Beta Server Office Hours/Minutes/2017-01-12

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[2017/01/12 15:12]  Rex Cronon: u bring shineys mazidox:)
[2017/01/12 15:12]  Duckie Dickins: Caleb was logged into the wrong grid.
[2017/01/12 15:12]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): fin ally
[2017/01/12 15:12]  Duckie Dickins: I saw him on the live grid 10 minutes ago. :P
[2017/01/12 15:12]  Jenna Felton: hello Caleb :)
[2017/01/12 15:12]  Mazidox Linden: You're welcome :P
[2017/01/12 15:12]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Hello, Caleb.
[2017/01/12 15:13]  Whirly Fizzle: Heya Caleb
[2017/01/12 15:13]  Rex Cronon: caleb u finally found the right grid:)
[2017/01/12 15:13]  Rex Cronon: jk
[2017/01/12 15:13]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): Nothing new here. But Please give a warm welcome to Mazidox!!!
[2017/01/12 15:13]  Mazidox Linden: Which one is this? Bast? Asherath?
[2017/01/12 15:14]  Rex Cronon: wassup mazidox:)
[2017/01/12 15:14]  Jonathan Yap: Aditi is the grid here
[2017/01/12 15:14]  Jonathan Yap: Agni is the main grid
[2017/01/12 15:14]  Mazidox Linden: Mythology jokes, sorry.
[2017/01/12 15:14]  Jenna Felton: welcome to SL Mazidox, even if on Linden side :)
[2017/01/12 15:14]  Rex Cronon: we should have a asgard grid:)
[2017/01/12 15:14]  arton Rotaru: lol
[2017/01/12 15:15]  NOPE (margithe): Welcome, you still got that new avatar smell.
[2017/01/12 15:15]  Mazidox Linden: The day SL has smell is the day I'm out.
[2017/01/12 15:15]  Jenna Felton: asgard is stargate? than there must be a gate between grids, i like the idea :)
[2017/01/12 15:15]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): imagine VR with smell
[2017/01/12 15:15]  Lucia Nightfire: that comment suggests long time user
[2017/01/12 15:15]  Mazidox Linden: I just started this week, zeesh!
[2017/01/12 15:16]  arton Rotaru: these VR goggles look like they will smell rather quickly on their own
[2017/01/12 15:16]  Rex Cronon: yes jena:0
[2017/01/12 15:16]  Mazidox Linden: Anyway, hi, I'm Mazidox, I kill bugs dead.
[2017/01/12 15:16]  Whirly Fizzle: Plenty of job security here then  lol
[2017/01/12 15:16]  Duckie Dickins: The key to a long Linden life is never go on'll come back and find your desk moved to the basement.
[2017/01/12 15:16]  NOPE (margithe): You and Lucy are gonna be such good friends :D
[2017/01/12 15:16]  Lucia Nightfire: me?
[2017/01/12 15:16]  Lucia Nightfire: you mean Whirls
[2017/01/12 15:16]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): he is going to help me testing new shinies
[2017/01/12 15:17]  Jenna Felton: lol Duckie
[2017/01/12 15:17]  arton Rotaru: there you have some spray
[2017/01/12 15:17]  Lucia Nightfire: if he said "I make shineys" then I would marry him
[2017/01/12 15:17]  NOPE (margithe): He likes bugs, you feed him sec-jiras.
[2017/01/12 15:17]  Whirly Fizzle: What new shinies would those be?
[2017/01/12 15:17]  Rex Cronon: u r going to be sooo busy mazdox. so many bug here. lol
[2017/01/12 15:17]  NOPE (margithe): oh oh shinies!
[2017/01/12 15:17]  Mazidox Linden: Am I doing it right?
[2017/01/12 15:17]  Jenna Felton: yes
[2017/01/12 15:18]  arton Rotaru: almost
[2017/01/12 15:18]  Rex Cronon: sorry mazidox. i make quite a few typos
[2017/01/12 15:18]  NOPE (margithe): Any other news this week, Caleb? Other than having a new minion ;))
[2017/01/12 15:18]  arton Rotaru: these projectors are still showing 2015
[2017/01/12 15:19]  Jenna Felton: its a reminder to make scripted projectors :)
[2017/01/12 15:19]  Jenna Felton: so they would show current time changed by script inside :)
[2017/01/12 15:19]  Rex Cronon: so,, how many bugs did u take out mazidox?
