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Agenda Torley Linden: Hey Aric, Daed!
Daedalus Young: hi Torley
Aric Linden: hi torley
Torley Linden: Aric, that mohawk gets better every time I see you...
Torley Linden: such color. :)
Daedalus Young: oh... it's the Groups Are Not Showing-bug...
Aric Linden: Thanks!
Aric Linden: I have a long way to go before matching your sartorial splendor, but I try to do my bit
Torley Linden: What do we have up first?
Torley Linden: Haha, "sartorial splendor", I like that a lot. I'm just green and pink often.
Aric Linden: and excellent avs always
You shout: Who else is coming to our Release Candidate bug triage? :)
Torley Linden: Thanks!
Aric Linden: I was admiring your tail a second ago
Torley Linden: Aw, it was a fun flexi gift.
Aric Linden: very cool
Torley Linden: Daed, did you already announce this triage in the Aware of the Issue Tracker group?
Aric Linden: hold on, i need to get our page up
Daedalus Young: hm yes, I could shout it too, but not send group IM
Torley Linden: Still group IM problems? :(
Daedalus Young: I am currently suffering the "Groups Are Not Showing" bug, so can't send an IM
Torley Linden: Ahh that one, I was talking about that one earlier.
Aric Linden: If I'm reading the agenda correctly, it appears not to've been updated for today
Torley Linden: Don was suggesting to Angela about inducing packet loss to repro it.
Aric Linden: we covered all these issues last week
Torley Linden: I missed last week. :(
Torley Linden: Who did the agenda last time?
Aric Linden: believe me, I know it
Aric Linden: I MISSED you last week
Torley Linden: Awwwwe.
Aric Linden grins at his friend
Torley Linden:  :)
Torley Linden: I missed you too!
Aric Linden smiles
Torley Linden: Aric, did you try out Rob's new agenda creator yet?
Daedalus Young: or I just log in using the official viewer, it's no issue there
Daedalus Young: I did relog in an empty region because I was Ruthed today, so lag & packet loss could be a problem
Torley Linden: Daed: So the "no groups" thing happens on RC often for you?
Aric Linden: not yet. I rarely create agendas for these meetings. For mondays, gigs does the effort. I'm not sure who owns it for this meeting.
Daedalus Young: yes, pretty often
Daedalus Young: I am musing the official viewer with Dazzle more now though
Daedalus Young: *using
Daedalus Young: but did want to use the RC for this meeting
Torley Linden: I did the agenda previously, two weeks ago... *checks page history* looks like Gigs had a hand in last week's too.
Torley Linden: Ahhh OK Daed.
Aric Linden: yep, i asked gigs last monday if he could do it for last weds since I knew I'd be doing double duty on triages
Torley Linden: Good idea.
Torley Linden: Want me to try creating a new agenda using Rob's tool right now?
Aric Linden: sure. that'd be swell.
Torley Linden: Should take a couple min... sec...
Daedalus Young: I'll relog then
Torley Linden: Hello Sabina!
Sabina Stenvaag: HI! HAppy HAlloween!
Sabina Stenvaag: jsut dropin by to see what goes on at Linden office hours!
Torley Linden: Wow PJIRA is extra slow today...
Torley Linden: Oh nice of you to visit us, Sabina!
Torley Linden: We're going to be doing a bug triage shortly...
Torley Linden: for Release Candidate issues!
Torley Linden: Are you familiar with the RC viewer?
Torley Linden: Happy Halloween to you too. :)
Sabina Stenvaag: Thanks! Fortunatly--i've had no 'bugs' or crashes lately--so I'll jsut eaves drop if thats ok?
Sabina Stenvaag: OH YES--using the RC viewer now!
Sabina Stenvaag: plus I downloaded the newish 'skin' form Ben linden--love teh new colors!
Sabina Stenvaag: from*
Torley Linden: Oh great, the Dazzle one?
Torley Linden: Thanks for trying it!
Torley Linden: Any suggestions for improvement?
