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Transcript of Bridie Linden's office hours:

[15:00] Dzonatas Sol: nothing rotates for me... so my world isn't spinning
[15:00] Seg Baphomet: I seem to have stopped animating.
[15:00] Dzonatas Sol: been like that since 1.17
[15:00] Bridie Linden: Hiya all!
[15:00] Bridie Linden: Thx for updating agenda Gigs
[15:00] Squirrel Wood points at MISC-713
[15:00] Bridie Linden: Aric's on his way shortly
[15:01] Dale Glass: What is Lauk's nest?
[15:01] Daedalus Young: see http://secondarts.wordpress.com/2007/09/30/save-lauks-nest-celebrating-a-jewel-of-second-life/ Dale
[15:01] Gigs Taggart: np
[15:02] Daedalus Young: it's SL history :D
[15:02] Aric Linden: hello all
[15:02] Daedalus Young: hi Aric
[15:02] Daedalus Young: and hi Soft
[15:02] Bridie Linden: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Bug_triage/Monday_Agenda
[15:02] Dale Glass: huh? The VAT isn't that huge
[15:02] Soft Linden: Hey hey
[15:02] Daedalus Young: hmm, 25% for Denmark
[15:02] Dale Glass: hiya :-)
[15:03] Dale Glass: ow. 16% here
[15:03] Aric Linden: A quick comment: as we near having a Linux voice client, I'd like to start thinking about maybe using voice for this triage
[15:03] Squirrel Wood: a +25% hit is definitely a lot.
[15:03] Daedalus Young: 19% for me
[15:03] Aric Linden: anyone have thoughts on that?
[15:03] Daedalus Young: and Lauk's is I think the entire region
[15:03] Gigs Taggart: as long as it works :)
[15:03] Soft Linden: Heard of a number of folks with multiple islands who were just break-even before. They've suddenly got a bit to catch up on :/
[15:03] Aric Linden: /heh gigs
[15:04] Dale Glass: Aric: I'm fine with it, so long the voice is clear. It takes me a good deal of concentration to understand english with bad quality audio
[15:04] Qie Niangao: oh, is voice working on the Linux client already?
[15:04] Aric Linden: we have an internal build working.
[15:04] Michelle2 Zenovka: Voice is ok but i still don't have sound on my pure 64bit linux system
[15:04] Aric Linden: The QA team has given good feedback on it to me
[15:04] Dale Glass: Well and I probably won't talk much as my pronunciation isn't good :-)
[15:04] Aric Linden: ok this is why I wanted feedback
[15:05] Aric Linden: for me personally, everyone being comfortable and being able to contribute is really important
[15:05] Bridie Linden: harder to capture transcript/notes
[15:05] Aric Linden: so we'll table it for the time being
[15:05] Aric Linden: Thank you all for being willing to discuss it
[15:05] Dzonatas Sol: I'm not an auditory person... not deaf... voice is ok
[15:05] Seg Baphomet: Oh wouldn't it be nice to just be able to back up and save an entire region. Or mirror it.
[15:05] Aric Linden: /nods at Seg
[15:05] Aric Linden: Should we start?
[15:06] Daedalus Young: or copy it onto OpenSIm and being able to tp from LL grid to Deepgrid? :P
[15:06] Bridie Linden: VWR-2600
[15:06] Aric Linden: Gigs, thanks for getting the agenda in order
[15:06] Gigs Taggart: np
[15:06] Bridie Linden: Click on rotating SL logo...
[15:06] Dale Glass: Also, my wine hack for voice works but the voice has lots of dropouts. I think this may be wine's fault, but if voice is normally like that I probably won't be able to understand much
[15:06] Bridie Linden: - Add option to enable Full-Scene Anti-Aliasing (FSAA) in the viewer
[15:06] Soft Linden: So, that patch just slams it on - it doesn't actually give an option.
[15:06] Gigs Taggart: the patch is os x only also
[15:06] Seg Baphomet: Wine's audio support is... weird.
[15:07] Soft Linden: But we could still pass it on to the windlight guys as a reminder - I know the option's been discussed in the past.
[15:07] Aric Linden: the question is it wintel only or not
[15:07] Seg Baphomet: I'm for it, but someone needs to code it as a preference, yes.
[15:07] Daedalus Young: sounds cool, so long as my framerates don't drop 75%
[15:07] Soft Linden: I don't think we want to hold out for a patch that does it as an option since Windlight's going to revamp the graphic options anyway.