[2017/01/12 15:20]  Jenna Felton: give him a few weeks to learn how to use SL viewer first :)
[2017/01/12 15:20]  Mazidox Linden: Well, they haven't given me a sprayer yet. But soon.... Oh yes very soon!
[2017/01/12 15:20]  Jenna Felton: although it goes faster now, not like 6 years ago :)
[2017/01/12 15:21]  NOPE (margithe): Caleb? You here?
[2017/01/12 15:21]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): oh yeah
[2017/01/12 15:21]  Rex Cronon: the first bug u should fix is sim crossing. very easy;)
[2017/01/12 15:21]  Jenna Felton: hehe
[2017/01/12 15:21]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): black sea works perfect
[2017/01/12 15:22]  Jonathan Yap: mazidox have you rezzed a prim yet? :p
[2017/01/12 15:22]  NOPE (margithe): Anything new this week? Anything to discuss?
[2017/01/12 15:22]  Mazidox Linden: I made a cube a few minutes ago
[2017/01/12 15:22]  Mazidox Linden: Didn't you see how shiny it was?
[2017/01/12 15:22]  Jenna Felton: cool
[2017/01/12 15:22]  Rex Cronon: u were a prim virgin until a few minutes ago? wow
[2017/01/12 15:23]  Jenna Felton: its an other cube :)
[2017/01/12 15:23]  arton Rotaru: lol
[2017/01/12 15:23]  NOPE (margithe): /me starts looking pretty peeved
[2017/01/12 15:23]  Mazidox Linden: So, we do have one bug I've been working on this week
[2017/01/12 15:24]  Mazidox Linden: It's not dead yet, but we're getting there. Almost have it at critically low health!
[2017/01/12 15:24]  Rex Cronon: why margithe?
[2017/01/12 15:24]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): hey, they are always our internal shinies
[2017/01/12 15:24]  NOPE (margithe): Cause i stay up in the middle of the night for these meetings, and if the Lindens have no interest of being here , neither do i. it's a waste of everyones time in that case.
[2017/01/12 15:24]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): there
[2017/01/12 15:25]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): I apologize Margithe
[2017/01/12 15:25]  Jenna Felton: can't wait to read in the release notes what bug was fixed, next week :)
[2017/01/12 15:26]  Rex Cronon: is the new year nope. lindens need to wake up from the newyear slumber;)
[2017/01/12 15:26]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): I agree, Margithe. Please, check the release notes on Monday. And let us know if you have any questions
[2017/01/12 15:27]  arton Rotaru: but you didn't roll the RC server you mentioned last Week
[2017/01/12 15:28]  arton Rotaru: which was supposed to be rolled IIRC
[2017/01/12 15:29]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): oh right, simon had a last minute change of heart
[2017/01/12 15:29]  Rex Cronon: btw did i miss anything on tuesday i wasn't abel to login:(
[2017/01/12 15:31]  Rex Cronon: s  mazidox, if we find bugs we send them directly to u?
[2017/01/12 15:31]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): no login at all?
[2017/01/12 15:31]  Rex Cronon: so*
[2017/01/12 15:31]  Jenna Felton: Simon was not healthy and also logged in from home but we had interesting discussions at tuesday
[2017/01/12 15:31]  Jenna Felton: I look if i get the transcript
[2017/01/12 15:31]  Rex Cronon: it was tue to my wifi problems caleb
[2017/01/12 15:32]  Rex Cronon: was due*
[2017/01/12 15:32]  Mazidox Linden: Rex if you find bugs, file a Jira :)
[2017/01/12 15:32]  Mazidox Linden: We're still working on a bug that involves moving a physical object between parcels, with the destination parcel disallowing object entry; it's proving somewhat resilient.
[2017/01/12 15:32]  Rex Cronon: thank u jenna
[2017/01/12 15:32]  Duckie Dickins: remember once upon a time when meeting transcripts would get pasted to the meeting's wiki page? Those were the days..
[2017/01/12 15:32]  Lucia Nightfire: reminds me
[2017/01/12 15:33]  Lucia Nightfire: I need to file aSEC on a way to rez on no rez parcels, heh
[2017/01/12 15:33]  Rex Cronon: u r right duckie
[2017/01/12 15:33]  Duckie Dickins: you're always breaking something Lucia. lol
[2017/01/12 15:33]  Mazidox Linden: Margithe, what would make this meeting valuable for you? I'm a big proponent of meetings being valuable to attendees.
