwolf Lupindo: OK
[15:30] Roberto Salubrius: there are errors that show once in a lifetime :)
[15:30] Techwolf Lupindo: Hmm..intresting bug.
[15:30] Oskar Linden: so was that bug just repoened then?
[15:30] Roberto Salubrius: moon should know I am Jira alergic lol...
[15:31] Moon Metty: which one, Oskar?
[15:31] Oskar Linden: VWR-199
[15:31] Moon Metty: it was never closed
[15:31] Roberto Salubrius: and it is oooold
[15:31] Moon Metty: but recently another bug was fixed
[15:32] Roberto Salubrius: it is somewhat random...
[15:32] Moon Metty: where not all errors went to debug channel
[15:32] Moon Metty: instead they went to open chat
[15:32] Roberto Salubrius: you never know what functions you get to listen and some change from time to time jejeje
[15:32] Moon Metty: vwr-7062
[15:32] JIRA-helper: http: //
[#VWR-7062] MONO - Script runtime errors aren't using DEBUG_CHANNEL any more
[15:33] Roberto Salubrius: and another inconsistency I have seen... what is the scope of the debug_channel ?
[15:33] Roberto Salubrius: it works only on the parcel ?
[15:33] Roberto Salubrius: 100 meters as a shout
[15:33] Roberto Salubrius: as a regionsay ?
[15:33] Roberto Salubrius: that's not documented
[15:33] Oskar Linden: I don't know Roberto
[15:33] Oskar Linden: Lil, do you know?
[15:34] Roberto Salubrius: I have seen them 500 meters up on the same parcel but not on the parcel besides
[15:34] Lil Linden: No, sorry
[15:34] Roberto Salubrius: can someone standarize that ?
[15:34] Roberto Salubrius: and document it ?
[15:34] Oskar Linden: I will see what I can do Roberto
[15:34] Roberto Salubrius: or add a Jira ( moon )
[15:34] Moon Metty: heh
[15:35] Roberto Salubrius: about the jira there's not a channel to just post to the jira like easier or can someone fix the jira login so we can use the open atalasian Jira software to use it, it would be much easier than to navigate it up and down
[15:36] Roberto Salubrius: for now since the login of the jira is not standard non of the third party software works for authentication, just for browsing
[15:36] Oskar Linden: I don't know anything about that Roberto
[15:37] Roberto Salubrius:
[15:37] Oskar Linden: hi securityservice
[15:37] SecurityService Alter: hi
[15:37] Roberto Salubrius: non of those alternative clients work
[15:37] Moon Metty feels a lot more secure
[15:37] Lil Linden: I would imagine that's not gonna change, since we want people to login with their SL loing
[15:37] SecurityService Alter: how come i can only log in to beta grid?
[15:37] Moon Metty: ah
[15:37] Roberto Salubrius: Lil it's just the path... you changed the path... that's all
[15:38] Roberto Salubrius: even a simple redirect to the correct path will fix that
[15:38] Moon Metty: you have to select "agni" from the drop down menu, Security
[15:38] SecurityService Alter: dammit
[15:38] Roberto Salubrius: but that's beyond the scope of a server meeting
[15:38] Moon Metty feels a lil less secure\
[15:38] Lil Linden: Hm. I'll play with it and see what it'd take
[15:38] SecurityService Alter: emerald keeps telling me who left ad who enetered the sim
[15:38] SecurityService Alter: how do i get rid of it?
[15:38] SecurityService Alter: and i did select agni
[15:39] Oskar Linden: SecurityService your account has been banned on AGNI
[15:39] SecurityService Alter: yo linden
[15:39] Oskar Linden: you will need to contact Support
[15:39] Moon Metty feels very insecure
[15:39] Oskar Linden: We're in a meeting now
[15:39] Roberto Salubrius: Sec those are not standard viewers...
[15:39] SecurityService Alter: thats bs
[15:39] SecurityService Alter: they told meim bnned fr lie
[15:39] Roberto Salubrius: ahh ok ignore button
[15:39] Oskar Linden: I will go ahead and make your ADITI status match that of AGNI
[15:39] SecurityService Alter: fine be that way
[15:39] Oskar Linden: have a good day
[15:40] SecurityService Alter: why?
[15:40] Oskar Linden: you need to contact support
[15:40] Oskar Linden: ok then
[15:40] Ardy Lay: Wheee
[15:40] Techwolf Lupindo: How can you contact surrport when you can't log in in the first place?
[15:40] Oskar Linden: who said these meetings aren't exciting
[15:40] Oskar Linden: you can log into the web site
[15:40] Oskar Linden: and file a ticket
[15:41] Oskar Linden: only AGNI logins are blocked
[15:41] Roberto Salubrius: ok I lost the ignore button where on earth is it lol
[15:41] Moon Metty: it was just a request for a personal db refresh
[15:41] Oskar Linden: it's ok. he's gone
[15:41] Roberto Salubrius: good
[15:41] Techwolf Lupindo: Probelely banned for impersation a LL employee.