Torley Linden: *pastes agenda in*
Daedalus Young: some text isn't quite legible, like green object text in the chat history
Sabina Stenvaag: yep--i gave Benjamine L. my thoughts already--
Sabina Stenvaag: maybe I should add them to the ...was it in the JIRA or a blog that I saw a place for further comments?
Daedalus Young: and the IM windows used to be half transparent when not having focus, I could have it open and still be able to walk around
Torley Linden: Great, thanks. Sabina, we do have a wiki page where you can leave comments inline!
WarKirby Magojiro: Torley is a mudkip :O
Torley Linden: MELONkip.
Jackson Walpole: my name is Jack can i pose a question
Torley Linden: Alright everyone, please refresh your browsers and turn to... https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Bug_triage/Wednesday_Agenda , new issues are at the top. :)
Sabina Stenvaag: ah the Wiki that's it--TY
Torley Linden: This is the Release Candidate bug triage, welcome aboard and we'll be going through each of these, hopefully quickly with YOUR help!
Sabina Stenvaag: ah=aganda--good--TY
Torley Linden: Aric, wanna lead the charge and get us started? :)
WarKirby Magojiro gave you Jira URL-er v1.2.
Torley Linden: Thanks WarKirby.
Aric Linden: yes. thanks torley
Torley Linden: WOOHOO.
Aric Linden: Love torley for agenda booty kicking
Torley Linden: Hehe.
Torley Linden: Sabina, the specific wiki page is -- https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewer_Visual_Update
Aric Linden: VWR-2925
Aric Linden: Mac voice input selection ignored in OS X Leopard, keeps switching back to "default"
WarKirby Magojiro: Arg
WarKirby Magojiro: scripts disabled T_T
Sabina Stenvaag: TY torley bookmarkin it now!
Jira URL-er v1.2: Invalid format
Torley Linden: I'll turn it on temporarily.
Torley Linden: No worries. :)
WarKirby Magojiro: thanks
WarKirby Magojiro: hmm. Disabled scripts queue events...
Sabina Stenvaag not on mac--no idea about that issue
Torley Linden: Hmmm... this doesn't look like a RC-only issue, but specific to the new Mac OS X 10.5 which I haven't tried yet.
Torley Linden: Thanks all for being with us, by the way. :)
Daedalus Young: not using Voice, so no idea either
WarKirby Magojiro: ah, that's brand new, apparently
Patchouli Woollahra: makes sense, really.
Patchouli Woollahra: Leopard is still so new, the spots are shiny.
Aric Linden: I agree. we should import it and play with it internally to understand if it's our issue or an apple issue
WarKirby Magojiro: got to keep up with the latest shiny stuff
Torley Linden: K. *imports*
Aric Linden: yep. agreed. that's why I love my iphone
Aric Linden: VWR-2920
Sabina Stenvaag: sorry--what is 'LOD'?
Patchouli Woollahra: heaven forbid someone should implement hardware-based tesselation in SL... =cough cough=
Patchouli Woollahra: Level of Detail
Sabina Stenvaag: ah TY
Aric Linden: Sculptie LOD causes object to be deformed into a flattened sphere close while correct far Created: Today 01:02 AM Updated: Today 10:53 AM
WarKirby Magojiro: I commented on that, as you can see
WarKirby Magojiro: it seems to be a duplicate of an earlier issue
Patchouli Woollahra: other meanings of LOD: Lords of Destruction, LeGrange's Orange Demons, Lotions On Desk.
Torley Linden: Issue Tracker is being kind of slow for me...
WarKirby Magojiro: linked, and resolved as fixed internally
Daedalus Young: I haven't yet paid much attention to sculpty LOD
Sabina Stenvaag: hee hee Thanks!
WarKirby Magojiro: It's clearly upsetting a few people
Torley Linden: Oh thanks for doing that...
Patchouli Woollahra: LOD does horrifying but necessary things to sculpties I'm afraid.
Aric Linden: I wonder of this is a screen resolution issue
Torley Linden is not sure he wants to find out about LeGrange and his Orange Demons... ;)
Daedalus Young: if it's not resettin to normal view when the cam is closer again, that's upsetting yes
Aric Linden: or if it's really general
WarKirby Magojiro: it's showing badly up close
WarKirby Magojiro: not at long distance
Patchouli Woollahra: a map that looks good at 64x64 looks horrifying when it's at 16x16 LOD-downsampled resolution. usually.
WarKirby Magojiro: it apparently works normally when the camera is pulled back
Aric Linden: at any screen rez?
Daedalus Young: personally, I would like LOD to get better when zooming in, rather than just moving the cam physically closer
Patchouli Woollahra: Warkirby: also, the severe lack of ponts of info on a 64x64 doesn't help either :(
Torley Linden: But Object Mesh Detail all the way to the right should retain more detail? And if not, sounds like we need to scale that up.
WarKirby Magojiro nods
WarKirby Magojiro: definitely
WarKirby Magojiro: I have mine maxed out constantly
Torley Linden: Heya Josh!
Daedalus Young: hi Joshua
WarKirby Magojiro: and sculpted prims still do strange thigns with LOD
Aric Linden: ok. let's take it and play with it internally
Joshua Linden: Howdy folks
Patchouli Woollahra: actually, that's the thing, maybe we should have an option that allows users to use higher-rez sculptmaps to form higher-rez sculpties if their computer can take it.
WarKirby Magojiro: I think that setting should be more effective
WarKirby Magojiro: even if it might result in some people having to turn it down
Torley Linden: *imports*
Aric Linden: VWR-2886 is next
Patchouli Woollahra: I know it has to be 64x64 by default because the average load per prim has to be roughly the same.
Aric Linden: Communicate window > Friends tab > Checkbox + text misaligned (and lowercase initials of World Map)
Daedalus Young: ah yes, that's mine
Torley Linden: Youch the Issue Tracker is really crawling on me today. Le sigh.
Aric Linden: indeed it is.
Daedalus Young: I now see it's also an issue in the latest official viewer
Aric Linden: 1.18.3?
Daedalus Young: seeing it here in all its Dazzling glory
Aric Linden laughs
WarKirby Magojiro: Why should world map be capitaliseD?
Patchouli Woollahra: Why shouldn't it?
Torley Linden: Hm, misaligned -- in this case I think it's intentional Daed.
Daedalus Young: yes, as well as the RC
Torley Linden: It's to indicate checkbox hierarchy.
WarKirby Magojiro: Torley,.Might be a problem on your end. Fast and responsive for me
Patchouli Woollahra: it makes sense, why would you want someone to know your location but not your online status?
Torley Linden: I know we don't really do that a lot in the viewer, yet anyway, but Ben and I were talking about this very thing the other day.
Daedalus Young: I thought that too, Torley, but I couldn't see why that line is different than the others
WarKirby Magojiro: I don't like the misalignment thing personally
Torley Linden: Hm, but if it WAS a sub-checkbox, then "Can find me..." should be grayed out when "Can see my..." is unchecked.
WarKirby Magojiro: I like things nice and uniform
Daedalus Young: well, World Map has capitals when you open the World Map too, just like Resident is spelled with capital R
Torley Linden: WarKirby: Neither does Pastrami Linden, haha.
Patchouli Woollahra: if you get a location update for a friend, it stands to reason that you would know he's on.
Patchouli Woollahra: We have a pastrami Linden?
Torley Linden: OK, this sounds like something Rx should look at... I'm sure Ben would like to take a look.
Torley Linden: Yes, Pastrami Linden = WindLight Team Leader.
Sabina Stenvaag: misalignment--DOES make me think of heirachy--i like it personally!
Patchouli Woollahra: Terrific, another Linden who gets me drooling when he's mentioned.
Aric Linden: I think we should pass it to benjamin linden for an opinion
Patchouli Woollahra: Cory was bad enough.
WarKirby Magojiro: Do we have a Linden Linden yet ?
