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[15:00] Squirrel Wood: Hello Rob ^^
[15:00] Wyn Galbraith: Can't do that here, no fortunes allowed in Rob's cube ;)
[15:00] Wyn Galbraith: Hello Rob.
[15:00] Rob Linden: hi folks
[15:00] Squirrel Wood gave you Fortune Cookie.
[15:00] Squirrel Wood: ^^
[15:00] Echo Seigo: Hi rob
[15:01] Rob Linden: well, looks like we have more than a quorum here....should we start?
[15:01] Bridie Linden nods
[15:01] Squirrel Wood: Yum. MISC-317 vote reminder ;)
[15:02] Bridie Linden: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Bug_triage/Agenda
[15:02] Rob Linden: VWR-559
[15:03] Basic Chair: Right click me and choose 'Sit Here' to sit down
[15:04] Squirrel Wood: looks to me like a driver/hardware issue but I ain't a developer so I may be wrong there
[15:04] Soft Linden: Looking at that, I don't see specific reproducible steps. I think we already know that the machine can lock up... should we just link it to any internal lockup crashes so Lindens investigating those can go there for more information?
[15:04] Bridie Linden nods
[15:04] Rob Linden: I was thinking the same thing
[15:05] Empty Glass: Someone buy Ria Bracken a drink!
[15:05] Soft Linden: It's worth seeing if any of the internal issues have questions or need-more-info stuff that should be copied to the external issue as well.
[15:05] Soft Linden: Could be questions PJIRAers could help out with.
[15:06] Rob Linden: the symptoms look sorta libcurl related, though
[15:06] Squirrel Wood: Its summer, its hot. many many many pcs don't have proper cooling for such temperatures. It may be related to a thermal problem?
[15:07] Rob Linden: 1.17.1 is due to have the libcurl update in it, right?
[15:07] Bridie Linden: yup
[15:07] Celierra Darling: (Hmm, which bug is being talked about? VWR-559?)
[15:07] Boroondas Gupte: yeah
[15:08] Soft Linden: Has libcurl done anything that causes blue screens and hard locks?
[15:08] Soft Linden: I thought the libcurl thing was a big memory leak.
[15:08] Rob Linden: we've seen problems with blocking that can be traced back to libcurl
[15:08] Echo Seigo: The memory leak with libcurl is VWR-364 I think
[15:09] Soft Linden: Yow, okay
[15:10] Rob Linden: so, nothing to import here....maybe throw salt over colective shoulders and hope that 1.17.1 magically fixes it
[15:10] Rob Linden: wait for specific repro
[15:10] Rob Linden: anything we should do with the issue?
[15:10] Squirrel Wood: put it back in the freezer? ^^
[15:10] Bridie Linden: add comment to try w/1.17.1?
[15:10] Soft Linden: Maybe just make a note to ask for whether it's changed.... ya.
[15:11] Rob Linden: hmmm...keeping it open just means it stays in the list of stuff to review
[15:12] Boroondas Gupte: "did it change?" would be a "need more info" case, no? so resolve with that
[15:12] Saijanai Kuhn: maybe y ou need a "backburner pnding evaluation" category
[15:12] Saijanai Kuhn: or that
[15:12] Squirrel Wood: definitely need more info
[15:13] Saijanai Kuhn: with a commment that you're waiting for feedback or something so people don't think its being ignored
[15:14] Wyn Galbraith: Are we still talking about the first bug?
[15:14] Celierra Darling: (... if anyone is here to see this, I just lost all graphics... brb)
[15:14] Rob Linden: yeah
[15:14] Dzonatas Sol: I suggest to just the title to include the word "Meta"
[15:14] Dzonatas Sol: *just change
[15:15] Rob Linden: k....in the interest of moving on, I will
[15:15] Rob Linden: SVC-206
[15:15] Celierra Darling: [back... sorry for the spam :P ]
[15:17] Squirrel Wood: seen it happen in the furnation sims
[15:17] Rob Linden: this seems like a function of load.
[15:17] Boroondas Gupte: about the last comment: that would be the case on (non public) OIs, wouldn't it?
[15:18] Rob Linden: is there a "bug" in the classic sense, or a performance issue which could always be better?
[15:18] Squirrel Wood: My guess would be its a performance issue of sorts
[15:19] Boroondas Gupte: if there's an actual lockup (even a short one) I'd consider it a bug.
