Beta Server Office Hours/Minutes/2009-12-10

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This meeting was held on December 10th, 2009


Resolved Items

1.34.0 is released on AGNI

Meeting Minutes

  • Talked about 1.34
  • Talked about Linden Homes
  • Let the meeting out early


Transcript of Oskar Linden's Beta Server Office Hour for December 10th, 2009:

[15:03]  Psi Merlin: Looks OK so far.
[15:03]  Oskar Linden: hello
[15:03]  Psi Merlin: Hi Oskar
[15:03]  Liandra Ceawlin: Howdy!
[15:03]  Lil Linden: well.. that's good :)
[15:03]  Roland Riddler: hello
[15:04]  Oskar Linden rustles up an agenda
[15:04]  Oskar Linden: what are you guys up to today?
[15:04]  Psi Merlin: Did you reroll the pilot regions with the main group Lil?
[15:05]  Richard Linden is Online
[15:06]  Lil Linden: The pilot regions were rolled on Tuesday
[15:07]  Oskar Linden: this is the agenda link
[15:07]  Oskar Linden: I'm a little out of it today
[15:08]  Oskar Linden: my brain is mush
[15:08]  Liandra Ceawlin: There's an agenda nao! =:o
[15:08]  Oskar Linden: yes liandra
[15:08]  Oskar Linden: the biggest news is that 1.34.0 is fully rolled to AGNI
[15:08]  Oskar Linden: right lil?
[15:09]  Psi Merlin: Sanrk received the pilot on Tuesday as usaul - and restarted on the same sim host today - could be it just fell over.
[15:09]  Psi Merlin: *Snark
[15:09]  Oskar Linden: anything you wanna talk about in regards to the release lil?
[15:09]  Lil Linden: that is indeed the biggest news
[15:09]  Lil Linden: Hmm.
[15:09]  kizmut Smit: I got "different version " messages a couple times TP'ing around today.
[15:09]  Lil Linden: I'm mostly interested in hearing about any issues that might be 1.34 related
[15:10]  Oskar Linden: as am I
[15:10]  Psi Merlin: Hi Ima, Krahazik
[15:10]  Lil Linden: not much else to report. The big "surprise" of 1.34 has been blogged about now
[15:10]  Oskar Linden: so I'm sure you can all guess what the 'extra' stuff in 1.34 was after last weeks blog post
[15:10]  Oskar Linden: heh
[15:10]  Oskar Linden: lil beat me to it
[15:10]  Oskar Linden: so yeah, Linden Homes
[15:10]  Lil Linden:
[15:10]  Ima Mechanique: hi Psi, everyone
[15:10]  Oskar Linden: we had to do some parcel level restructuring code
[15:11]  Oskar Linden: some script limits related stuff
[15:11]  Oskar Linden: most of the changes were to deploy related tools though
[15:11]  Oskar Linden: a few sim changes, and a few db schema changes
[15:11]  Oskar Linden: a lot of the code is web related
[15:12]  Oskar Linden: so yeah
[15:12]  Lil Linden: just out of curiosity, any opinions on the Linden Homes project?
[15:12]  Twisted Laws: i think it sounds like a good idea
[15:12]  Oskar Linden: I'm pretty excited about it actually
[15:12]  Oskar Linden: the new regions look AMAZING
[15:13]  Liandra Ceawlin: I think anything that can help make new users stay is a good idea. It seems like there are not many staying anymore. I don't think it's handy for older users, but I guess that is not its purpose. :P
[15:13]  Twisted Laws: are they online?
[15:13]  kizmut Smit: Jack showed me a pic from there..
[15:13]  kizmut Smit: It's got some HUGE shrooms lying around,
[15:13]  Oskar Linden: of course they are online twisted
[15:13]  Oskar Linden: just not a line you can get to :-D
[15:13]  Twisted Laws: haha
[15:14]  kizmut Smit: What would you say is the biggest difference between Linden Homes and First Land (besides the free houses and landscaping)?
[15:14]  Oskar Linden: what is first land?
[15:15]  kizmut Smit: The original beginner's land for paying users.
[15:15]  Oskar Linden: I guess I wasn't here for it
[15:15]  Twisted Laws: sounds like you can't game the new method the way that first land was being gamed
[15:15]  kizmut Smit: I think it ended in 2007
[15:15]  Oskar Linden: Linden Homes is set up pretty nifty
[15:16]  kizmut Smit: Your profile says 2008 so that would make sense.. heh
[15:16]  Twisted Laws: i got my first land and all the land around me was soon for sale at 5 times the cost or more
[15:16]  Oskar Linden: your parcel comes with a fully functioning home AND you have full prim allocation
[15:16]  Liandra Ceawlin: The linden home uses up the 512m premium tier, right? Or do we get both? >_>
[15:16]  Oskar Linden: it will use your tier
[15:16]  Liandra Ceawlin: Nods.
[15:16]  Ima Mechanique: do you still pay to buy the Linden HOme?
[15:16]  Liandra Ceawlin: Oh, the homes don't count against prim allowance huh? Very cool.
[15:16]  Oskar Linden: no you do not pay for the home
[15:17]  Ima Mechanique: OK are us oldbies eligible?
[15:17]  Oskar Linden: if you have not used your tier I believe you are
[15:17]  Liandra Ceawlin: Doh, lol.
[15:17]  Ima Mechanique: hehe I can get my tier back
[15:17]  Oskar Linden: sell sell sell!
[15:18]  Oskar Linden: my alt will buy it for L$10
[15:18]  Richard Linden is Offline
[15:18]  Liandra Ceawlin: Evil. :P
[15:18]  Lil Linden: oskar's a shrewd business man
[15:18]  Oskar Linden: actually Oskar is nice... watch out for his alt though
[15:19]  Richard Linden is Online
[15:20]  Twisted Laws: its hard for me to beat the tier on a couple sandboxes tho, great prim limit (usually)
[15:20]  Oskar Linden: heh
[15:20]  Oskar Linden: soooo
[15:20]  Oskar Linden: how is 1.34 feeling on AGNI?
[15:21]  Psi Merlin: They sound like a nice idea - the prim limit for 512 is kinda tight to work with if you have to make a nice home with it as well.
[15:21]  Oskar Linden: Psi... we're making the home
[15:21]  Oskar Linden: and it doesn't count against uyor prim limit
[15:21]  Twisted Laws: seems great (sandboxes in pilot) and haven't seen any problems there
[15:21]  kizmut Smit: I'm not seeing any difference TBH.
[15:21]  Oskar Linden: awesome kizmut
[15:21]  Oskar Linden: 1.34 was a ***** to release
[15:22]  Richard Linden is Offline
[15:22]  Psi Merlin: Yes - the included home helps a lot there.
[15:22]  Liandra Ceawlin: I can't tell any difference. I didn't realize there had been a rolling restart until this morning, lol.
[15:22]  Oskar Linden: it did NOT want to go out
[15:22]  Lil Linden: ***** = pleasure
[15:22]  Lil Linden: right?
[15:22]  Oskar Linden: no
[15:22]  Lil Linden: hehe
[15:22]  Oskar Linden: it felt like giving birth to an elephant
[15:22]  Lil Linden: Liandra: most of what was in 1.34 was for Linden Homes
[15:22]  Lil Linden: there are a couple bug fixes though
[15:22]  Liandra Ceawlin: Nods. I meant that in a good way, like, no bugs I have seen. :P
[15:22]  Oskar Linden: there was a last minute content breaking showstopper that took us a few days to figure out
[15:22]  Lil Linden: gotcha :)
[15:22]  kizmut Smit: Linden Homes is supposed to encourage people to get used to having land on SL.. to stimulate the real estate market.