[2017/01/12 15:33]  Lucia Nightfire: *one way
[2017/01/12 15:33]  NOPE (margithe): See, told you, you'll be best friends...
[2017/01/12 15:34]  Rex Cronon: u also will need whirly. she is like a walking database. incredible memory:)
[2017/01/12 15:34]  Lucia Nightfire: she's a sexy librarian
[2017/01/12 15:34]  Jonathan Yap: Mazidox, there is a dearth of things to talk about today because of the holidays
[2017/01/12 15:34]  Lucia Nightfire: she doesn't like to be called that though
[2017/01/12 15:34]  NOPE (margithe): Well, Why do you have us here? We are willing, tech-literate (well they are, me so-so) residents, so make use of us. What do YOU want? Share information? test something? Find out whats plaguing us the most currently?
[2017/01/12 15:34]  Whirly Fizzle: Oi  lol
[2017/01/12 15:35]  Lucia Nightfire: so is going out next week?
[2017/01/12 15:35]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): thats the plan
[2017/01/12 15:35]  NOPE (margithe): Since we can't wring anything out of you that you aren't willing to share, anyhow.
[2017/01/12 15:35]  Lucia Nightfire: is anything exciting on it?
[2017/01/12 15:36]  arton Rotaru: at least something to simons heart is on it ^^
[2017/01/12 15:36]  arton Rotaru: dunno how exciting that is though
[2017/01/12 15:37]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): It's going to be a small release, and lots of it is internal changes for us (logs, tools etc)
[2017/01/12 15:37]  Lucia Nightfire: meh
[2017/01/12 15:38]  arton Rotaru: these current server versions must be super stable by now
[2017/01/12 15:38]  arton Rotaru: 2 years of internal changes only :p
[2017/01/12 15:38]  Lucia Nightfire: 4 years
[2017/01/12 15:38]  arton Rotaru: well
[2017/01/12 15:38]  arton Rotaru: I'm more polite than you Lucy ^^
[2017/01/12 15:39]  Mazidox Linden: Sorry, one moment
[2017/01/12 15:39]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): Sorry. To get back to make the best use of the meeting time question, I agree that most of the time the announcements take very little time
[2017/01/12 15:41]  NOPE (margithe): SInce Vir holds content creation meetings now, most of the feature ideas go there, the things that normally would be talked about here.
[2017/01/12 15:41]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): ah
[2017/01/12 15:41]  Lucia Nightfire: its mostly bento atm, heh
[2017/01/12 15:41]  Mazidox Linden: Someone mentioned that transcripts used to be posted, right?
[2017/01/12 15:41]  NOPE (margithe): long, long ago.
[2017/01/12 15:42]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): yeah
[2017/01/12 15:42]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): I think it is viewer side.
[2017/01/12 15:43]  arton Rotaru: well, I totally understand margithes concerns about the meeting. Though, we are free to come here, but I appreciate that Caleb is still hosting the meeting, even if there isn't something to talk about
[2017/01/12 15:43]  Duckie Dickins: They used to be posted on
[2017/01/12 15:43]  Rex Cronon: right now i am the only one that posts for a short while the latest transcripts at:
[2017/01/12 15:43]  NOPE (margithe): It was a lot of not-Bento today, and things we have talked about here before (but were out of scope)
[2017/01/12 15:43]  arton Rotaru: he could just cancel it
[2017/01/12 15:43]  arton Rotaru: but there will be times, like with the group chat pile on testing, where we are of value
[2017/01/12 15:44]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): yeah, there is value sometimes, in needing a crowd
[2017/01/12 15:44]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): to test
[2017/01/12 15:44]  NOPE (margithe): I would prefer if we actually try to use the time for something meaningful, otherwise the visitors here thin out, fewer bother to come, and essentially the meeting implodes on itself.  And we like pile on tests ;)
[2017/01/12 15:44]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): or when i have a guest talking about his new feature
[2017/01/12 15:44]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): like rider or coyot
[2017/01/12 15:45]  Lucia Nightfire: esp content creator feedback throughout the implementation process of a major feature
[2017/01/12 15:45]  Lucia Nightfire: or any content creation feature ftm
[2017/01/12 15:45]  Duckie Dickins: don't worry too much about transcripts. If you look at simon kind of gave up on posting them in 2014. :)
[2017/01/12 15:46]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): do you guys want the transcripts back?