Torley Linden: OK all in favor! Hehe. :)
Daedalus Young: ah yes, but then Can modify also stands to reason the oter has to be on :P
Torley Linden: *imports and sends to Rx*
Aric Linden: Cory gets you drooling?
Patchouli Woollahra: he's a giant cloud of spaghetti and meatballs, Aric.
Jira URL-er v1.2: Invalid format
Torley Linden: Pastrami will talk your ear off about food.
Torley Linden: Give him a chance.
Torley Linden: Food and guns, actually.
Torley Linden:  :)
WarKirby Magojiro: vwr 2879
Aric Linden: VWR-2879
Patchouli Woollahra: Other Lindens who get me drooling: Michael, Joshua.
Daedalus Young: ok cool, we'll see it Tuesday's then :)
Patchouli Woollahra: I love my seafood too.
Aric Linden: I've already looked at this one. let's skip it
Aric Linden: It needs more info from gigs
Torley Linden: K... *passes*
Aric Linden twiddles thumbs waiting for jira
WarKirby Magojiro: vwr 2878
Daedalus Young: ah yes, I've seen that too
Aric Linden: thanks war
Sabina Stenvaag: if the meter went off screen for me--i never noticed it!
Joshua Linden: I hit this too.
Aric Linden: worth importing, i think
WarKirby Magojiro: it'd be nice to have it in the top bar, or some other inconspicous place
Joshua Linden: Not a blocker, but a nice RX refinement for anything which can be docked
Daedalus Young: it's ok if you have it on the right side of your screen, but to the left, it falls off
WarKirby Magojiro: like the bandwidth and packet loss meters
Joshua Linden: .... which has chevrons for resizing
Aric Linden: 2875 has already been imported (and fixed, i think)
Torley Linden: *imports VWR-2878*
WarKirby Magojiro: what is to be done with 2878 ?
WarKirby Magojiro: ok
Aric Linden: we should close 2875. I'll do that
WarKirby Magojiro: skip 2875 then?
Torley Linden: Thanks much!
Torley Linden: Working in parallel... ah teamwork!
WarKirby Magojiro: vwr 2872 is next
Aric Linden: we cruising now
Daedalus Young: we talked about that one yesterday
Patchouli Woollahra: I'll go get the bling.
Torley Linden: I'd like to siphon some of your PJIRA speed... I'm crawwwwlin'.
Daedalus Young: reproes, is imported
WarKirby Magojiro: I don't understand this issue
Patchouli Woollahra: oh, it happens.
Patchouli Woollahra: I've seen events for serious dancing in the nude... situated in the middle of The Linden Village.
WarKirby Magojiro: What exactly is happening?
WarKirby Magojiro: what is an event link?
Daedalus Young: double-click an event icon on the World Map, open the Search, but opens the wrong Event
WarKirby Magojiro: oh
Patchouli Woollahra: I think they mean like those little stars?
WarKirby Magojiro: I thought it teleported you there
Torley Linden: Daed summed it up very aptly.
WarKirby Magojiro: trying...
Torley Linden: Yes Patch!
Sabina Stenvaag: i get that too--when i'm NOTIFIED of an event--is that a bug--or the normal way?
Daedalus Young: ohh, that's new info
Daedalus Young: add in the comments!
WarKirby Magojiro: TRingo in the sky event gives me a search box about a yard sale
WarKirby Magojiro: definitely something wrong there
Aric Linden: Torley, are you sure it's still a problem?
Aric Linden: We should check it against the next internal release (appearing shortly_
Torley Linden: Aric: I didn't repro it myself but several people on RC did at the UI bug triage.
WarKirby Magojiro: I'm using nicholaz which is based on the odl client though
Torley Linden: It wasn't a problem for me in the non-RC viewer.
WarKirby Magojiro: Give me a moment to switch
WarKirby Magojiro: be right back...
Patchouli Woollahra is using OnRez atm.
Aric Linden: do you know which version of RC they were on?
Patchouli Woollahra: some really interesting bugs on it, which are ESC's to worry about now.
Torley Linden: I believe.
Aric Linden: OnRez is nice
Daedalus Young: I tried it too in the RC, and reproed,
Torley Linden: Yes, THANKS Daed.
Torley Linden: Daed is such an astute attendee. :)
Daedalus Young: teehee
Aric Linden: Ok. let's import it and play with it internally
Patchouli Woollahra: for instance, Torley is sitting on Aric's lap. I think that may not be the correct thing to happen.
Sabina Stenvaag: I'm using Second Life 1.18.4 (1) Oct 26 2007 17:13:00 (Second Life Release Candidate)- and get the same -->event tab opens but not to event i clicked on
Aric Linden: oh no, we sit that way IRL too
Torley Linden: Hahahahaaaaaa.
Multi Gadget v1.52.0 by Timeless Prototype
Couples MultiAnimator v2d whispers: * Abranimations Couples Animator Ready...
Aric Linden falls over laughing
Torley Linden: Thanks much Sabina!
Patchouli Woollahra: at least I think it may not be happening to handle poseballs properly xD
Torley Linden: Oh, we do have a good sense of humor. =)
Sabina Stenvaag: talk about teamwork!
FlipTitle: To set a title: title <color name> <title text>
FlipTitle: To remove title: title off
FlipTitle: <color name> can be: white, black, red, green, blue, pink, cyan, purple, yellow, orange
Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...
Daedalus Young: ahh ok Patch, good luck with it
Aric Linden: Classified Update Button Does Not Render
Torley Linden: Pardon about that, I crashed.
WarKirby Magojiro: confirmed
WarKirby Magojiro: Just no words on it
Torley Linden: Which issue we on now? :)
Patchouli Woollahra gave you QICBM.
WarKirby Magojiro: does that really qualify as not rendering?
WarKirby Magojiro: click the urler torley
Torley Linden: And I was just gonna say thanks a lot for checking out that event bug, Sabina.
WarKirby Magojiro: I keep it updated
Torley Linden: Sweet.
Sabina Stenvaag: np torley!
Aric Linden: Let's import this and see if we can repro it inhouse
WarKirby Magojiro: I would hazard a guess at some missing or misplaced text in a config file
Sabina Stenvaag: repro=reproduce? is that right?
WarKirby Magojiro: yes, Sabina
Torley Linden: Yeah, I just reproed it Aric.
Torley Linden: I created a NEW classified and saw it happen!
Torley Linden: I'm on 1.13.4 (1).
WarKirby Magojiro: same with new and existing
Torley Linden: Er, 1.18.4 (1).
Aric Linden: nice. thanks torley
Torley Linden: (Dang time travel messing up my versions!)
WarKirby Magojiro: Likweise
Torley Linden: Thanks. =)
Torley Linden: Next!
WarKirby Magojiro: vwr 2863
Aric Linden: what an excellent bug.
WarKirby Magojiro: It seems unusual that the estate would switch in the first place without explicitly doing so
Torley Linden: It'd be nice to have the region that this Resident saw this problem on.
Aric Linden: Agreed torley
Torley Linden: Ohhh it's Vaguegirl, I fixed a prob for her earlier today.
Aric Linden: same prob?
Torley Linden: No, different (inventory bug).
Aric Linden: ahh
Torley Linden: I can ping her for more info on this and followup...
Torley Linden: And if confirmed, then import.
WarKirby Magojiro: perhaps the region hasn't changed
Aric Linden: Perfect. Thanks.
WarKirby Magojiro: and the client is merely displaying it wrong
Torley Linden: Yeah, that's what I wondered...
Daedalus Young: client seems to have trouble updating parcel stats
Aric Linden: maybe Warkirby. In which case it's still a bug, especially if she tried to update and the update didn't stick
WarKirby Magojiro: Hi there Sai
WarKirby Magojiro: A little late
WarKirby Magojiro nods
Daedalus Young: when you turned on scripts here, it still shows it's disabled
WarKirby Magojiro: import and move on ?
Aric Linden: yes please
WarKirby Magojiro: yes, daedalus. That's an extremely anmoying issue
Torley Linden: K...
