Beta server office hours/Minutes/2018-01-11

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[2018/01/11 15:00]  Minuet Voir: I think it was Tuesday as I mentioned it at Simon's meeting.
[2018/01/11 15:00]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): no we didn't touch it
[2018/01/11 15:00]  Beq Janus: my inventory is pretty up to date
[2018/01/11 15:00]  Beq Janus: but I've been in here a lot lately
[2018/01/11 15:01]  Rex Cronon: hi everybody
[2018/01/11 15:01]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): for testing things Beq?
[2018/01/11 15:01]  Beq Janus: Hi Rex, Caleb
[2018/01/11 15:01]  Rex Cronon: hi beq
[2018/01/11 15:01]  Minuet Voir: Hey Rex
[2018/01/11 15:01]  Beq Janus: yeah, but testing stuff for me. I've been playing with why the random variations in mesh weight occur in the viewer
[2018/01/11 15:01]  Beq Janus: when we upload
[2018/01/11 15:01]  Rex Cronon: hi minuet
[2018/01/11 15:02]  Beq Janus: so I was writing a decoder for the SLM
[2018/01/11 15:02]  Rex Cronon: slm=?
[2018/01/11 15:02]  Beq Janus: the internal mesh format
[2018/01/11 15:02]  Rex Cronon: oh. ok
[2018/01/11 15:03]  Beq Janus: which actually reminds me. There's a Jiora that was put in as a viewer change but is actually a server change
[2018/01/11 15:03]  Beq Janus: as best I can tell anyway
[2018/01/11 15:03]  Mazidox Linden: What was it?
[2018/01/11 15:03]  Beq Janus:
[2018/01/11 15:03]  Rex Cronon: AFK...............................
[2018/01/11 15:03]  Rex Cronon: afk for a few minutes...
[2018/01/11 15:04]  Beq Janus: Liz thought the mesh uploader was dropping the chlld object names when uploaing linksets
[2018/01/11 15:04]  Mazidox Linden: I am gonna stay far away from that.
[2018/01/11 15:04]  Minuet Voir: lol
[2018/01/11 15:04]  Beq Janus: I looked in FS and was pretty sure we weren;t
[2018/01/11 15:04]  Mazidox Linden: Definitely not my cup of tea, regardless of whether it's viewer or server.
[2018/01/11 15:04]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): ditto mazidox, ditto
[2018/01/11 15:04]  Mazidox Linden: I'll let the experts decide
[2018/01/11 15:05]  Beq Janus: then once my decoder was working I could see the object names in the submeshes in the SLM so I'm pretty sure it gets uplaoded and dropped on the server
[2018/01/11 15:05]  Beq Janus: hehe
[2018/01/11 15:05]  Beq Janus: I say pretty sure cos I haven't double checked in wireshark that it gets sent
[2018/01/11 15:05]  Beq Janus: but it is certainly packaged up to be sent :-)
[2018/01/11 15:06]  Beq Janus: Kyle won;t have anything to do with it either. If it isnot soemthing he can break....
[2018/01/11 15:07]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): it's time for the "official" weekly scoop.
[2018/01/11 15:07]  Minuet Voir: yay!
[2018/01/11 15:07]  Beq Janus: \o/
[2018/01/11 15:08]  Beq Janus: where's whirly these days Min? She's slacking
[2018/01/11 15:08]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): We just had a restart of Main Channel regions on Tuesday
[2018/01/11 15:08]  Minuet Voir: Still at her parents
[2018/01/11 15:08]  Minuet Voir: sloshed on sherry most likely
[2018/01/11 15:08]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): and RC this week only had some refactoring code
[2018/01/11 15:08]  Beq Janus: /me giggles
[2018/01/11 15:09]  Minuet Voir: yay for restarts :-)
[2018/01/11 15:09]  Beq Janus: all OS updates done for now?
[2018/01/11 15:09]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): oh no no
[2018/01/11 15:09]  Mazidox Linden: Oh I wish, hah.
[2018/01/11 15:09]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): there is going to be update on top of the update in the coming months
[2018/01/11 15:09]  Beq Janus: I presume you're gonna get whacked with Meltdown patches
[2018/01/11 15:10]  Mazidox Linden: We got a couple more of the internal services updated though, so that's nice!