[2017/01/12 15:46]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): *takes notes*
[2017/01/12 15:46]  Mazidox Linden: I was mostly trying to get a sense of the format
[2017/01/12 15:46]  Rex Cronon: would be good:)
[2017/01/12 15:46]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): good
[2017/01/12 15:46]  Duckie Dickins: transcripts are good.
[2017/01/12 15:46]  Lucia Nightfire: I'd def like them for the Tues meeting, heh
[2017/01/12 15:46]  Duckie Dickins: you can see the format on simon's page
[2017/01/12 15:46]  Rex Cronon: sometimes is hard to make it to meetings
[2017/01/12 15:47]  Jenna Felton: transcripts would be good
[2017/01/12 15:47]  Lucia Nightfire: and ef here if url's to shineys and shiney viewers are posted, heh
[2017/01/12 15:47]  Lucia Nightfire: *def here
[2017/01/12 15:47]  arton Rotaru: +1 for  transcripts indeed^^
[2017/01/12 15:47]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): :)
[2017/01/12 15:47]  NOPE (margithe): The format for the meeting is usually this: We ask whats coming along, and then get told it's secret. Then we throw ideas and bugs around like confetti.
[2017/01/12 15:47]  arton Rotaru: lol
[2017/01/12 15:47]  Jenna Felton: hehe
[2017/01/12 15:47]  Mazidox Linden: That sounds useful, because then I can spray down the bugs with insecticide until they surrender.
[2017/01/12 15:48]  Rex Cronon: and sometimes shenys come along. lol
[2017/01/12 15:48]  NOPE (margithe): The less "secret" the more meaningful meetings we tend to have ;)
[2017/01/12 15:48]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): But I hope your job not be increased.
[2017/01/12 15:48]  Rex Cronon: shineys*
[2017/01/12 15:48]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): i think we used to just dump the raw chat logs and format it for the wiki
[2017/01/12 15:49]  arton Rotaru: at least it's a good sign that there is someone new to fix bugs. Looks like the Lab is planning to make use of him, with new features p
[2017/01/12 15:49]  NOPE (margithe): or someone quit :((
[2017/01/12 15:49]  Rex Cronon: these meetings can be quite useful if there is  new bug or exploit on the run...
[2017/01/12 15:49]  Rex Cronon: in the wild...
[2017/01/12 15:49]  arton Rotaru: ahhh so pessimistic today margithe ^^
[2017/01/12 15:49]  Jonathan Yap: Oz got permissions a while ago to hire more people
[2017/01/12 15:50]  Mazidox Linden: Full disclosure: I don't actually fix bugs. I highlight them with pinpoint precision and someone else does the killing.
[2017/01/12 15:50]  Lucia Nightfire: I'm concerned about the amoutn of key Sansar positions open in the careers page, heh
[2017/01/12 15:50]  Rex Cronon: u r going to be sooo loved mazidox:)
[2017/01/12 15:50]  Lucia Nightfire: makes me think the specualted release date isn't going to happen, heh
[2017/01/12 15:50]  arton Rotaru: since when did such a date ever happen?
[2017/01/12 15:51]  NOPE (margithe): I'm concerned about the amount of Mainland being abandoned. But thats for Policies rather. WIsh we could brainstorm with those people some day.
[2017/01/12 15:51]  Lucia Nightfire: didn't Ebbe state he was shooting for end of the frist quarter 2017 in September last year?
[2017/01/12 15:51]  Jenna Felton: you can not plan something really new, and Sansar is new enough to be unplanable so i do not expect the planned release date to happen
[2017/01/12 15:51]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): do you run into Oz Margithe?
[2017/01/12 15:52]  NOPE (margithe): Umm, dunno, do i? I recall the name but i don't remember last time i've seen him.
[2017/01/12 15:52]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): you could definitely pitch the abandon Mainland concern
[2017/01/12 15:52]  Mazidox Linden: I'm a QA Generalist, so I'm not just going to be here doing server stuff, you'll run into me elsewhere highlighting bugs as fast as I can find them, for all of SL's components.
[2017/01/12 15:52]  Duckie Dickins: I think oz's meetings are on mondays at 7am pacific..or was it 8.
[2017/01/12 15:52]  Jonathan Yap: Oz meets on wednesday now
[2017/01/12 15:53]  Rex Cronon: oz usually gomes at simons meetings but ihe is quite silent...
[2017/01/12 15:53]  Rex Cronon: comes at*
[2017/01/12 15:53]  Duckie Dickins: oh....wednesdays at 7am PST
[2017/01/12 15:53]  arton Rotaru: at least the 64 bit Linden viewer is here and it didn't crash on me just yet
[2017/01/12 15:53]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): nice
[2017/01/12 15:53]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): It crashed when I use IM.
[2017/01/12 15:54]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): :(
[2017/01/12 15:54]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Japanese input method
[2017/01/12 15:54]  Mazidox Linden: I'm pretty excited about the 64-bit viewer.
[2017/01/12 15:54]  Duckie Dickins:   he gave up on transcripts in 2011. :D
[2017/01/12 15:54]  NOPE (margithe): Ah, no, Open Dev meetings, i don't go to those, it goes a bit over my head.
[2017/01/12 15:55]  arton Rotaru: lol,isn't it in voice anyway?
[2017/01/12 15:55]  Rex Cronon: does the 64bit viewer work with hdr screens?
[2017/01/12 15:55]  NOPE (margithe): Also, voice, blargh.
[2017/01/12 15:55]  Jonathan Yap: Oz's meeting is in text
[2017/01/12 15:55]  Jonathan Yap: Don't start rumors
[2017/01/12 15:55]  Rex Cronon: oz meeting in text?? really?
[2017/01/12 15:55]  arton Rotaru: the TPV meeting sounds like voice to me though
[2017/01/12 15:55]  Jonathan Yap: Yes
[2017/01/12 15:55]  Mazidox Linden: Plus, how do you do transcripts if you use voice chat. You'd need a transcriptionist!
[2017/01/12 15:55]  Jonathan Yap: the TPV meeting is in voice
[2017/01/12 15:55]  NOPE (margithe): Vir's meeting is in voice, the preffered method there. I find it difficult
[2017/01/12 15:56]  Lucia Nightfire: voice is overrated
[2017/01/12 15:56]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): I have a crash log.
[2017/01/12 15:56]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Voice is hard for me.
[2017/01/12 15:56]  arton Rotaru: there are video recordings of voice meetings on YT
[2017/01/12 15:56]  arton Rotaru: but those are resident driven
[2017/01/12 15:56]  Whirly Fizzle: Thats the TPV meetings
[2017/01/12 15:56]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Voice is hard to translatge.
[2017/01/12 15:56]  Duckie Dickins: someone puts the TPV meetings up on youtube
[2017/01/12 15:57]  NOPE (margithe): If someone writes something in text that i don't grasp, i can read back, or even google some words. But if it's spoken, it leaves non-native english speakers behind.
[2017/01/12 15:57]  Jonathan Yap: yes Duckie
[2017/01/12 15:57]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): *translate.
[2017/01/12 15:57]  Rex Cronon: come on. watching a 1 hour video? to hear strange noises:)
[2017/01/12 15:57]  arton Rotaru: lol
[2017/01/12 15:57]  NOPE (margithe): and long akward pauses >.<
[2017/01/12 15:57]  Jonathan Yap: There is text at that meeting, too
[2017/01/12 15:58]  arton Rotaru: it doesn't smell yet though
[2017/01/12 15:58]  Mazidox Linden: So, to just gently steer us, anyone else have any additional feedback for how they'd like to get value from this meeting?
[2017/01/12 15:58]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): If I can speak Japanese anyone understand what I say.
[2017/01/12 15:58]  Lucia Nightfire: only slightly
[2017/01/12 15:58]  Jonathan Yap: Yuzuru, I will, but you have to shout at me :P
[2017/01/12 15:58]  arton Rotaru: add new killer features to SL :p
[2017/01/12 15:58]  Duckie Dickins: I think we like breaking things.
[2017/01/12 15:59]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): I must learn English more...
[2017/01/12 15:59]  NOPE (margithe): Question: Is Mazidox supposed to take over these meetings?
[2017/01/12 15:59]  arton Rotaru: every week, and there will be lots to talk about
[2017/01/12 15:59]  Duckie Dickins: that's a valid question...usually a new linden shows up and then they take over the meetings.
[2017/01/12 15:59]  Jonathan Yap: This meeting used to be very lively
[2017/01/12 15:59]  Mazidox Linden: Nah, I'm not looking to take anything from anyone.
[2017/01/12 15:59]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): No, Margithe. I am still around