[15:19] Dzonatas Sol: It's seems self-evident for the solution, which will be ongoing as servers software changes. Is it worthwhile to import and assign?
[15:20] Soft Linden: Would consider an import, but with low priority. It's something to tackle eventually, and if it ever gets worse, details can be added against it and the priority raised. At least it's documented that way.
[15:20] Bridie Linden: sounds good
[15:20] Rob Linden: k
[15:20] Rob Linden: next
[15:20] Squirrel Wood: distributed downloads..? (torrent, encrypted as some ISPs do that evil thing called traffic shaping)
[15:21] Rob Linden: WEB-154
[15:21] Squirrel Wood: isn't it 174?
[15:21] Echo Seigo: it is
[15:21] Wyn Galbraith: That was a demo of the first bug.
[15:21] Rob Linden: sorry
[15:21] Echo Seigo: in teh agenda
[15:21] Rob Linden: WEB-174
[15:22] Rob Linden: someone needs to tell torley to stop assigning "workingonit linden" to issues that don't have a number
[15:23] Dzonatas Sol: half new feature / half support
[15:23] Saijanai Kuhn: could I raise an issue at some point?
[15:24] Rob Linden: Saijanai: about WEB-174?
[15:24] Saijanai Kuhn: um, about a sculpty issue.
[15:25] Rob Linden: get it on the agenda before the meeting
[15:25] Saijanai Kuhn: was theentire topic of conversatio on the groups
[15:25] Saijanai Kuhn: for sculpting but only hsa 2 votes cause they spelled it scultp map
[15:25] Saijanai Kuhn: sculpt map
[15:25] Rob Linden: on WEB-174: I'm going to close it out, and ask that people look to the blog for status on this one
[15:25] Saijanai Kuhn: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-1059 security for modifiable items with scultpie maps
[15:25] Saijanai Kuhn: KK
[15:26] Echo Seigo: isnt 174 saying the blog says we can use the website
[15:26] Echo Seigo: but in fact, can not?
[15:26] Echo Seigo: maybe the blog should be updated, if is has not been
[15:27] Rob Linden: Echo: agreed. my understanding is that there should be more up-to-date info there.
[15:27] Echo Seigo: Excellent.
[15:27] Rob Linden: moving on: VWR-922
[15:27] Celierra Darling: ...shouldn't it be closed _after_ the blog has an update then?
[15:29] Rob Linden: I'm giong to close VWR-922. The last version was just a demo. if we need to reopen once we're closer to release, we can
[15:29] Bridie Linden nods
[15:29] Gigs Taggart: should all windlight bugs be closed then?
[15:29] Rob Linden: gigs: quite possibly
[15:29] Saijanai Kuhn mutters to the side that he wishes he got 4.5 fps WITHOUT windolight...
[15:30] Saijanai Kuhn: on a dualprocessor, 2GHz g5 with 6000 card and 1.5 GBytes
[15:30] Bridie Linden: Torley and I have been trying to keep an eye on the WL bugs...
[15:30] Rob Linden: the FL-windlight build was probably more prototype than something close to release
[15:30] Bridie Linden: Yes, code is changing!
[15:31] Squirrel Wood: Yellos Zara
[15:31] Rob Linden: next up: SVC-53
[15:32] Squirrel Wood: that one's quite annoying especially when it hits you several times in a row
[15:32] Soft Linden: Is this Mac or Linux?
[15:32] Gigs Taggart: apparently both
[15:33] Saijanai Kuhn: I run a POwerPC Mac almost never get that. Get frequent random crashes though
[15:34] Saijanai Kuhn: especially if I'm afk for a while and then select thequit
[15:34] Gigs Taggart: I will try some latency tests with that. I found a tool in linux that will add a controlled amount of latency to your conneciton.
[15:34] Echo Seigo: Without more information, it seems liek a presence issue. I'd like to know what happened prior to the previous logout
[15:34] Soft Linden: Mac and Linux in the comments. Never seen this myself yet...
[15:34] Boroondas Gupte: I think I get this once in a while (linux), but not too often.
[15:34] Rob Linden: same here
[15:34] Saijanai Kuhn: maybe they are crashing on logout and don't get a message to that effect...
[15:34] Soft Linden: Gigs - that'd be great extra info
[15:35] Saijanai Kuhn: that could mess up the synch
[15:35] Boroondas Gupte: And other then the reporter mostly when the grid is highly loaded.
[15:35] Rob Linden: I meant to agree with Soft: I don't see this
[15:35] Rob Linden: ...or, when I do, there's a general issue with the grid
[15:35] Gigs Taggart: Soft: I plan on doing a lot of tests with SL on high latency using this tool. It should help nail down a lot of these hard to repro bugs.
[15:36] Gigs Taggart: Soft: Already reproed reliably the "Scripts loading twice" bug
[15:36] Rob Linden: actually, I take that back. I don't have to forcefully kill the viewer ever,r eally
[15:36] Bridie Linden: nice Gigs!
[15:36] Rob Linden: very cool
[15:36] Soft Linden: What's the tool, btw? Could be worth trying in house, too
[15:36] Gigs Taggart: I plan on making a post to the sldev list soon about the high latency testing.
[15:37] Soft Linden: Will watch for that then :>
[15:37] Wyn Galbraith: How do I get on the sldev ist?
[15:37] Wyn Galbraith: *list
[15:37] Soft Linden: Wyn - have a peek at http://lists.secondlife.com
[15:38] Wyn Galbraith: Thanks.
[15:38] Wyn Galbraith signs up.
[15:38] Dzonatas Sol: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/SLDev
[15:39] Rob Linden: k...well, back on SVC-53. is there anything actionable by a dev, or does this need a better repro?
[15:39] Dzonatas Sol: Assign it to WorkingOnItLinden... *wink*
[15:39] Saijanai Kuhn: poor guy
[15:39] Soft Linden: I don't see anything specific yet. Maybe Gigs' test will turn up more.
[15:40] Squirrel Wood: You should add a "NotWorkingOnItLinden" account ;)
[15:40] Rob Linden: k...I'm going to resolve for now
[15:40] Rob Linden: next up: WEB-164
[15:41] Rob Linden: I'll import and assign to me
[15:41] Rob Linden: next: VWR-1355
[15:41] Boroondas Gupte: :-D
[15:42] Soft Linden: Hee. I like that one, but in the sldev discussion, they said it was barely used, and it obfuscates the code a bit.
[15:42] Bridie Linden: "feel free to "won't fix"."
[15:43] Boroondas Gupte: isn't the currently used function quite obfuscated, too (didn't look at ti, but from what I heard)
[15:43] Wyn Galbraith: Oh geeze, that's not a bug.
[15:43] Rob Linden: k....won't fix, based on sldev conv
[15:43] Wyn Galbraith: oops wrong one.
[15:44] Rob Linden: next up: VWR-1354
[15:44] Soft Linden: Just adding a NULL check looks safe & sane.
[15:45] Rob Linden: import...fixes crash, it appears
[15:45] Rob Linden: VWR-1353
[15:45] Bridie Linden: sure
[15:46] Bridie Linden: HI Periapse
[15:46] Soft Linden: Cleanup. It sounds like a good idea, worth review
[15:46] Periapse Linden: Hi Bridie, all
[15:46] Rob Linden: k...will import
[15:46] Wyn Galbraith: A new Linden!
[15:46] Rob Linden: next: VWR-1352
[15:46] Soft Linden: Especially if variables are actually named in ways that lie about the content
[15:46] Wyn Galbraith: Welcome.
[15:46] Squirrel Wood: Yellow ^^
[15:47] Gigs Taggart: I say import the next few
[15:47] Gigs Taggart: they look good
[15:47] Rob Linden looks
[15:47] Gigs Taggart: stop before 1320
[15:47] Soft Linden: Looks valid
[15:47] Gigs Taggart: 1320 might need a little discussion
[15:48] Soft Linden: Looks valid was re 1352 - shoudl import
[15:48] Rob Linden: VWR-1320 stirred some discussion on SLDev...any dissent?
[15:48] Gigs Taggart: It may disable on systems that didn't have the bug
[15:48] Gigs Taggart: but that might not be a huge deal
[15:48] Rob Linden: whoops...I meant VWR-1344
[15:49] Dzonatas Sol: is good
[15:49] Rob Linden: I guess I'll go ahead and import VWR-1344...but we have to make sure Ben knows to look at it
[15:50] Bridie Linden: yup
[15:50] Bridie Linden: Add him as a watcher
[15:50] Stevex Janus: Are there any popups that "need boe alwasys be on top?"
[15:50] Gigs Taggart: I don't think so steve
[15:50] Soft Linden: Can't think of any
[15:50] Boroondas Gupte doesn't know any
[15:50] Bridie Linden: me either...
[15:51] Soft Linden: And there's already support for shuffling popups to the back if you don't want to deal with them immediately (ie friend requests)
[15:51] Rob Linden: k...let's move on: VWR-1320
[15:51] Gigs Taggart: yeah the "chevron of crashy death"
[15:52] Gigs Taggart: I wonder if that's fixed :)
[15:52] Stevex Janus: In whcih version
[15:52] Celierra Darling (is changing the title of 1320 right now >.>)
[15:52] Gigs Taggart: the popup shuffling used to be pretty unstable :)
[15:52] Stevex Janus: It happends in on linux.
[15:52] Rob Linden: oh...this one. yeah, I'll import
[15:52] Celierra Darling (is changing the title of 1320 right now...)
[15:53] Gigs Taggart: yeah 1320 is probably ok, it may be too heavy handed but might as well, it's a minor thing it disables
[15:53] Gigs Taggart: yeah
[15:54] Rob Linden wonders why he can't see the comment he made
[15:54] Rob Linden: well, it's a good piece of information, even if we don't apply that exact patch
[15:54] Saijanai Kuhn: jira it
[15:55] Rob Linden: VWR-1301
[15:55] Rob Linden: hrm....
[15:55] Gigs Taggart: 1301 won'tfix :)
[15:55] Soft Linden: Doesn't that stuff get deadstripped anyway?
[15:56] Gigs Taggart: it's kinda silly rationale
[15:56] Rob Linden: k...marking won't fix
[15:56] Rob Linden: VWR-1109
[15:56] Gigs Taggart: 1109 the reporter doesn't want merged
[15:57] Gigs Taggart: she wants the root cause addressed internally at LL
[15:57] Rob Linden: I believe that this one is fixed for that list of files. I thought I commented, but maybe I forgot to hit submit
[15:58] Gigs Taggart: does someone at LL like notepad? :)
[15:58] Soft Linden: Don't rule it out! We all get to choose our tools.
[15:58] Rob Linden: the problem is that people check in new files, and don't set the svn props right
[15:58] Gigs Taggart: hehe
[15:58] Soft Linden: Sure should be something where the scripts making the tarballs could do a check though.
[15:58] Rob Linden: sadly, there's no way of making intelligent defaults with subversion
[15:58] Rob Linden: the client needs to be configured properly
[15:58] Gigs Taggart: you know Perl Rob :)
[15:59] Rob Linden: I'm trying to avoid adding even more export cruft
[15:59] Gigs Taggart: hehe
[15:59] Dzonatas Sol hikes the ruffles out of the skirt and quietly finds a window to teleport
[15:59] Soft Linden: btw, does this cause a problem with any tools? Wondering at the priority.
[16:00] Gigs Taggart: yeah it makes diff mess up if you don't tell it to ignore it
[16:00] Soft Linden: Gotcha
[16:00] Rob Linden: ah, of course
[16:00] Boroondas Gupte: don't know about win, but the rewerse can mess up the patch tool
[16:01] Boroondas Gupte: (reverse = crlf on unix)
[16:01] Squirrel Wood: Humm. I'm getting >[16:00] *** parent estate: 1, mainland< again in new chat sessions...
[16:01] Gigs Taggart: Squirrel you have hacked god mode on
[16:01] Squirrel Wood: that could be
[16:01] Bridie Linden: me too - thx all!
[16:01] Rob Linden: k...unfortunately, I have a hard stop here
[16:02] Wyn Galbraith crashes to a halt!
[16:02] Squirrel Wood: 't was a productive hour ^^
[16:02] Gigs Taggart: wasn't 733 imported last week?
[16:02] Gigs Taggart: I wasn't sure why that wasn't tagged
[16:02] Rob Linden: indeed it was.. thanks all!
[16:02] Gigs Taggart: soft can you check 733
[16:02] Wyn Galbraith: Bye bye!
[16:02] Wyn Galbraith: Bye Bye buy bonds!
[16:02] Celierra Darling: Gigs - you missed her. >.<