[2018/01/11 15:11]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): let me check what is hot on aditi
[2018/01/11 15:11]  Beq Janus: That bug I mentioend, is that best for Simon's meeting on Aditi?
[2018/01/11 15:11]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): mesh related possibly going to vir
[2018/01/11 15:11]  arton Rotaru: does Simon has a meeting on Aditi?
[2018/01/11 15:11]  Beq Janus: ah ok
[2018/01/11 15:12]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): not on aditi
[2018/01/11 15:12]  Beq Janus: ah right yeah that's here too
[2018/01/11 15:12]  Minuet Voir: I hope you fixed that reported packet loss. 75% sheesh, and no one noticed
[2018/01/11 15:12]  Beq Janus: ugh I mean Agni
[2018/01/11 15:12]  Beq Janus: grumbles and puts my head on the right way round
[2018/01/11 15:12]  Mazidox Linden: We shouldn't comment on Meltdown as it relates to us (because, you know, big old security risk) but just in general I've seen a lot of speculation about Meltdown and Spectre mixed in with facts. So everyone should do their best to be informed and critical :)
[2018/01/11 15:13]  arton Rotaru: Vir mentioned the child names of uploaded mesh right at the start of his meeting, maybe you missed that Beq
[2018/01/11 15:13]  Mazidox Linden: That was pretty amusing Minuet. I checked my connection and the bucket I keep under my ethernet cable wasn't filling up, so I think we're OK.
[2018/01/11 15:13]  Beq Janus: ah did he? I was orf reading bedtime stories
[2018/01/11 15:13]  arton Rotaru: lol
[2018/01/11 15:13]  Mazidox Linden: And it's okay Beq, I still get them confused on occasion as well
[2018/01/11 15:14]  Mazidox Linden: Usually speaking rather than writing, for whatever reason.
[2018/01/11 15:14]  arton Rotaru: you have to come early to virs meeting,
[2018/01/11 15:14]  arton Rotaru: he said that the names are assigned by the server actually
[2018/01/11 15:14]  Beq Janus: I did, then my son decided he was going to get out of bed!
[2018/01/11 15:15]  Beq Janus: yeah, that's what I put in the bug report. So are they going to stop it overwriting?
[2018/01/11 15:15]  arton Rotaru: maybe, maybe not
[2018/01/11 15:15]  Beq Janus: lol, yep that's a Vir answer
[2018/01/11 15:15]  Minuet Voir: lol
[2018/01/11 15:16]  arton Rotaru: so what hot on Aditi? what is melting down because it's that hot?
[2018/01/11 15:16]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): hehe
[2018/01/11 15:17]  Minuet Voir: Is "refactoring" going to be a buzz word for a while?
[2018/01/11 15:17]  arton Rotaru: lol
[2018/01/11 15:17]  arton Rotaru: they're getting creative
[2018/01/11 15:18]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): so what's hot: that service that makes regions aware of each other, is updated on aditi
[2018/01/11 15:18]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): so if you see anything weird with it, speak up!
[2018/01/11 15:18]  arton Rotaru: that's good
[2018/01/11 15:18]  Mazidox Linden: No, it just happened to be what happened this particular time. Some code got moved from point A to point B, and both points were internal.
[2018/01/11 15:18]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): it's hot because we are about to get that version out on production
[2018/01/11 15:19]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): next week i presume
[2018/01/11 15:19]  arton Rotaru: what took me about ten years to realise is, that you can't see a region with is only connected at a corner ^^
[2018/01/11 15:19]  Jenna Felton: hello all :)
[2018/01/11 15:19]  arton Rotaru: which*
[2018/01/11 15:19]  Minuet Voir: Hi Jenna
[2018/01/11 15:19]  Mazidox Linden: Hey Jenna
[2018/01/11 15:19]  Mazidox Linden: You can for a little bit if you teleport between them Arton.
[2018/01/11 15:20]  arton Rotaru: ah really?
[2018/01/11 15:20]  arton Rotaru: I have to try that
[2018/01/11 15:21]  Beq Janus: Hi Jenna
[2018/01/11 15:21]  Jenna Felton: when you TP out to an other region even not connected but in draw distance than you can see the old region for a minute
[2018/01/11 15:21]  arton Rotaru: Jenna is 20 minutes late, that is 2000 L$ fine
[2018/01/11 15:22]  Rex Cronon: hi jenna:)
[2018/01/11 15:22]  Jenna Felton: tell that to my internet provider :)
[2018/01/11 15:22]  arton Rotaru: lol
[2018/01/11 15:22]  arton Rotaru: thank oyu
[2018/01/11 15:22]  Jenna Felton: but i can pay aditi lindens, not a problem :)
[2018/01/11 15:22]  arton Rotaru: I'll spend them on carrots
[2018/01/11 15:23]  Jenna Felton: good appetite :)
[2018/01/11 15:23]  Jenna Felton: you are welcome
[2018/01/11 15:23]  Mazidox Linden: Wow, that is a lot of carrots.
[2018/01/11 15:23]  arton Rotaru: maybe, maybe not
[2018/01/11 15:23]  Mazidox Linden: A few really god carrots?
[2018/01/11 15:23]  arton Rotaru: yummy
[2018/01/11 15:24]  Rex Cronon: so, who knows what happened with IMs in the last month or so?
[2018/01/11 15:24]  Mazidox Linden: *good
[2018/01/11 15:24]  Minuet Voir: There could well be a lot of baby bunnies lurking somewhere
[2018/01/11 15:24]  arton Rotaru: lol
[2018/01/11 15:24]  Rex Cronon: because on tuesday i received IMs from 12/20/17 when i went to simon group meeting
[2018/01/11 15:25]  Minuet Voir: I get fewer IMs as I'm more anti-social.
[2018/01/11 15:25]  Mazidox Linden: We found an issue and addressed it with a fix earlier today Rex. (It didn't require a restart)
[2018/01/11 15:25]  arton Rotaru: will we see improved region crossings with the updated services?
[2018/01/11 15:25]  Mazidox Linden: Sorry, it's just an OS update so we can't promise anything.
[2018/01/11 15:25]  arton Rotaru: ok
[2018/01/11 15:26]  arton Rotaru: as long as it isn't melting
[2018/01/11 15:26]  Minuet Voir: Mazidoz "No promises" Linden
[2018/01/11 15:26]  Rex Cronon: at one time IMs from objects on main grid were also sent here when u logged. does that stillhappen?
[2018/01/11 15:26]  Mazidox Linden: Hey now, promises are dangerous.
[2018/01/11 15:27]  Mazidox Linden: And Rex, can you clarify?
[2018/01/11 15:27]  arton Rotaru: remeber the promise you made
[2018/01/11 15:27]  Minuet Voir: Oh I agree!
[2018/01/11 15:27]  Minuet Voir: /me promises not to make any promises
[2018/01/11 15:27]  Rex Cronon: what do i need to clarify?
[2018/01/11 15:27]  Mazidox Linden: So, when you log (in? out?) messages from Agni got routed here?
[2018/01/11 15:28]  arton Rotaru: I never saw that happenign myself
[2018/01/11 15:28]  Rex Cronon: IMs from objects from the main grid.
[2018/01/11 15:29]  Rex Cronon: i think happened sometimes last year
[2018/01/11 15:29]  Mazidox Linden: To be honest that sounds bad.
[2018/01/11 15:29]  Rex Cronon: when i logged in
[2018/01/11 15:29]  Beq Janus: soudsn real bad
[2018/01/11 15:30]  Minuet Voir: Do you log nearby chat?
[2018/01/11 15:30]  Rex Cronon: oh, and I no loger get IMs from objects, group send to my email:(
[2018/01/11 15:30]  Rex Cronon: yes minuet
[2018/01/11 15:31]  Rex Cronon: and how come it took almost one month to get an IM from an object, and I never got an email?
[2018/01/11 15:31]  Minuet Voir: I was having a problem getting group notices to email, but it seems to have become sporadic now. I'm wondering if it was the surge of December activities possibly.
[2018/01/11 15:32]  Rex Cronon: in november i could still get IMs from groups, objects sent to email
[2018/01/11 15:32]  Minuet Voir: I'm getting object IMs reliably.
[2018/01/11 15:32]  Mazidox Linden: Be right back, sorry!
[2018/01/11 15:32]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): is your email provider one of the common ones? etc?
[2018/01/11 15:32]  Rex Cronon: hotmail
[2018/01/11 15:33]  Minuet Voir: All mine are gmail with filters
[2018/01/11 15:33]  arton Rotaru: I have an object on quite laggy mainland region which is supposed to send one email everyday. sometimes it's days with no emails at all, and then a bunch comes in at once
[2018/01/11 15:33]  Minuet Voir: hmm hotmail hates SL
[2018/01/11 15:33]  Minuet Voir: seems to anyway
[2018/01/11 15:33]  Jenna Felton: how good is google?
[2018/01/11 15:33]  Rex Cronon: no minuet. it didn't hate sl, at least in november
[2018/01/11 15:34]  Jenna Felton: i was thinking to make gmail just for SL at the time my offline IMs were swallowed
[2018/01/11 15:34]  Rex Cronon: sometimes in november-december  there were some changes made in sl to IMs
[2018/01/11 15:34]  Minuet Voir: I've only ever used gmail (since about 2006 I guess?) for SL. The only thing I don't like is it sometimes "stacks" emails from the same object
[2018/01/11 15:34]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): that's correct
[2018/01/11 15:35]  Minuet Voir: Use filters too; they make a big difference
[2018/01/11 15:35]  Jenna Felton: interesting
[2018/01/11 15:35]  arton Rotaru: yeah, stacking is what I see with AOL mail as well
[2018/01/11 15:35]  Rex Cronon: my email was verified the last time i checked so IMs should be sent to my email
[2018/01/11 15:35]  Rex Cronon: when i am not logged in
[2018/01/11 15:35]  Minuet Voir: I made the mistake of verifying all my emails and not leaving an unverified one for testing purposes.
[2018/01/11 15:36]  arton Rotaru: good news for you Minuet^^
[2018/01/11 15:36]  Minuet Voir: Too enthusiastic
[2018/01/11 15:36]  Minuet Voir: or anal
[2018/01/11 15:36]  arton Rotaru: you should be able to create a new email addy for free:p
[2018/01/11 15:36]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): but need your cell phone number
[2018/01/11 15:36]  arton Rotaru: lol
[2018/01/11 15:37]  Minuet Voir: Oh yes, have done so. Or make another account. *grins*
[2018/01/11 15:38]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): so you only don't get the emails when the address is not verified, correct?
[2018/01/11 15:39]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): what is observed i mean
[2018/01/11 15:39]  Rex Cronon: mine is verified and i still don't get emails:(
[2018/01/11 15:39]  Minuet Voir: Me? my emails are verified, and I believe  Rex said his was too
[2018/01/11 15:39]  Rex Cronon: since december
[2018/01/11 15:40]  Rex Cronon: in november i was still getting them
[2018/01/11 15:40]  Jenna Felton: my mail adress is verified and i get offline emails daily
[2018/01/11 15:40]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): Did you report it to support, Rex?
[2018/01/11 15:41]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): I think something was not liking hotmail anymore
[2018/01/11 15:41]  Minuet Voir: I'd try whitelisting or creating filters if you haven't done so already.
[2018/01/11 15:41]  Rex Cronon: i checked my trash. no emails
[2018/01/11 15:42]  Minuet Voir: Hotmail actually has a long history of not being nice to SL communications, and it sounds like you've just been darn lucky so far.
[2018/01/11 15:42]  arton Rotaru: mybe try another mail provider at first
[2018/01/11 15:42]  Jenna Felton: when a mail provider drops the email for spam does it send a response?
[2018/01/11 15:42]  arton Rotaru: for testing purposes
[2018/01/11 15:43]  Beq Janus: we know that one reason the lab moved to registered addresses was because they were getting flagged as a spamhaus. Possible that hotmail still has some blocks in place
[2018/01/11 15:43]  Rex Cronon: i haven't contacted support. it just happened on tuesday. if something weird happens, i usually ask during group meeting. u guys r more up  to date:)
[2018/01/11 15:43]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): is still around :)
[2018/01/11 15:44]  Minuet Voir: lol I wondered that too; was surprised to hear aol mentioned
[2018/01/11 15:44]  Rex Cronon: although aol IM is gone i think
[2018/01/11 15:44]  Beq Janus: I have some of their CDs keeping birds off of my fruit bushes
[2018/01/11 15:44]  arton Rotaru: the mail servers of AOL are still working
[2018/01/11 15:44]  arton Rotaru: but that's it, at least here in germany
[2018/01/11 15:44]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): yeah, Rex try it out with a different email
[2018/01/11 15:45]  Minuet Voir: also, don't expect things like email, browsers, anti-virus programs to stay the same always and forever
[2018/01/11 15:45]  Rex Cronon: but i don't want to try it out with a different email:(
[2018/01/11 15:45]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): understandable
[2018/01/11 15:45]  Mazidox Linden: Sometimes I like my job. The rest of the time I really love my job :D
[2018/01/11 15:45]  Rex Cronon: anyway, i first need to make sure IMs r sent from sl
[2018/01/11 15:46]  Minuet Voir:
[2018/01/11 15:46]  Mazidox Linden: I just got to slam the Moon into Earth :D
[2018/01/11 15:46]  arton Rotaru: lol, Mazi got free cake
[2018/01/11 15:46]  Rex Cronon: and because i just got those IMs from 12/12/17 when i logged on tuesday, that make it look like something was borked with sl not with my email
[2018/01/11 15:47]  Jenna Felton: you can usually set a redirect to your main address, some providers allow redirecting so you not need to log into the web interface. with yahoo it was possible when i am not dreaming
[2018/01/11 15:47]  Techwolf Lupindo: Mazidox, what earthshatteing? ;-)
[2018/01/11 15:47]  Techwolf Lupindo: Darn it....Was that
[2018/01/11 15:47]  Mazidox Linden: Absolutely :)
[2018/01/11 15:47]  Minuet Voir: I didn't feel the earth move.
[2018/01/11 15:47]  Minuet Voir: But if it was good for you...
[2018/01/11 15:47]  arton Rotaru: lol
[2018/01/11 15:48]  Mazidox Linden: I think there's a song about that. Something something "feel the earth move under my feet"
[2018/01/11 15:48]  Minuet Voir: Carol King
[2018/01/11 15:48]  Minuet Voir: or is it Carole King?
[2018/01/11 15:48]  arton Rotaru: you got a friend
[2018/01/11 15:48]  Rex Cronon: sl, should give use an warning if it can't send emails
[2018/01/11 15:48]  arton Rotaru: as an email Rex? ^^
[2018/01/11 15:48]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): Thats Tanita
[2018/01/11 15:48]  Rex Cronon: at least when u log in either grids
[2018/01/11 15:48]  Minuet Voir: LOL
[2018/01/11 15:48]  Rex Cronon: :)
[2018/01/11 15:49]  Rex Cronon: no arton. using pigeons:)
[2018/01/11 15:49]  Minuet Voir: I see a similar thing requested in FSE. LL should give warnings for unscheduled maint.
[2018/01/11 15:50]  arton Rotaru: weren't there such popups in the past
[2018/01/11 15:50]  Minuet Voir: You could get a magic 8 ball to send you IMs Rex?
[2018/01/11 15:50]  arton Rotaru: gridwide blue popups
[2018/01/11 15:50]  Mazidox Linden: We can take those suggestions to the folks who do communications etc but... Uh... No promises
[2018/01/11 15:50]  Minuet Voir: Yes, you will get offline IMs tonight. No, you will not get offline IMs tonight.
[2018/01/11 15:50]  Mazidox Linden: Gosh, I do say that a lot.
[2018/01/11 15:50]  Rex Cronon: minuet, i think there is a difference if you have your own objects send you IMs
[2018/01/11 15:50]  arton Rotaru: lol
[2018/01/11 15:50]  Rex Cronon: i could use an alt
[2018/01/11 15:51]  Minuet Voir: It's def your tag line, Mazi
[2018/01/11 15:51]  Kyle Linden: This is a test. Only a test.
[2018/01/11 15:51]  arton Rotaru: that looks cool Kyle
[2018/01/11 15:51]  Jenna Felton: i think the mail address should become unverified when the emails could not be delivered and as soon you log into your web page, the warning should be written there
[2018/01/11 15:51]  Techwolf Lupindo: I got it.
[2018/01/11 15:51]  Rex Cronon: u have a big red button on your desk kyle, and r u ready to push it;)
[2018/01/11 15:51]  arton Rotaru: hows that done?
[2018/01/11 15:52]  Minuet Voir: That's a region message?
[2018/01/11 15:52]  Jenna Felton: maybe with a reason why it was unverified if that is possible to differ
[2018/01/11 15:52]  Mazidox Linden: Hey, I'm not a spraypaint can :(
[2018/01/11 15:52]  Kyle Linden: Yes it was region only. ;)
[2018/01/11 15:52]  Mazidox Linden: I don't tag things
[2018/01/11 15:52]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): tagger
[2018/01/11 15:53]  Techwolf Lupindo: Kyle, it showed up on my end as a non-blue popup.
[2018/01/11 15:53]  Minuet Voir: /me slaps Mazi 'tag! you're it'
[2018/01/11 15:53]  Minuet Voir: They show up as toasts
[2018/01/11 15:53]  Minuet Voir: At least mine did
[2018/01/11 15:53]  Rex Cronon: "[15:51] Kyle Linden: Kyle Linden: This is a test. Only a test."
[2018/01/11 15:54]  arton Rotaru: I was curious because of the square brackets, as it appeared in chat
[2018/01/11 15:54]  Mazidox Linden: Mmm toast.
[2018/01/11 15:54]  Minuet Voir: Are you running FS, Arton?
[2018/01/11 15:54]  arton Rotaru: nope
[2018/01/11 15:54]  Mazidox Linden: Trying to think of anything else we've got coming up.
[2018/01/11 15:55]  Minuet Voir: Shinies
[2018/01/11 15:55]  arton Rotaru: it has to be hot
[2018/01/11 15:55]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): hott
[2018/01/11 15:55]  Minuet Voir: Hot Shinies
[2018/01/11 15:55]  Beq Janus: mirrors
[2018/01/11 15:55]  Minuet Voir: Hott Shinies
[2018/01/11 15:55]  arton Rotaru: lol
[2018/01/11 15:55]  Minuet Voir: cough 'em up
[2018/01/11 15:55]  Mazidox Linden: /me sprays to no avail
[2018/01/11 15:56]  Mazidox Linden: Sorry, no shinies here
[2018/01/11 15:56]  Rex Cronon: hot new shiny: now emails get delivered by smoke signals;)
[2018/01/11 15:56]  Minuet Voir: updates updates updates
[2018/01/11 15:56]  Caleb the Cable Guy (caleb.linden): haha
[2018/01/11 15:56]  arton Rotaru: lol
[2018/01/11 15:56]  Minuet Voir: bad for the enviro
[2018/01/11 15:56]  arton Rotaru: but it would involve hottness
[2018/01/11 15:56]  Beq Janus: I think Rex was a victim of net neiutrality. They'll give you your emails when you buy the "email from SL" service subscription
[2018/01/11 15:56]  arton Rotaru: is that a word?
[2018/01/11 15:57]  Minuet Voir: How to encrypt smoke signals?
[2018/01/11 15:57]  Rex Cronon: your servers must be using  unpached intel cpus:)
[2018/01/11 15:57]  Beq Janus: use them in foggy weather
[2018/01/11 15:57]  Minuet Voir: oy
[2018/01/11 15:57]  Bugsly Linden: throw salt on the fire
[2018/01/11 15:57]  Minuet Voir: ahahahaha
[2018/01/11 15:57]  Beq Janus: hehe
[2018/01/11 15:58]  Mazidox Linden: Hey, our servers run on organic hamsters. Wait, is that a thing?
[2018/01/11 15:58]  arton Rotaru: there'S vegan hamsters at least
[2018/01/11 15:59]  Minuet Voir: I don't know about organic, but there are pancake hamsters
[2018/01/11 15:59]  Minuet Voir: Maybe that's the problem with offlines. They're exhausted!
[2018/01/11 15:59]  arton Rotaru: lol
[2018/01/11 15:59]  Rex Cronon: kidding  aside. will sl server performance suffer due to the intel  security patch for their cpus?