Bug triage/2007-04-23

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Resolutions from April 23 bug triage


  • VWR-197 -possible typo in avatar_lad.xml -Mm Alder
  • VWR-211 - Avatar Not Appearing Correctly -marimar berchot
  • VWR-240 - Cannot input Japanese characters from keyboard on Linux -Alissa Sabre
  • SVC-52 - UTF-8 characters read from notecards are lost -catherine pfeffer
  • WEB-57 - RSS feed returns 0 bytes but 200-OK if not cookied -Soft Noel
  • VWR-315
  • VWR-427 - Added new menu item: Tools > Edit Linked Parts - Jacek Antonelli
  • VWR-415 - Definitions of WM_MOUSEWHEEL and WHEEL_DELTA need conditionals (on Windows) - Alissa Sabre
  • SVC-85 - Friends online in the grid does not reflect who is actually online. - Jayden Beresford


  • SVC-6 - Prims do no longer receive email via UUID@lsl.secondlife.com -Ronald Richez
  • WEB-26 -Inappropriate Viewer version choices in JIRA. -Alissa Sabre

Won't fix

  • SVC-49 - llMessageLinked() losing messages when messages sent in fast sequence -April Heaney


  • VWR-247 - Viewer generates undesired dialog when IM comes in while minimized -Zorin Frobozz

Need repro

  • SVC-53 -Cannot log in-freezes at "Connecting to Region", relog message says "your service will be available in (5 minutes from the current time)" -Olivia Yering


Patches probably to import (ran out of time to discuss)