[15:07] Aric Linden agrees
[15:08] Aric Linden: Bridie, what would you suggest? Bring it in for windlight to review or...
[15:08] Bridie Linden: So wait on this one?
[15:08] Gigs Taggart: I'm with soft, import it as a reminder
[15:08] Gigs Taggart: the patch is probably not suitable for anything :)
[15:08] Bridie Linden: Sure, we can import and discuss with WL folks.
[15:08] Soft Linden nods!
[15:09] Bridie Linden: Ok, next
[15:09] Seg Baphomet: That's the other question. How cross platform is it? IT looked like an ARB extension.
[15:09] Bridie Linden: VWR-2582 - Votes: 1 - Delete/Return crashes Open Source built in VC Express 2005 using unmodified code
[15:09] Aric Linden: ok
[15:09] Gigs Taggart: Seg, it was mac only
[15:10] Gigs Taggart: 2583 seems to be valid, an interator getting munged up sometimes
[15:10] Gigs Taggart: iterator rather
[15:10] Bridie Linden: Import 2582 then, yes?
[15:10] Gigs Taggart: yeah, the comments on that code say stuff like "PLEASE FIX THIS"
[15:10] Seg Baphomet: Is this another wonderious LL iterator? :)
[15:10] Gigs Taggart: so yeah :)
[15:11] Bridie Linden: Will do
[15:11] Bridie Linden: Next, VWR-2576 - Votes: 0 - Possible crash llselectmgr
[15:11] Soft Linden: Not sure of the exact problem, but that shouldn't crash, so yeah. Should go in whether the patch is right or not.
[15:11] Soft Linden: Er - that was for the previous, not 2576.
[15:12] Bridie Linden nods
[15:12] Bridie Linden: I'll import 2576 as well
[15:12] Bridie Linden: Next VWR-2524 - Votes: 1 - Possible crash on startup with group messages waiting (llnotify.cpp)
[15:13] Gigs Taggart: I believe this fixes one of the top crashes
[15:13] Bridie Linden: Hooray!
[15:13] Seg Baphomet: I need to try that one.
[15:13] Bridie Linden: Another one from Nicholaz to import yes?
[15:13] Gigs Taggart: note the connection to 2046
[15:13] Gigs Taggart: he said they conflict
[15:14] Gigs Taggart: looks like 2046 is already imported though
[15:14] Seg Baphomet: My wife was complaining about crashing every time a friend alert came up.
[15:14] Seg Baphomet: I of course, have never seen it happen. ;P
[15:14] Soft Linden: I could swear I've seen 2524 duplicated internally, but I can't find it at the moment...
[15:14] Gigs Taggart: SL-50808?
[15:14] Gigs Taggart: or SL-52472 ?
[15:15] Object: Hello, Avatar!
[15:15] Daedalus Young: Hello, Object!
[15:15] Soft Linden: Naw, those would be the related one.
[15:15] Bridie Linden: I'll import nich's and make sure Tofu sees the other one
[15:15] Gigs Taggart: k
[15:15] Soft Linden: Bridie, would you import and assign it to me? I can hunt for the internal one to link it to later.
[15:15] Soft Linden: Or that.
[15:16] Bridie Linden: I'll add you as a watcher Soft...
[15:16] Soft Linden thumbsup!
[15:16] Multi Gadget v1.52.0 by Timeless Prototype
[15:16] Daedalus Young: hi Alexa
[15:16] Alexa Linden: :)
[15:18] Alexa Linden: .
[15:18] Bridie Linden nudges Aric :)
[15:18] Aric Linden: did we just discuss 340?
[15:18] Aric Linden: sorry, someone came by my desk
[15:18] Soft Linden: Nope! 340 is next.
[15:18] Aric Linden: Thanks soft. I think 340 is a duplicate
[15:19] Aric Linden: In fact, I think we discussed it at the internal triage on thursday
[15:19] Soft Linden: It's definitely a known issue. There's text added to the page commenting on it.
[15:20] Aric Linden: let's import it and assign it to me
[15:20] Aric Linden: I'll track down the dupe
[15:20] Aric Linden: VWR-2148
[15:20] Bridie Linden: will do
[15:21] Aric Linden: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-2148
[15:21] Aric Linden: So this is an interesting one. This problem is being aggressively worked on internally right now
[15:22] Aric Linden: I'd like to import this issue on the chance that either Kona or Hamilton see something here that they haven't seen elsewhere
[15:22] Bridie Linden nods
[15:22] Gigs Taggart: It's almost a duplicate of SVC-553, except it seems they are saying that it happens on objects in other objects
[15:22] Soft Linden: Makes sense
[15:22] Gigs Taggart: SL-46841 is 553
[15:23] Aric Linden: Let's take it and assign it directly to Hamilton please
[15:23] Squirrel Wood: [13:43] Gesture is missing from database.
[15:23] Bridie Linden: Will do.
[15:23] Aric Linden: Thanks Bridie
[15:23] Aric Linden: (and squirrel)
[15:23] Aric Linden: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-63
[15:24] Aric Linden: WEB-63
[15:24] Gigs Taggart: I've been getting that a ton the last few days.
[15:24] Aric Linden: 503 and other errors in forums
[15:24] Gigs Taggart: not just forums, every page other than the front page
[15:25] Daedalus Young: I don't get errors on the site, but sometimes some pages load very slow
[15:25] Aric Linden: Interesting
[15:25] Gigs Taggart: reloading 5 or 6 times brings the page up, usually
[15:25] Bridie Linden: I've heard about this today, but haven't seen it myself
[15:25] Daedalus Young: jira was slow for me today, wiki sometimes is
[15:25] Aric Linden: I haven't seen this. that doesn't sound right
[15:25] Gigs Taggart: I've seen it like 20 times
[15:25] Gigs Taggart: even on the web login screen
[15:25] Gigs Taggart: like, in the client
[15:25] Aric Linden: /means that sounds like a problem, not that the poster is mistaken
[15:25] Aric Linden: :-)
[15:25] Gigs Taggart: hehe
[15:26] Aric Linden: I think we should take this one in
[15:26] Bridie Linden: Yes, would anyone like to add comments to it before I do?
[15:26] Bridie Linden: (I'll be importing these after the triage, so you have some time :) )
[15:26] Gigs Taggart: i'll edit it to say just "website" instead of forums
[15:26] Aric Linden: thanks Gigs
[15:26] Aric Linden: I'll ask Beez about it as well
[15:27] Aric Linden: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-2530
[15:27] Soft Linden: Yeah, that 503 specifically may be of interest. That could mean a misconfigured proxy, not just a load issue.
[15:27] Aric Linden: VWR-2530
[15:27] Gigs Taggart: that's what I was thinking, one bad inward facing cache :)
[15:28] Saijanai Kuhn: got this several times on longin after the restart Haven't seen it before actually
[15:28] Soft Linden: Seg, when your presence was stuck, at what part of hte login did it fail?
[15:28] Gigs Taggart: 2530 may or may not be resolved now, it's conflated with a bunch of unrelated issues it seems
[15:28] Gigs Taggart: See SVC-720 for the one I encountered with the same symptom
[15:29] Seg Baphomet: Uhh, well at the "Your account will be unavailable until xxxx" dialog? :)
[15:29] Aric Linden: Seg, that's currently a very popular bug internally.
[15:29] Gigs Taggart: SVC-720 was definitely region-specific not account specific
[15:29] Bridie Linden: But diff from this one...
[15:29] Saijanai Kuhn: I got a 503 error. THink I was actually able to login anyway, but gave me pause for a sec when I saw it
[15:31] Aric Linden: I think we should ask if it's still an issue for these users before we import. anyone else?
[15:31] Bridie Linden: support just confirmed a borked web server from earlier today - it's been removed
[15:31] Gigs Taggart: cool
[15:31] Squirrel Wood: hmmm
[15:31] Bridie Linden agrees w/aric
[15:31] Squirrel Wood: Apparently, my transaction history is empty.
[15:31] Bridie Linden: Resolve as 'needs more info' for now?
[15:32] Aric Linden: yes please
[15:32] Gigs Taggart: Aric I think resolving 2530 might be best, since it's got so much crap in it
[15:32] Gigs Taggart: SVC-720 may also be resolved after the rolling update, if I don't see it again I'll close it
[15:33] Aric Linden: Gigs, I would agree except for one thing: in a recent internal triage, both Steve Linden and Don linden were very intrigued by a bug related to seed grants and I note that this bug reports the same stall on that string
[15:33] Gigs Taggart: yep, rebooting the sim resolves that temporarily
[15:34] Gigs Taggart: then it screws up again and no one can log into it :)
[15:34] Gigs Taggart: I got concierge to document all they could last time it happened to me
[15:34] Aric Linden: yep. Both don and steve were interested in it, so...
[15:35] Aric Linden: Shall we move on?
[15:35] Gigs Taggart: yeah
[15:35] Soft Linden: So this is being imported?
[15:35] Gigs Taggart: 720 or the other one?
[15:36] Gigs Taggart: I think 720 is more well focused
[15:36] Aric Linden: VWR-2355
[15:36] Bridie Linden: I was planning to resolve 2530 as 'needs more info'
[15:36] Aric Linden: that's fine
[15:37] Seg Baphomet: omg voice?
[15:37] Squirrel Wood: eep
[15:38] Saijanai Kuhn: was that you Squirrel? Voice morpher needs tweaking...
[15:38] Alexa Linden: lol
[15:38] Squirrel Wood: was me nut. someone clicked it :p
[15:39] Saijanai Kuhn: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-750 just reported by the way
[15:39] Soft Linden: Saijanai - I'd actually just imported that in the background :>
[15:39] Gigs Taggart: cool
[15:39] Aric Linden: wow, 2355 is chock full of buggy goodness
[15:39] Ryozu Kojima chuckles.
[15:40] Aric Linden: that's one beefy bug
[15:40] Squirrel Wood: Yep. constant crashes are not fancy
[15:40] Gigs Taggart: "Stuff's broke"
[15:40] Aric Linden: sadly, I don't really see anything useful here. soft?
[15:40] Gigs Taggart: Are they implying that the upgrade caused packet loss?
[15:41] Soft Linden: No, that mtr output was indicative of a pretty healthy connection.
[15:41] Aric Linden: I can't tell whether they think it's the upgrade or not
[15:41] Squirrel Wood: No. They seem to be saying that ever since one of the recent updates their client crashes every one to two minutes.
[15:41] WarKirby Magojiro: hi everyone. Horribly late..
[15:41] Aric Linden: Hi WarKirby
[15:41] Daedalus Young: hi
[15:41] Aric Linden: And there's nothing consistent in terms of video card or OS either
[15:41] Soft Linden: More info here would be good; finding out if many of them are on wifi or anything like that.
[15:42] Soft Linden: Looking for anything common to their systems would help a lot.
[15:42] Bridie Linden: Resolve, needs more info?
[15:42] Soft Linden: That'd be my take. Want me to add the question?
[15:42] Bridie Linden: Would you like to comment Soft?
[15:42] Squirrel Wood: drivers. Do they use the latest ones ?
[15:42] Gigs Taggart: I'm not sure that would send the right message :)
[15:42] Aric Linden: I can't see anything: two of them are on a 7300, one is on wintel mac, another on a ppc mac
[15:42] Soft Linden: Will do, Bridie
[15:42] Gigs Taggart: It needs less info really :)
[15:42] Bridie Linden: thx
[15:42] Bridie Linden nods to Gigs
[15:42] Gigs Taggart: just more of the right kind
[15:42] Seg Baphomet: Heh, my wife was asking me how the hell there can be more than %100 packet loss. :)
[15:43] Aric Linden: We *add* value
[15:43] Alexa Linden: lol
[15:43] Seg Baphomet: (look at their screen shot)
[15:43] Bridie Linden: Big packets!
[15:43] Aric Linden laughs
[15:43] Daedalus Young: I've had more than 100 too in the past
[15:43] Saijanai Kuhn: they count you AND your wife?
[15:43] Gigs Taggart: notice the TD in that screenshot is 0.05
[15:43] Gigs Taggart: looks like that sim was crapping out
[15:43] Daedalus Young: was during the sprintnet issues
[15:44] Soft Linden: Seg - I think it counts retransmissions
[15:44] Gigs Taggart: this looks like 3 or 4 different issues
[15:44] Aric Linden: are we ready to move on?
[15:44] Gigs Taggart: yeah
[15:44] Aric Linden: SVC-483
[15:45] Seg Baphomet: "That word you keep using, "crash", does it really mean what you think it means?"
[15:46] Aric Linden: Bridie, didn't we just cover one like this in the triage last week?
[15:46] Gigs Taggart: we already did one like this today
[15:46] Bridie Linden: Dupe of VWR-2148?
[15:46] Seg Baphomet: It seems to be a dupe, yes.
[15:46] Gigs Taggart: look like he has a specific script that is gone... is that useful to anyone at LL
[15:47] tx Oh: but thats more a server issue, no?
[15:47] Gigs Taggart: since apparently it's gone for good, he said he's still gone 2 weeks later
[15:47] Squirrel Wood: I'd say that X is missing from database is all related.
[15:48] Bridie Linden: Aric, what do you think? Resolve as dupe or link as related?
[15:48] Aric Linden: Yes, but I think we should import and see if Kona can work magic for him
[15:48] Aric Linden: I feel badly for folks who've lost work
[15:48] Gigs Taggart: magic is good
[15:48] Aric Linden: kona is good at magic
[15:49] Aric Linden: but the issue is a dupe fersure
[15:49] Aric Linden: is that a reasonable solution?
[15:49] tx Oh: well, i need this magic sometimes too
[15:49] Bridie Linden: works for me
[15:50] Aric Linden: looks at tx
[15:50] Aric Linden: I understand.
[15:50] Aric Linden: VWR-2605
[15:52] Seg Baphomet: They don't say what OS they're on.
[15:52] Aric Linden: Um, I know there was a comment on this at a recent INTL triage, I'm sad to say that I don't remember what it was
[15:53] Aric Linden: Bridie, do you remember that?
[15:53] Bridie Linden: Import and assign to Jaime?
[15:53] Bridie Linden: No, sorry I don't, Aric
[15:53] Soft Linden: In the end, we're expecting the OS to provide international fonts. It turns out an all-region font is in the neighborhood of 22 megs added to the download.
[15:53] Aric Linden: oooh, that's right
[15:53] Seg Baphomet: Use pango. :)
[15:53] WarKirby Magojiro: make it a seperate add on, perhaps?
[15:53] Bridie Linden: Soft, then shall I resolve "needs more info" to find out OS?
[15:53] Seg Baphomet: At least on Linux.
[15:54] Dale Glass: Soft, you can use my installer code, it installs only what's needed
[15:54] Dale Glass: so it'd download the font only once
[15:54] Alexa Linden: WB Gigs
[15:54] Seg Baphomet: Linux's font handling is known to be a hack.
[15:54] Gigs Taggart: crashing is fun
[15:54] Bridie Linden: wb Gigs
[15:54] Soft Linden: Sure, that would be useful info. It's also worth asking internally how the viewer knows what font to use for international glyphs.
[15:54] Aric Linden: Gigs, did you log a bug about it?
[15:54] Aric Linden falls over
[15:54] Seg Baphomet: If he's on Linux his problem is not suprising. :)
[15:54] Gigs Taggart: hehe
[15:55] Soft Linden: Maybe he's got the font, but we're missing code that finds the right font under some OS.
[15:55] Squirrel Wood: Stream the font to the client as needed ?
[15:55] Gigs Taggart: actually I'm not running under gdb right now
[15:55] Seg Baphomet: He needs to link the unicode.ttf link to something useful to him.
[15:55] Dale Glass: Soft, if you're interested in that, poke me first, I've got a few uncommitted bits ATM
[15:55] Gigs Taggart: so what's the conclusion on the font bug? I assume it's not "sure lets do it" since font licenses for distribution are not cheap :)
[15:55] Soft Linden: I don't have the bandwidth for i18n stuff right now - but if you'd add a comment to the pJIRA, Dale?
[15:56] Saijanai Kuhn: Allisa knows as much about that as anyone I think
[15:56] Dale Glass: ok, will do
[15:56] Saijanai Kuhn: she told me that the issue is that ALL fonts used are loaded at the same time, making for a rather unwieldy block of memory
[15:56] Soft Linden: Thanks :)
[15:56] Saijanai Kuhn: and that the fonts are loaded from a hard-0coded list
[15:57] Saijanai Kuhn: specific to each OS
[15:57] Seg Baphomet: Operating system vendors already go through a lot of time and effort to provide unicode fonts.
[15:57] Seg Baphomet: Do you really want to duplicate the effort?
[15:58] Saijanai Kuhn: the issue is that the list hasn't been updated, and is rtaher unflexable in how it is handled, I think
[15:58] Saijanai Kuhn: you needdd a better lkist, and dynamic loading and unlading of fonts
[15:58] Saijanai Kuhn: better list...
[15:58] Aric Linden: well, i think the viewer team is working on that
[15:58] Seg Baphomet: Or just use something like Pango and stop reinventing the wheel. :)
[15:59] Saijanai Kuhn: that's 2 or 3 revisions of the GUI down tthe road
[16:00] Soft Linden: So we resolved needs-more-info to find out what OS so we can see what's actually broken here... on to the next?
[16:00] Aric Linden: I agree with Soft except that I think we're out of time
[16:00] Squirrel Wood: ^^
[16:00] Soft Linden shakes his fist - "Curse you, father time!!!"
[16:00] Gigs Taggart: <gameshow>Awwwwwwwww</gameshow>
[16:00] Aric Linden grins
[16:00] Squirrel Wood: May I bring your attention to https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/MISC-713 - Add "Return All Objects" as an estate-wide feature for a specified resident very hot by vote it is.
[16:01] Seg Baphomet: I could probably drop Pango in, in a day's work. Its how long OpenAL took. (and then week of bug hunting... :)
[16:01] Gigs Taggart: squirrel the funny thing that's already in god tools :)
[16:01] Gigs Taggart: so it's probably trivial to do as a feature hehe
[16:01] Soft Linden: Actually, I think god only has delete?
[16:01] Squirrel Wood: There is one option to return *scripted* objects.
[16:01] Saijanai Kuhn: I'd love to see you do it, Seg. WOuld be willing to help in any way I could
[16:01] Aric Linden doesn't know about that
[16:01] Gigs Taggart: yeah right now we can only return scripted
[16:01] Squirrel Wood: But not *all* objects owned by a specific person
[16:01] Aric Linden: Return all objects that is
[16:02] Saijanai Kuhn: shoudl talk to Allissa about it also
[16:02] Seg Baphomet: Its rather sad and pathetic that banning someone doesn't at least have the option of returning all their objects.
[16:02] Gigs Taggart: oh you are right soft, it is delete, not return
[16:02] Soft Linden: Yeah, this function makes sense. A lot of griefers swoop around a sim flinging physics objects absolutely everywhere.
[16:02] Bridie Linden: I'm confused - can't you already return objects from your property already>? I do it all of the time
[16:02] Alexa Linden: as do I
[16:02] Gigs Taggart: bridie not estate level
[16:02] Gigs Taggart: or even region level
[16:02] Aric Linden: iirc we are talking about this already
[16:02] Alexa Linden: and on the sim my resident runs
[16:02] Aric Linden: having it for estate owners
[16:03] Soft Linden: This one is more for an island owner who might want to clean up 20 lots at once.
[16:03] Bridie Linden: Instead of just a parcel?
[16:03] Alexa Linden: so a whole sim
[16:03] Gigs Taggart: or 20 sims :)
[16:03] Bridie Linden: gotcha
[16:03] Aric Linden: I believe that conversation came up last week.
[16:03] Alexa Linden: regarless of how it's parcelled>
[16:03] Alexa Linden: ?
[16:03] Aric Linden: yeah, let's import it and pass it to RX
[16:03] Seg Baphomet: There's a general problem of its easy to loose small objects.
[16:03] Aric Linden grins
[16:03] Alexa Linden: yes, that would be a good tool
[16:03] Aric Linden: make them do the hard work
[16:03] Seg Baphomet: lose even.
[16:03] Squirrel Wood: Basically clean an entire sim or sim cluster/all sims owned by the same person
[16:04] Alexa Linden: yup
[16:04] Gigs Taggart: that'll be more important in havok4
[16:04] Soft Linden: Still. I hate to cut it off at 83 votes. Let's go for 100!
[16:04] Gigs Taggart: because in havok4 the sim will crawl at 0.1 instead of crashing
[16:04] Soft Linden: WHOO!
[16:04] Alexa Linden: regardless of how many parcels the sim has
[16:04] Alexa Linden: great idea
[16:04] Saijanai Kuhn: and thus a new Hippo legentd is born? 100 vtes in jira?
[16:05] Bridie Linden: I'll import.
[16:05] Bridie Linden: But need to run...thanks all!
[16:05] Bridie Linden: Thx Aric, Soft + Alexa Lindens...
[16:05] Daedalus Young: see you Bridie
[16:05] Squirrel Wood: "Ban James Johnson and return all his crap. prim by prim (just for the fun of it)"
[16:05] Aric Linden: Thanks all
[16:05] Daedalus Young: you're invited for the VAT-awareness party at Lauk's Nest in Alviso, next Saturday at about noon
[16:05] Gigs Taggart: hehe squirrel the return all scripted now actually does return things slowly :)
[16:05] Saijanai Kuhn: all at noce, but with a per-prim return message
[16:05] Daedalus Young: please see http://secondarts.wordpress.com/2007/09/30/save-lauks-nest-celebrating-a-jewel-of-second-life/
[16:05] Aric Linden: special thanks to gigs, bridie and soft
[16:06] Gigs Taggart bows
[16:06] Aric Linden: i'm gone byebye baby, byebye
[16:06] Gigs Taggart: a
[16:06] Saijanai Kuhn: that counts temp items
[16:06] Daedalus Young: bye
[16:06] Soft Linden: Thanks much :)