[15:41] Saijanai Kuhn is glad he checked the profile before inviting to grouipies...
[15:42] Saijanai Kuhn: "KILL EVERYONE" is his main interest
[15:42] Ardy Lay: It's been my experience that anybody trying to look like law enforcement is up to no good.
[15:42] Moon Metty: lol
[15:42] Roberto Salubrius: ok on the note I sent to Oskar... I remember when you spoke about the new changes of 1.30 and how they would work at making the inventory work better, why is it that everytime I log in ( can't speak for others ) my inventory number of items changes, drastically
[15:43] Oskar Linden: well there have been some issues getting it working apparently
[15:44] Moon Metty: oh?
[15:44] Ardy Lay: Is it going up? Down? Both? Switching grids without clearing cache or using multiple accounts on a single Windows partition can bring on these symptoms.
[15:45] Roberto Salubrius: up and down and I use different viewers for the different grids
[15:45] Oskar Linden: there's suessemaus
[15:45] Oskar Linden: you made it
[15:45] SuesseMaus Hotaling: hi
[15:45] Moon Metty: hello :)
[15:45] Roberto Salubrius: and I have different cache drives
[15:45] SuesseMaus Hotaling: lol
[15:45] Ardy Lay: I assume the server fix is NOT going to affect the client's caching scheme.
[15:45] Oskar Linden: and you brought your body light
[15:46] SuesseMaus Hotaling: hello all
[15:46] Roberto Salubrius: hi there
[15:46] Lil Linden: hi
[15:46] SuesseMaus Hotaling: not voice?
[15:46] SuesseMaus Hotaling: hi lil
[15:47] Lil Linden is surprised at how few people connect to voice (just 3!)
[15:47] Oskar Linden: no voice
[15:47] Roberto Salubrius: ok so the inventory is a known issue... and well it changes in my case normally 18K items, low 16K high like today 22K
[15:47] SuesseMaus Hotaling: ok
[15:47] Oskar Linden: these meetings are text anyways
[15:47] Moon Metty: we never use voice on public meetings Suesse
[15:47] SuesseMaus Hotaling: i have an ask
[15:47] SuesseMaus Hotaling: why my old password for beta?
[15:47] Oskar Linden: ok
[15:48] Moon Metty: aha
[15:48] SuesseMaus Hotaling: yes
[15:48] Lil Linden: suesse: it depends on when we import the user database from Agni
[15:48] SuesseMaus Hotaling: i would login my new but old have aczept
[15:48] SuesseMaus Hotaling: hm
[15:48] Oskar Linden: I can get your current setup copied over ok
[15:49] Oskar Linden: ok suessemaus you agni setup has been migrated here
[15:49] Oskar Linden: including your current password
[15:49] SuesseMaus Hotaling: hm ok i think this is later already
[15:50] SuesseMaus Hotaling: i have over ask
[15:50] SuesseMaus Hotaling: i have see china sl
[15:50] Roberto Salubrius: hipihi
[15:50] SuesseMaus Hotaling: yes
[15:51] SuesseMaus Hotaling: but all is in japanese
[15:51] Oskar Linden: so SuesseMaus this meeting is specifically to adress and talk about server related bugs, issues, and upcoming releases
[15:51] Roberto Salubrius: in chinese I think :)
[15:51] SuesseMaus Hotaling: have you connection to this
[15:51] Moon Metty: like SVC-1670
[15:51] JIRA-helper: http: //
[#SVC-1670] llGetScriptTime(key object/avatar);
[15:51] Oskar Linden: yes moon?
[15:52] Moon Metty: that would be useful
[15:52] Oskar Linden: is that a feature request?
[15:52] Moon Metty: i know there is work being done
[15:52] SuesseMaus Hotaling: this froby china is under construction, I have looked at it, all in Chinese
[15:52] SuesseMaus Hotaling: lol
[15:52] Moon Metty: well, feature requests aren't that bad by definition :)
[15:52] Oskar Linden: I was just asking
[15:53] Oskar Linden: SuesseMaus I'm not sure your concern will be answered in this meeting
[15:53] Roberto Salubrius: that will ba handy whem we get the script limits, any word on that ?
[15:53] Moon Metty: yes Rob
[15:53] Oskar Linden: well... Babbage will have more to say I'm sure
[15:53] Oskar Linden: I don't know what his latest word is on it
[15:54] Oskar Linden: the hope is for 1.32
[15:54] Moon Metty: i see
[15:54] Moon Metty: that's pretty quick
[15:54] SuesseMaus Hotaling: are integrated there with her? I have read sowas
[15:54] Oskar Linden: SuesseMaus I don't know what you are talking about. I'm sorry.
[15:54] SuesseMaus Hotaling: ok
[15:54] Roberto Salubrius: mmm I hope we get good documentation before that gets into the servers
[15:55] SuesseMaus Hotaling: oskar we talk this later ;)
[15:55] Oskar Linden: ok
[15:55] SuesseMaus Hotaling: secondlife iss in germany this is good
[15:55] SuesseMaus Hotaling: ;D
[15:55] SuesseMaus Hotaling: hipihi is only in chinese l√∂√∂l
[15:55] Oskar Linden: ok we have 5 minutes left. let's try to wrap this up
[15:55] Oskar Linden: anyone working on any fun projects they wanna brag about?
[15:55] SuesseMaus Hotaling: make next thema
[15:56] SuesseMaus Hotaling: i have see video
[15:56] Roberto Salubrius: I have so many questions.... about the limits... but that will be spoken of later
[15:56] SuesseMaus Hotaling: secondlife 2.0
[15:56] Oskar Linden: roberto go to babbage's office hours
[15:56] Moon Metty: well, i was monitoring region freezes before they became so bad :D
[15:57] Roberto Salubrius: Oskar well I have a proyect in development since January 2009 but I can't finish it because I have no acceess to the Risk API, and when I ask for access since october 2008 I have not gotten anything
[15:57] SuesseMaus Hotaling: i have google translator
[15:57] SuesseMaus Hotaling: ^^
[15:57] Psi Merlin: I'm still recording the freeze stats for Snark and Stonehaven
[15:57] Moon Metty: mmm nice Psi
[15:58] Psi Merlin: With 300h uptime on Snark the very long freez count has increased markedly
[15:58] Moon Metty: very long is over 10 seconds?
[15:59] Oskar Linden: so as uptime increases freeze times lengthen?
[15:59] Roberto Salubrius: Oskar YES !!!!!!!!!!1
[15:59] Moon Metty: oh yes
[15:59] Roberto Salubrius: lol
[15:59] Moon Metty: that became clear from the start
[15:59] Roberto Salubrius: that's on the notecard I sent you on the main grid point 3
[15:59] Oskar Linden: ok
[15:59] Oskar Linden: I'll look at it roberto
[16:00] Psi Merlin: Yes - Andrew has suggested that memory fragmentation might be an issue
[16:00] Roberto Salubrius: however on 1.30 it is getting worst
[16:00] Roberto Salubrius: psi I doubut it is fragmentation, I think it is leaks
[16:00] Roberto Salubrius: many leaks over time
[16:00] Roberto Salubrius: ram full
[16:00] Moon Metty: svc-4196
[16:00] JIRA-helper: http: //
[#SVC-4196] Avatar entering sim or rezzing object causes sim to freeze for up to 30 seconds - everything stops for everybody there
[16:00] Roberto Salubrius: you start swapping
[16:00] Oskar Linden: ok. I'll take these notes to the rest of the team in the hopes of getting these issues noticed
[16:00] SuesseMaus Hotaling: second life 2.0, the video looks like it! which is already finished and when it comes to the market?
[16:00] Psi Merlin: Leaks and or Frag - both are bad news
[16:01] Roberto Salubrius: yeah and both can be controlled with third pary programs if required but... that does not seem the case at this time
[16:01] Oskar Linden: SuesseMaus I don't know what video you are talking aobut
[16:01] Moon Metty: and a lack of threading for all kinds of processes
[16:01] SuesseMaus Hotaling: can i show you?
[16:02] Oskar Linden: I don't have any news on expected release dates for vwr 2.0
[16:02] Psi Merlin: I'll send you the freeze stats on agni Oskar - data from Moon's bar graph.
[16:02] Oskar Linden: it most certainly isn't finished thought :-)
[16:02] SuesseMaus Hotaling:
[16:02] Oskar Linden: thanks pis
[16:02] Oskar Linden: thanks SuesseMaus
[16:02] SuesseMaus Hotaling: its very good
[16:02] Oskar Linden: ok everybody, lil and I have to get back to work
[16:03] Oskar Linden: thank you for your time
[16:03] Ardy Lay: Hehe. THat old joke.
[16:03] Moon Metty: we have to get back to doing nothing :p
[16:03] SuesseMaus Hotaling: i think its no joke
[16:03] Oskar Linden: aww
[16:03] Roberto Salubrius: can someone awe-us talking about viewer 2.0
[16:03] Moon Metty: thanks for your time, Oskar and Lil :)
[16:03] Oskar Linden: the only official video I know of was from SLCC and philip's keynote
[16:03] Psi Merlin: Thanks Oskar and Lil.
[16:03] Oskar Linden: but I don't have a link
[16:03] Lil Linden: thanks guys, nice to meet you :-)
[16:03] Roberto Salubrius: oh I'll look for it
[16:04] Roberto Salubrius: thx
[16:04] SuesseMaus Hotaling: the future is you
[16:04] Oskar Linden: alright
[16:04] SuesseMaus Hotaling: :D
[16:04] Oskar Linden: have a good week everybody
[16:04] Moon Metty: nice to meet you Lil
[16:04] Roberto Salubrius: see you around lil good luck with the new job
[16:04] SuesseMaus Hotaling: but when
[16:04] SuesseMaus Hotaling: ^^
[16:04] Moon Metty: see you next week :)
[16:04] SuesseMaus Hotaling: hihi
[16:04] Oskar Linden: next week. same bat same bat channel
[16:04] Lil Linden will bring punch & pie