[15:23]  Oskar Linden: among other things kizmut
[15:23]  Psi Merlin: 1.34 arrived on agni without drama for me.
[15:23]  Oskar Linden: the regions are really pretty
[15:23]  Oskar Linden: but yeah, we got 1.34 through QA finally
[15:24]  Oskar Linden: really last minute possible
[15:24]  Oskar Linden: but it seems to have gone well and is looking good
[15:24]  Oskar Linden: thanks all for your help in the beta testing phase
[15:25]  Object: Me is a bear
[15:25]  Twisted Laws: whens 1.36 coming?
[15:25]  Oskar Linden: well we are getting code complete this week hopefully
[15:26]  Oskar Linden: I think it is scheduled for mid january
[15:26]  Liandra Ceawlin: And is there any ETA yet for BabbageMagic on Agni, the memory quota testing and such, I mean?
[15:27]  Liandra Ceawlin: Sorry for bothering about it, but I am supposed to ask, lol.
[15:27]  Lil Linden: 1.36 is scheduled for early February
[15:28]  Oskar Linden: BabbageMagic?
[15:28]  Lil Linden: is that Script Limits?
[15:28]  Oskar Linden: is that a euphemism?
[15:28]  Lil Linden: hehe
[15:28]  Oskar Linden: I am imagining a Linden talent show
[15:28]  Oskar Linden: where Babbage does magic
[15:29]  Oskar Linden: Lindens Got Talent
[15:29]  Opensource Obscure: maybe it's about SVC-3895
[15:29]  Liandra Ceawlin: Lol!
[15:29]  JIRA-helper:
[#SVC-3895] Rezzing Mono scripted object cripples sim FPS
[15:29]  Oskar Linden: sometimes my dysleixa is hilarious
[15:29]  Psi Merlin: Steam powered magic of course
[15:29]  Oskar Linden: I read 'cripples' without the cr
[15:29]  Oskar Linden: and an n
[15:29]  Liandra Ceawlin: Yea, script limits, Lil. Sorry, phone is ringing a lot. :<
[15:29]  Oskar Linden did a triple take
[15:29]  Oskar Linden: *sigh*
[15:31]  Opensource Obscure: IIRC, we're going to get improved Statistics with regard to server performances. is this complete server-side now?
[15:31]  Lil Linden: I'm not sure what the schedule on that is
[15:32]  Lil Linden: now that 1.34 is done though, it'll probably come up on the radar
[15:32]  Lil Linden: ask next week :)
[15:32]  Liandra Ceawlin: Okies, thanks. :P
[15:32]  Oskar Linden: we had our first 1.36 planning meeting yesterday
[15:32]  Oskar Linden: I have already forgot almost everything they said
[15:33]  Oskar Linden: I don't really have anything else today
[15:33]  kizmut Smit makes a note "nipples sim" preferred over "cripples sim"
[15:33]  Oskar Linden: I didn't say preferred
[15:33]  kizmut Smit: I would.
[15:33]  Twisted Laws: why is main grid 140927 and this one is 140892?
[15:33]  Oskar Linden: it is just interesting to me how my dyslexia intentionally tries to brighten my day
[15:33]  Oskar Linden: Twisted: it's because we haven't updated this
[15:34]  Oskar Linden: we were SUPER tight for time
[15:34]  Oskar Linden: and were testing the last bug fix on a single region
[15:34]  Twisted Laws: ah
[15:34]  Lil Linden: I'll roll Aditi to catch it up next week
[15:34]  Ima Mechanique: Oskar, that's not dyslexia, just a dirty mind
[15:34]  Oskar Linden: :-(
[15:34]  Lil Linden: feel free to pester me about that on Agni if it's not done in a timely manner :)
[15:35]  Oskar Linden: probably so Ima but you didn't have to call me on it
[15:35]  Twisted Laws: and the sim i rent land it was rebooted twice today :p
[15:35]  Ima Mechanique: no, but I'm helpful like that ;-)
[15:36]  Twisted Laws: 8:31 and 13:24
[15:36]  Liandra Ceawlin: I apologize for being rude, but I'm going to have to go back to agni. People chasing me with pitchforks and such. ;( Y'all have a good day, and thanks for your time!
[15:36]  Twisted Laws: bye
[15:36]  Ima Mechanique: bye Liandra, don't let the peasants get you ;-)
[15:37]  Oskar Linden: have a good one liandra
[15:37]  Lil Linden: thanks for coming Liandra
[15:37]  Oskar Linden: she's already gone
[15:37]  Lil Linden: oh.
[15:37]  Lil Linden is slow.
[15:37]  kizmut Smit replaces "pitchforks"with "nipples" in his notes too for good measure
[15:37]  Oskar Linden: anybody working on anything cool?
[15:38]  Oskar Linden: good idea kizmut
[15:38]  Twisted Laws: snowglobe patches.. actually got one in finally :)
[15:38]  Opensource Obscure: my region uses social networks now.
[15:38]  Ima Mechanique: no, wrestiling with Media content
[15:38]  kizmut Smit: Been trying ways to get region names outside the sim with only global coords.
[15:38]  Oskar Linden: interesting
[15:39]  kizmut Smit: Within LSL of course)
[15:39]  Oskar Linden: of course
[15:39]  kizmut Smit: I'm sure it is more likely possible withoutside means.
[15:39]  kizmut Smit: ohh edia content.. that reminds me..
[15:39]  Oskar Linden: so Ovaltine, what is your spherical rotator thingy?
[15:40]  kizmut Smit: I saw a youtube video of someone using interactive flash media in-world.
[15:40]  Opensource Obscure: mmm link, kizmut?
[15:40]  Oskar Linden: there are some interesting internal projects that we are working on like that
[15:40]  Twisted Laws: old dale glass'es viewer had a region.xml file that give you the location to name database, kismut but not in lsl
[15:40]  Opensource Obscure: talk us about them, oskar!
[15:40]  Oskar Linden: WELL...
[15:41]  Oskar Linden: I can't
[15:41]  Oskar Linden: but they sure are interesting
[15:41]  Oskar Linden: and will be out as soon as they get them to lil and I
[15:41]  Oskar Linden: and we give the all clear signal
[15:41]  Ima Mechanique: Oskar, you tease
[15:41]  Ovaltine Constantine: Oh, Lady Gaga's "The Orbit"
[15:41]  Oskar Linden: yes I do
[15:41]  Oskar Linden: did you make it ovaltine?
[15:41]  Ovaltine Constantine: Yah
[15:42]  Oskar Linden: cool
[15:42]  Twisted Laws: i gotta go, cya all laters
[15:42]  Oskar Linden: later twisted
[15:42]  kizmut Smit: bye bye Twisted
[15:42]  Opensource Obscure: bye twisted!
[15:42]  Ima Mechanique: bye Twisted
[15:42]  Oskar Linden: can I get a copy on agni Ovaltine?
[15:42]  Lil Linden: adios
[15:42]  Oskar Linden bats his eyes suggestively
[15:42]  Ovaltine Constantine: Teehee
[15:42]  Ovaltine Constantine: Ok
[15:42]  Oskar Linden: \o/
[15:43]  Opensource Obscure: (( anyone can share or point to a good script for basic sim statistics? ))
[15:44]  Oskar Linden: I'd ask Moon Metty
[15:44]  Oskar Linden: she always had fancy stuff
[15:45]  Oskar Linden: I'd love to see an animation in world tied to when you have your inv window open and are ruffling through it
[15:45]  Oskar Linden: it would look like you are digging through a bag
[15:45]  Oskar Linden: well, unless you guys want to sit here for 15 more minutes and just chat we can end this early?
[15:45]  Oskar Linden: I really have nothing more to chat about LL related
[15:45]  kizmut Smit: Mine wouldn't look so social at most times then.
[15:46]  Opensource Obscure: did i lose answer to this? > IIRC, we're going to get improved Statistics with regard to server performances. is this complete server-side now?
[15:46]  Oskar Linden: I don't know OSO
[15:46]  Oskar Linden: can I call you OSO?
[15:46]  Opensource Obscure: fine
[15:46]  Opensource Obscure: it would be OSOm
[15:46]  Ima Mechanique: would be good with a "sorting inventory" specific version. - ruruffles through and chucks stuff occasionally
[15:46]  Oskar Linden: :-D
[15:46]  Oskar Linden: not OSOb?
[15:47]  Opensource Obscure: I meant Awesome sorry
[15:47]  kizmut Smit: I got it OSOM
[15:47]  Opensource Obscure: ah well babylon
[15:47]  kizmut Smit: XD
[15:47]  Oskar Linden: I was just trying to truncate your long name
[15:47]  Oskar Linden: like 'lil'
[15:48]  Oskar Linden: ez to type
[15:48]  Oskar Linden: 2 letters
[15:48]  Opensource Obscure: that would be awesome = osom
[15:48]  Oskar Linden: I write it ossm
[15:48]  Oskar Linden: :-D
[15:48]  Oskar Linden is having a bad beard day
[15:48]  Opensource Obscure: xD
[15:48]  Oskar Linden: like a bad hair day
[15:48]  Oskar Linden: for beards
[15:48]  Ima Mechanique: but lower
[15:48]  Oskar Linden: yeah
[15:48]  Oskar Linden: a few inches
[15:49]  Opensource Obscure: i'm going to do a job meeting tomorrow. i should die now. bye all! thanks for the meeting
[15:49]  Oskar Linden: I just can't get it together today
[15:49]  Oskar Linden: gonna need some gel
[15:49]  Oskar Linden: or beard pomade
[15:49]  Opensource Obscure: ahahah
[15:49]  Ima Mechanique: bye OS
[15:49]  Oskar Linden: later OSOb ;-)
[15:49]  Opensource Obscure: byeeye
[15:49]  Oskar Linden: I think I am gonna adjourn this meeting
[15:49]  Oskar Linden: keep an eye out on AGNI for 1.34 issues
[15:49]  Oskar Linden: I'd appreciate it
[15:50]  Ima Mechanique: adjourn away, never stops us talking ;-)
[15:50]  Oskar Linden: thanks all
[15:50]  Lil Linden: anyone wanna see a video of some lindens pwning rockband? :)
[15:50]  Oskar Linden: I am gonna AFK here for a minute though
[15:50]  Ima Mechanique: oh yeah lil
[15:50]  Lil Linden:
[15:50]  Oskar Linden: that is a time shift video
[15:50]  Psi Merlin: Thanks Oskar, Lil
[15:50]  Oskar Linden: all 4 of those people are Lil
[15:50]  Oskar Linden: seriosuly
[15:50]  Oskar Linden: recorded 4 times
[15:50]  Oskar Linden: stitched together
[15:50]  Oskar Linden: Lil is AMAZING
[15:50]  Lil Linden: interesting
[15:50]  Lil Linden: I didn't know I did that
[15:51]  Oskar Linden: you were drunk
[15:51]  Oskar Linden: again
[15:51]  Lil Linden: I am a pretty hot vocalist though
[15:51]  Oskar Linden: totally
[15:51]  Oskar Linden: ok everyone
[15:51]  Oskar Linden: thanks for coming
[15:51]  Oskar Linden: :-D
[15:51]  Oskar Linden: l8r)
[15:51]  Lil Linden: adios guys :)
[15:51]  Oskar Linden: /afk
[15:52]  Lil Linden is Offline
[15:52]  Ima Mechanique: bye Oskar
[15:53]  Ima Mechanique: bye Psi
[15:53]  Roland Riddler: cya all
[16:01]  Psi Merlin waves