Beta Server Office Hours/Minutes/2009-10-15

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This meeting was held on October 15th, 2009


  • Discuss resolution of previous open items.
  • There is a BETA Server Office Hours wiki page now!
    • Updates
  • Releases
    • 1.30.2 - Deployed to Agni
      • Security fix.
    • 1.32.0 - Deployed to Aditi beta.
      • What's new?
    • 1.30.2 is now out on AGNI

Open Items

  • SVC-2327 - "Top Scripts" in estate tools is inaccurate
    • Si, why is it magically fixed now? Moon Metty wants to know.
    • Did it introduce SVC-4895
  • SVC-3819 - "Top Scripts" in estate tools is inaccurate
    • I need to follow up with Simon to see if he can add final notes and get the jira closed.
  • SVC-3044 - Debug channel and script error reporting needs a major rethink
  • svc-4196 - "Avatar entering sim or rezzing object causes sim to freeze for up to 30 seconds - everything stops for everybody there"
    • Is it slated to get fixed?
    • Maestro was taking a look it it. What were his findings?
  • Update the MOTD.
  • We need to get buying land on ADITI fixed.

Meeting Minutes

getting there...


Transcript of Oskar Linden's Beta Server Office Hour for October 15th, 2009: