Beta Server Office Hours/Minutes/2011-12-01

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This meeting was held on December 01st, 2011


  • Welcome to the Server Beta User Group


  • Rollback this week. What happened?
  • NCW windows.
  • Second Life RC KT

  • BlueSteel RC Channel
  • This is the same "Threaded Region Crossings" project.
    • This project contains the infrastructure to support future work into creating threaded region cross for agents. This uses the new threaded RPC/thread state machine mechanism.

  • LeTigre RC Channel
  • This is what LeTigre was before, plus more bug fixes and some new features.
  • Bug Fixes
    • SCR-230 llSetPhysicsMaterial() fails if you don't have modify perms
    • SCR-147 Timer event fails to trigger following heavy amounts of linked messages
    • SVC-7324 Physics stalls every 20-30 seconds
    • SCR-225 ERROR: Failed to set physics shape type
    • SVC-7422 llSetLinkMedia do nothing
    • SVC-7413 Bug in Control Event
    • SVC-5927 Temp on Rezzed objects get queued
    • SVC-7360 Driving a vehicle over into a full region gives strange error message: You can't enter this region because the sebehavior is full
    • SVC-7379 For group notices groupID is being sent in the AgentID field
    • SVC-7343 llMinEventDelay Bug
    • SVC-7354 Simulator fails to load notecard asset (Intan won't read config card)
    • Avatars that do not have access to Adult regions will no longer see avatars on those regions from neighboring regions.
    • Several simulator crash fixes.
    • Several minor simulator memory leaks fixed.
  • New features
    • New LSL function: key llTransferLindenDollars(key id, integer amount)
      Attempt to transfer amount of L$ from the owner of the object to 'id'. Requires PERMISSION_DEBIT. Returns a key used in a matching transaction_result event for the success or failure of the transfer.
    • New LSL event: transaction_result(key id, integer success, string data)
      This event is triggered from an llTransfer* call (currently only llTransferLindenDollars).
      • id: matches the return value of the llTransfer call and if the transaction was a success will match the 'transaction id' shown in transaction history on
      • success: TRUE if the transfer succeeded otherwise FALSE.
      • data: On successful transactions will contain a CSV of destination ID and amount transferred. In failure cases it will contain an error tag on failure.
    • Error Tags for llTransferLindenDollars:
      • LINDENDOLLAR_ENTITYDOESNOTEXIST - The destination UUID is not a valid agent.
      • LINDENDOLLAR_INSUFFICIENTFUNDS - The source agent does not have enough L$ for the transfer
      • INVALID_AGENT - Destination agent is not a valid UUID
      • INVALID_AMOUNT - Amount is <= 0
      • THROTTLED - The scripted L$ throttle was hit for this object owner.
      • MISSING_PERMISSION_DEBIT - The script does not have debit permission
      • GROUP_OWNED - The object is group owned and thus can't give money
      • TRANSFERS_DISABLED - L$ transfers are disabled in the region
      • EXPIRED - The simulator timed out waiting for a response from the back-end service.
      • SERVICE_ERROR - There was an error connecting to the back-end service
    • SCR-31 New LSL function: llGetParcelMusicURL()
      • Returns the music URL of the object's current parcel if the script owner also owns the parcel

  • Magnum RC Channel
  • This is again the "People API mutelist" project.
    • Changed simulator behavior to send create/delete events in the mute-list to the People API.
    • Feature is disabled until full release.

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Transcript of Oskar Linden's Beta Server Office Hour for December 01st, 2011: