Beta Server Office Hours/Minutes/2017-02-02

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[2017/02/02 15:02]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): hi hi
[2017/02/02 15:02]  Jenna Felton: hi Caleb :)
[2017/02/02 15:02]  arton Rotaru: Gunaaaabend
[2017/02/02 15:04]  Mazidox Linden: Thank you all for coming, and thanks for understanding that our schedule has been slightly hectic recently, hence the cancellations. Assuming things quiet down after next week we should be back to our usual cadence.
[2017/02/02 15:05]  Lucia Nightfire: shouts: CHANGE STEP
[2017/02/02 15:07]  Lucia Nightfire: !env
[2017/02/02 15:07]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): change step?
[2017/02/02 15:08]  Lucia Nightfire: it's a marching command, calen, heh
[2017/02/02 15:08]  Lucia Nightfire: *caleb
[2017/02/02 15:08]  Lucia Nightfire: pulled it out of nostalgia from when I was in the NG
[2017/02/02 15:08]  Mazidox Linden: So first off, while we were bust last week DRTSIM-338, which contained an additional partial fix for Object Parcel Entry as well as a stability fix for offline IM and notification delivery, was rolled out to Aditi. I didn't include it in the notice I sent because I thought it was going to need more soak time internally, so oops!
[2017/02/02 15:08]  Lucia Nightfire: or maybe it was also from when I was in band in hs, heh
[2017/02/02 15:09]  Mazidox Linden: That server version, after sitting uneventfully on Aditi for a few days was promoted to be the Server RC version on Agni on Tuesday.
[2017/02/02 15:10]  Jonathan Yap: Do  offline IMs here go to email?
[2017/02/02 15:10]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): no, not to non-linden accounts
[2017/02/02 15:10]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): on aditi only
[2017/02/02 15:10]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): + dev grids
[2017/02/02 15:12]  Mazidox Linden: We won't have this meeting next week, as we have meetings that trample over this time slot.
[2017/02/02 15:12]  Lucia Nightfire: what kind of meetings, heh
[2017/02/02 15:12]  Jonathan Yap: Sekrit meetings!
[2017/02/02 15:12]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): all hands on deck kind of meeting
[2017/02/02 15:12]  Lucia Nightfire: feature summit
[2017/02/02 15:13]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): nuh uh
[2017/02/02 15:13]  Lucia Nightfire: why nto
[2017/02/02 15:13]  Mazidox Linden: Caleb and I checked with Simon, and he's not able to accept BUG-40870 right now..
[2017/02/02 15:13]  Lucia Nightfire: meh
[2017/02/02 15:14]  arton Rotaru: what's it about, that BUG
[2017/02/02 15:14]  Lucia Nightfire: a clac bug
[2017/02/02 15:14]  Lucia Nightfire: *calc
[2017/02/02 15:14]  Lucia Nightfire: for parcel prims
[2017/02/02 15:14]  Mazidox Linden: Object bonuses for a region, yeah.
[2017/02/02 15:14]  Lucia Nightfire: just needs a calc change
[2017/02/02 15:15]  Lucia Nightfire: nothing major to fix imo, heh
[2017/02/02 15:15]  Lucia Nightfire: it's the last prim calc bug that needs fixing
[2017/02/02 15:15]  Lucia Nightfire: there were several already fixed in the viewer
[2017/02/02 15:15]  Lucia Nightfire: this one is at the server
[2017/02/02 15:15]  arton Rotaru: I see
[2017/02/02 15:15]  Mazidox Linden: Meanwhile, does anyone have any issues that they think need immediate attention, or that have fallen through the cracks?
[2017/02/02 15:16]  Lucia Nightfire: the question is does anyone have any issues taht devs have time to look at, heh
[2017/02/02 15:16]  Mazidox Linden: (I'm gonna limit us to 15:25 on this, so we have time to set up and try the test I've laid out.)
[2017/02/02 15:17]  Jonathan Yap: what do we need to have ready for the test?
[2017/02/02 15:17]  Mazidox Linden: You should be able to teleport, rez a cube, and edit its properties. Bonus points if you rez something besides a cube. I've taken care of everything else.
[2017/02/02 15:17]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): maybe objects with names of different lengths'
[2017/02/02 15:18]  Lucia Nightfire:
[2017/02/02 15:18]  Lucia Nightfire: when can that be fixed, heh
[2017/02/02 15:19]  Jenna Felton: the test will be on DRTSIM-338 region or any region is ok? and 15:25 is the time today until that the test period is over?
[2017/02/02 15:20]  Mazidox Linden: Looks like we need to keep moving that along, thanks Lucia.
[2017/02/02 15:20]  Jenna Felton: because its 3 minutes until that :)
[2017/02/02 15:20]  Mazidox Linden: Jenna, that's when we'll start the test. And it'll be on my private region.
[2017/02/02 15:20]  Jenna Felton: ah, good
[2017/02/02 15:20]  Jonathan Yap: is rezzing from inventory okay?
[2017/02/02 15:20]  arton Rotaru: Bug Island) :p
[2017/02/02 15:21]  Jenna Felton: because i'd have no idea how to find that region version :)
[2017/02/02 15:21]  Lucia Nightfire: why can't taht code be released anywhere else on aditi?
[2017/02/02 15:21]  Mazidox Linden: Sure, if you like Jonathan.
[2017/02/02 15:21]  Lucia Nightfire: why didn't it go out to Fire Ants 1 & 2 and Mauve?
[2017/02/02 15:21]  Jonathan Yap: I haven't been force-TPd in a long time :)
[2017/02/02 15:21]  Mazidox Linden: It's mostly I have a nice little setup for everyone to use, more than that it can't be released elsewhere.
[2017/02/02 15:21]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): we are rotating simhosts and each of them have a set of regions running on them
[2017/02/02 15:22]  Mazidox Linden: I am a little curious, one moment...
[2017/02/02 15:22]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): fire ants were on one of the other simhosts not carrying the current build under test
[2017/02/02 15:22]  Jonathan Yap: Make sure the agent limit is high enough
[2017/02/02 15:22]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): right!
[2017/02/02 15:22]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): :P
[2017/02/02 15:23]  Lucia Nightfire: so can those 3 regions be put back on the hosts that get the latest code?
[2017/02/02 15:23]  Lucia Nightfire: I mean thats why they're there
[2017/02/02 15:24]  Mazidox Linden: Oh that's right, when I tried to get DRTSIM-338 going things caught on fire and I had to call for help, and it never got beyond the one simhost as a result.
[2017/02/02 15:24]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): sure can do
[2017/02/02 15:25]  Mazidox Linden: Okay, let's teleport to Methyl Bromide1234567890
[2017/02/02 15:25]  Mazidox Linden: Sorry, my names aren't the most innovative.
[2017/02/02 15:26]  Lucia Nightfire: was like yesterday when I was here
[2017/02/02 15:26]  Jonathan Yap: I cannot rez here
[2017/02/02 15:26]  Lucia Nightfire: because mazi is stingy
[2017/02/02 15:26]  Lucia Nightfire: hogging al the prims
[2017/02/02 15:27]  Mazidox Linden: Welcome everyone. I've set up the region such that everywhere that's green you can rez, everywhere that isn't objects can't enter.
[2017/02/02 15:27]  Jenna Felton: interesting region designn :)
[2017/02/02 15:27]  Jonathan Yap: well, this booth can enter
[2017/02/02 15:28]  Mazidox Linden: I've put a test plan on the agenda page ( ) in case you lost it
[2017/02/02 15:28]  Lucia Nightfire: smh
[2017/02/02 15:28]  Jonathan Yap: eeps too much
[2017/02/02 15:30]  Mazidox Linden: And thanks Jenna, spent a bit of time getting this working so it was easy to administer.
[2017/02/02 15:30]  Lucia Nightfire: seems high speed keyframes can bypass no entry as usual, heh
[2017/02/02 15:31]  Mazidox Linden: Can bypass it, or can traverse into a non-adjacent entry-allowed parcel?
[2017/02/02 15:31]  Lucia Nightfire: [15:31:29] Env Monitor (KVP)(aditi): Mauve has restarted.
 Start Date & Time: 2017-02-02 @ 15:31:17 PST
 Last Est. Stop Time: 2017-02-02 @ 15:28:03 PST, Est. Downtime: 3 minutes, 14 seconds
 Last Sim State Save Date & Time: 2017-02-02 @ 15:28:01 PST, Sever Time Loss: 3 minutes, 16 seconds
 Last Est. Uptime: 23 hours, 27 minutes, 20 seconds
 Environment Change: Sim Channel, Sim Version & Sim Host have changed.
 Current Sim Channel: DRTSIM-338, Prior Sim Channel: DRTSIM-337
 Current Sim Version:, Prior Sim Version:
 Current Sim Host:, Prior Sim Host:
[2017/02/02 15:31]  Jenna Felton: The message uses the object's original name, not the name i gave it after rezzing
[2017/02/02 15:31]  arton Rotaru: hm it doesn't show the full object name in the error message
[2017/02/02 15:31]  Lucia Nightfire: thanks
[2017/02/02 15:32]  Jonathan Yap: my Physical setting is being eliminated
[2017/02/02 15:32]  Lucia Nightfire: it is supposed to kill physics
[2017/02/02 15:32]  Mazidox Linden: I believe (correct me if I'm wrong Caleb) that's expected, when you hit a barrier.
[2017/02/02 15:32]  Jonathan Yap: what if the item is nomod though?
[2017/02/02 15:32]  Mazidox Linden: Jenna, can you describe a bit more in detail how you're seeing that?
[2017/02/02 15:32]  Lucia Nightfire: the only thing bad about that is that stuff lingers
[2017/02/02 15:32]  Mazidox Linden: An interesting question Jonathan.
[2017/02/02 15:33]  Jenna Felton: that is strange
[2017/02/02 15:33]  Lucia Nightfire: imo, it should have it's return time changed to min(current parcel return time, 5 min)
[2017/02/02 15:33]  arton Rotaru: an object called 'Object' is reported as 'Obje'
[2017/02/02 15:33]  Jenna Felton: I named the object "PoTOPE" than took in inventory,
[2017/02/02 15:33]  Jenna Felton: after rezzing i named it "PoTOPEphys"
[2017/02/02 15:34]  Jonathan Yap: well, Temporary still works
[2017/02/02 15:34]  Jenna Felton: the message is "Can't move object 'PoTO' to
 { 108, 118, 22 } in region Methyl Bromide1234567890 because your objects are not allowed on this parcel."
[2017/02/02 15:34]  Lucia Nightfire: all objects are substrings to 4 chars
[2017/02/02 15:34]  Lucia Nightfire: bug
[2017/02/02 15:34]  Mazidox Linden: There we go, that blue cube should be for sale for L$0, and is no mod.
[2017/02/02 15:34]  Lucia Nightfire: spray it, Mazi
[2017/02/02 15:34]  Jenna Felton: so it uses only 4 chars of the object name
[2017/02/02 15:35]  Mazidox Linden: Did I get it?!
[2017/02/02 15:35]  Lucia Nightfire: show me a commit and I'll tell you
[2017/02/02 15:35]  Jenna Felton: the message uses 4 chars of th object name
[2017/02/02 15:36]  Jenna Felton: I renamed the object inworld to "PEphys" and the message is "Can't move object 'PEph' to..."
[2017/02/02 15:36]  Lucia Nightfire: [15:34:33] Lucia Nightfire: all objects are substrings to 4 chars
[2017/02/02 15:37]  Mazidox Linden: So, Lucia, it used to be that you'd get ugly object prototypes if the region name was too long, right? We don't do that now, but we have to truncate instead to avoid blowing out our allowance. (Of what? What do I look like, a developer?!)
[2017/02/02 15:37]  Jonathan Yap: if you truncate object names bug reports will start flowing in
[2017/02/02 15:37]  Lucia Nightfire: ugly object prototypes?
[2017/02/02 15:37]  Lucia Nightfire: talkign object name is beign truncated
[2017/02/02 15:37]  Jonathan Yap: at least make the length longer to some more sensible value
[2017/02/02 15:38]  Mazidox Linden: Like "Can't return OBJ_NAME at OBJ_LOC in REGION_NAME because your objects aren't allowed there" and that tells you nothing at all.
[2017/02/02 15:38]  Jenna Felton: Can't move object '[OBJECT_NAME]' to
 [OBJ_POSITION] in region [REGION_NAME] because your objects are not allowed on this parcel.
[2017/02/02 15:38]  Mazidox Linden: Where's the object? What's it called? No idea!
[2017/02/02 15:38]  Jenna Felton: that is your blue cube :)
[2017/02/02 15:39]  Mazidox Linden: /me winces
[2017/02/02 15:39]  Mazidox Linden: Please tell me you're kidding Jenna.
[2017/02/02 15:39]  Jenna Felton: no i do not :)
[2017/02/02 15:39]  Jonathan Yap: I have seen messages like that
[2017/02/02 15:39]  Jenna Felton: it is no modify no copy to me
[2017/02/02 15:39]  Lucia Nightfire: asynchronous issues
[2017/02/02 15:40]  arton Rotaru: hm the name reporting is rather inconsitent
[2017/02/02 15:40]  arton Rotaru: I just got this
[2017/02/02 15:41]  arton Rotaru: [Second Life: Can't rez object '[aR] Dart Syringe (Physical) v0.2' at { 110.784, 134.197, 23.5965 } on parcel '' in region Methyl Bromide1234567890 because the owner of this land does not allow it.  Use the land tool to see land ownership.]
[2017/02/02 15:41]  Jonathan Yap: Suggestion: the formating of coordinates should look like (x, y, z) not { x, y, z}
[2017/02/02 15:41]  Mazidox Linden: Uhhhhh
[2017/02/02 15:41]  Mazidox Linden: Are we actually on DRTSIM-338 Caleb?
[2017/02/02 15:41]  Lucia Nightfire: !env
[2017/02/02 15:41]  Lucia Nightfire: Sim Channel: DRTSIM-338
[2017/02/02 15:41]  Lucia Nightfire: Version:
[2017/02/02 15:41]  Lucia Nightfire: Region Start Time: 1486000146, 2017-02-01 @ 17:49:06 (21 hours, 52 minutes, 24 seconds ago)
[2017/02/02 15:42]  Mazidox Linden: Checking!
[2017/02/02 15:42]  Lucia Nightfire: I just did, lol
[2017/02/02 15:42]  arton Rotaru: ah wait, my bad
[2017/02/02 15:42]  arton Rotaru: the name was a no rez message
[2017/02/02 15:43]  Jonathan Yap: does this no entry change stop at a certain height?
[2017/02/02 15:43]  Mazidox Linden: No, even at 4096 it's respected.
[2017/02/02 15:43]  Jenna Felton: ok, when i move the object physically, i get a message floater, but nothing in chat. when i do via edit tools, i get the error message also in chat, which seems good: "[15:42] Second Life: Can't reposition -- permission denied"
[2017/02/02 15:44]  Jenna Felton: should not both cases use chat?
[2017/02/02 15:44]  Jenna Felton: or at least be the same
[2017/02/02 15:44]  Jonathan Yap: The edit message is not a new one I think
[2017/02/02 15:44]  Mazidox Linden: Okay, so there are definitely some things that I need to raise back to engineering. This is why we test!
[2017/02/02 15:44]  Jonathan Yap: besides, if you are editing it you know where it is and its name
[2017/02/02 15:45]  Jenna Felton: that is correct :)
[2017/02/02 15:45]  Jonathan Yap: I would ask if there should be an infinite height restriction
[2017/02/02 15:45]  Jenna Felton: at least you should know. but i often lost it because i set a wrong number into coordinates and not know where it is actually
[2017/02/02 15:45]  Mazidox Linden: While the distinction is probably a little fine, I think that's a feature request Jonathan. But if you file it I'll make sure it gets triaged.
[2017/02/02 15:46]  Mazidox Linden: Lucia were you hitting me with a physical object?
[2017/02/02 15:46]  Lucia Nightfire: maybe
[2017/02/02 15:46]  Jonathan Yap: I'm not smart enough to know if people flying around, etc would abe affected
[2017/02/02 15:46]  Jonathan Yap: or shooting arrows, you know what I mean, would it break things?
[2017/02/02 15:46]  Mazidox Linden: They might suffer from rapid unplanned disassembly midair. That would be unfortunate.
[2017/02/02 15:47]  Lucia Nightfire: smh
[2017/02/02 15:48]  arton Rotaru: at a height of 3000 meters the Object is reported as 'Ob' only
[2017/02/02 15:48]  arton Rotaru: when it's name is Object
[2017/02/02 15:48]  Mazidox Linden: Probably because there's an increasing positional requirement to not lose useful precision.
[2017/02/02 15:48]  Mazidox Linden: Like I said, I dunno though.
[2017/02/02 15:49]  Jonathan Yap: I think height is an 8 bit field
[2017/02/02 15:49]  Mazidox Linden: Anyone else have any results they can share?
[2017/02/02 15:49]  Lucia Nightfire: I just have the same substringing of object name as everyone else
[2017/02/02 15:49]  Jenna Felton: my test object overjumped to the next parcell with object entry enabled. that is like quantum tunneling :)
[2017/02/02 15:50]  Jenna Felton: not sure it is relevant though
[2017/02/02 15:50]  Lucia Nightfire: if you're dragging it is allowed
[2017/02/02 15:50]  Lucia Nightfire: it used to be an exploit with ctrl
[2017/02/02 15:50]  Lucia Nightfire: you could insert objects into no entry parcels
[2017/02/02 15:50]  Jenna Felton: but it lost physical flag while tunneling
[2017/02/02 15:51]  Mazidox Linden: Sounds to me like it's working as intended, but I'll double check that too.
[2017/02/02 15:51]  Jonathan Yap: I have 4 stuck beach balls but only saw 1 message
[2017/02/02 15:52]  Mazidox Linden: Don't want to interrupt anyone who is still testing within usual bounds.
[2017/02/02 15:52]  Jonathan Yap: yea, I am only getting 2 messages for that last pile
[2017/02/02 15:53]  Mazidox Linden: Hmmmm
[2017/02/02 15:53]  Mazidox Linden: Maybe I need to check sim logs when we're done.
[2017/02/02 15:53]  Jonathan Yap: fyi Mazidox, beach ball is in the library
[2017/02/02 15:53]  Mazidox Linden: (I don't have them running right now because ::effort:: )
[2017/02/02 15:55]  Jonathan Yap: editing that group of balls with Physics on breaks up their shape when I rotate them through no entry areas
[2017/02/02 15:58]  Jonathan Yap: it is very hard to drive upside down
[2017/02/02 15:58]  Lucia Nightfire: nice train wreck jon
[2017/02/02 15:58]  Jonathan Yap: I had help Lucy
[2017/02/02 15:58]  Jonathan Yap: I think from you :)
[2017/02/02 15:58]  Lucia Nightfire: ikr
[2017/02/02 15:58]  Mazidox Linden: So, did you all have some fun?
[2017/02/02 15:58]  Jonathan Yap: yes
[2017/02/02 15:58]  Lucia Nightfire: not really, lol
[2017/02/02 15:58]  Jonathan Yap: I hope you are able to make more progress
[2017/02/02 15:58]  arton Rotaru: kind of
[2017/02/02 15:58]  Lucia Nightfire: I didn't get to break anything
[2017/02/02 15:59]  arton Rotaru: so that object name truncation is intentional?
[2017/02/02 15:59]  Lucia Nightfire: I could crash the sim though if you want to check logs, heh
[2017/02/02 15:59]  Jenna Felton: Ok i can not grab and move on 200m height, but when i use an object to push my test object i get same message "Can't move object 'PET' to { 108, 126, 201 " and the object looses physic flag
[2017/02/02 15:59]  Mazidox Linden: It's suboptimal, but intentional.
[2017/02/02 15:59]  arton Rotaru: ok
[2017/02/02 16:00]  Mazidox Linden: Please don't crash my region. It's where I keep my stuff :(
[2017/02/02 16:00]  Jonathan Yap: just make the container of the thing that shows the messages a bit bigger ?
[2017/02/02 16:00]  Lucia Nightfire: it's an exploit LL has yet to fix though
[2017/02/02 16:00]  Lucia Nightfire: it'll be fun
[2017/02/02 16:00]  Mazidox Linden: Did you file a SEC?
[2017/02/02 16:00]  Lucia Nightfire: yes
[2017/02/02 16:00]  Lucia Nightfire: I file many
[2017/02/02 16:00]  Lucia Nightfire: that LL never answers, lol
[2017/02/02 16:00]  arton Rotaru: lol
[2017/02/02 16:01]  Mazidox Linden: All SECs get reviewed
[2017/02/02 16:01]  Jenna Felton: oh on 200m height, the name is even truncated to 3 characters
[2017/02/02 16:01]  Lucia Nightfire: I'd prefer the same treatment that my nonSEC jiras get
[2017/02/02 16:01]  Lucia Nightfire: ie an reply
[2017/02/02 16:01]  Jenna Felton: Test becomes "Tes"
[2017/02/02 16:01]  arton Rotaru: yeah, for each digit more in pos, one charachter less in name
[2017/02/02 16:02]  Lucia Nightfire: go test in teh NE corner at high altitude
[2017/02/02 16:02]  Lucia Nightfire: I wonder if they'll be a name at all, heh
[2017/02/02 16:02]  Jonathan Yap: I vote for having a longer object name and a truncated region name
[2017/02/02 16:02]  Lucia Nightfire: yes
[2017/02/02 16:02]  Jenna Felton: me also :)
[2017/02/02 16:03]  Jenna Felton: actually you not need to give the vector by floats
[2017/02/02 16:03]  Jonathan Yap: Mazidox, are you doing this truncating in code you wrote? You have to allow for other languages like Spanish, which will be longer
[2017/02/02 16:03]  Jenna Felton: a integer numbers is sufficient
[2017/02/02 16:03]  Mazidox Linden: Unfortunately we're not able to comment on all SEC issues (or even all Jira issues!), but we do our best. If there's a SEC you think has really fallen through the cracks, IM me, or bring up the issue key at the open table section of the weekly meeting. I can't comment on it, but I can look at it.
[2017/02/02 16:03]  Jenna Felton: 3 integer numbers like in a SLURL
[2017/02/02 16:04]  Mazidox Linden: I'll pass all of that along.
[2017/02/02 16:04]  Mazidox Linden: My understanding is that we're trying to do integer-part only, with DRTSIM-338.
[2017/02/02 16:05]  Mazidox Linden: I haven't considered localization, but I vaguely suspect it's not an issue for reasons I don't totally understand.
[2017/02/02 16:05]  Lucia Nightfire: Can't move object '01234567' to
 { 4, 2, 22 } in region Methyl Bromide1234567890 because your objects are not allowed on this parcel.
[2017/02/02 16:05]  Mazidox Linden: I will nonetheless raise it appropriately to make sure.
[2017/02/02 16:05]  Jenna Felton: probably the viewer should generate all the messages, and server only give the error code and coordinates
[2017/02/02 16:06]  Jonathan Yap: Mazidox, we are a fussy crowd sometimes
[2017/02/02 16:06]  Jenna Felton: than the viewer will do localization also
[2017/02/02 16:06]  Mazidox Linden: I think that'd be part of a bigger change Jenna.
[2017/02/02 16:06]  Jenna Felton: yes that is :)
[2017/02/02 16:07]  Jonathan Yap: what happens now if you make the object name message longer than 4 characters?
[2017/02/02 16:07]  Jonathan Yap: do you end up with [OBJECT_NAME] ?
[2017/02/02 16:07]  Lucia Nightfire: it isn't truncated to 4 chars
[2017/02/02 16:07]  Jonathan Yap: it seems like length should be handled by the viewer
[2017/02/02 16:07]  Lucia Nightfire: it's truncated by max message len - current message len
[2017/02/02 16:08]  Lucia Nightfire: notice my SE region message
[2017/02/02 16:08]  arton Rotaru: so injapanese the whole message will be shown correctly :p
[2017/02/02 16:08]  Jenna Felton: [OBJECT_NAME] came as i used the nocopynomod cube from Mazidox
[2017/02/02 16:08]  arton Rotaru: in japanese*
[2017/02/02 16:08]  Jenna Felton: "Mazidox's No Mod Physical Object"
[2017/02/02 16:09]  Mazidox Linden: I made it right, yes?
[2017/02/02 16:09]  Jenna Felton: "PoTOPEphys was truncated to 4 chars
[2017/02/02 16:09]  Kart 1.0: 0.936415
[2017/02/02 16:09]  Lucia Nightfire: because of teh location
[2017/02/02 16:09]  Jenna Felton: yes its your cube :)
[2017/02/02 16:09]  Lucia Nightfire: [16:05:18] Lucia Nightfire: Can't move object '01234567' to
 { 4, 2, 22 } in region Methyl Bromide1234567890 because your objects are not allowed on this parcel.
[2017/02/02 16:09]  Lucia Nightfire: notice my location
[2017/02/02 16:09]  Lucia Nightfire: single digit x and y
[2017/02/02 16:09]  Lucia Nightfire: gave back to object name
[2017/02/02 16:09]  Jenna Felton: interesting
[2017/02/02 16:09]  Lucia Nightfire: notice it is 8 chars
[2017/02/02 16:10]  Mazidox Linden: I bet if I dropped the land down to single digits you'd get an even longer name.
[2017/02/02 16:10]  Lucia Nightfire: you'd get 1 more char with a single digit z location
[2017/02/02 16:10]  arton Rotaru: yeah
[2017/02/02 16:11]  Mazidox Linden: All that being said, I've gotta go spray down some bugs.
[2017/02/02 16:11]  arton Rotaru: so try to enter your objects at the lowest height possible, to have an idea what it actually was ^^
[2017/02/02 16:11]  Mazidox Linden: Thanks everyone for coming, and we'll see you in two weeks.
[2017/02/02 16:11]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): and i have to move my truck
[2017/02/02 16:11]  Jonathan Yap: well, we will get 2 spaces back going from "{ x, y, z }" to "(x, y, z)"
[2017/02/02 16:11]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): see ya
[2017/02/02 16:11]  Jenna Felton: Named "Jenna's Physical Object"
[2017/02/02 16:11]  arton Rotaru: alrighty, laters all
[2017/02/02 16:11]  Lucia Nightfire: yeah, we don't need that whitespace on teh ends
[2017/02/02 16:11]  Jenna Felton: message is "Can't move object '[OBJECT_NAME]' to
 [OBJ_POSITION] in region [REGION_NAME] because your objects are not allowed on this parcel."