WarKirby Magojiro: I keep meaning to open an issue, and forgetting
WarKirby Magojiro: perhaps you could
Daedalus Young: prob because that usually doesn't change :P
Aric Linden: 2852 has already been looked at
WarKirby Magojiro: Leaving the sim and returning
WarKirby Magojiro: or relogging
WarKirby Magojiro: forces it to update
Daedalus Young: yes
Aric Linden: same with the next few
WarKirby Magojiro: Permission change updatyes aqquired date...
Torley Linden: Ah good to know... yeah I had sorted by date...
WarKirby Magojiro: that's not good
WarKirby Magojiro: I'll test ythis quickly
Torley Linden: WarKirby: Yeah Seraph is working on that last I checked.
Torley Linden: So it looks like we're up to speed on the new RC bugs... unless anyone has any particular issues to bring up? =)
WarKirby Magojiro: There seems to nbe a considerable list there still, though
WarKirby Magojiro: all checked already?
Torley Linden: WarKirby, any specific ones you're thinking of that haven't been looked at?
WarKirby Magojiro: I guess not. Unfamiliar with those
Torley Linden: I could be missing some; I sorted by creation date but if there's an RC issue that was updated but made longer ago, feel free to mention!
Aric Linden: anything that has me as an assignee has been checked
Torley Linden: RIght on Aric.
Saijanai Kuhn: just something I already passed on to Aric, Kona and Jill: if you don't have yoru headphones plugged in when you boot the new MacOS , the voice app crashes
WarKirby Magojiro: the issue with parcel permissions not updating is something that should be looked at though
Torley Linden: Which one is that, WarKirby? It hasn't been looked at yet?
WarKirby Magojiro: Are you going to create the issue, Daedalus, or shall I ?
Torley Linden: Oh great, thanks Sai.
WarKirby Magojiro: there is no issue for it yet
Torley Linden: Ohhhh that's what you were referring to earlier, I see.
Torley Linden likes Josh's motions sitting in that chair.
Torley Linden: Hypnotically out-of-water!
WarKirby Magojiro: Essentially, the icons at the to of the screen don't update when script/buiild perms are changed
Sabina Stenvaag want to see Joshua walk/move!
Saijanai Kuhn: dance, joshua, dance!
WarKirby Magojiro: A nautilus av is quite unusual
WarKirby Magojiro: I suppose toruses were made for it, thoguh
Torley Linden: Haha. Not sure Mollusks can "walk" but... dancing is definitely not out of the question.
Sabina Stenvaag: h--lovely!
Torley Linden: WarKirby: AHHH yes, I've been familiar with that for a very long time... I know what you're referring to.
Torley Linden: It's confused me on occasions before.
Joshua Linden: mmmmm, tasty
WarKirby Magojiro: I wonder if it's a viewer issue
WarKirby Magojiro: or if the server isn't sending the required info
Daedalus Young: if the Build button gets activated when those perms change, yet the no-build icon stays, then it's a viewer issue
WarKirby Magojiro: oh
WarKirby Magojiro: we can test
WarKirby Magojiro: can you enable build for a sec, torley?
Torley Linden: And if anyone here perchance hasn't seen Josh's excellent blog post on RC 1.18.4 (1), please do see: http://blog.secondlife.com/2007/10/26/second-life-1184-viewer-release-candidate-update/
Torley Linden: Yes, I can.
Torley Linden: OK, build is on... and yeah, I definitely didn't see the "No Build" icon go away.
Joshua Linden: Where "excellent" means "mostly incomprehensible, dashed out in about 60 seconds before I ran out the door on friday night"
WarKirby Magojiro: build button is also still dark
Daedalus Young: nope, and the Build button remains grey
Torley Linden: Haha the wording is so flavorful Josh, sometimes spontaneous is best.
WarKirby Magojiro: clicking it does not function
Torley Linden digs improv posting. =)
WarKirby Magojiro: creating doesn't update anything
Daedalus Young: so the server apparently doesn't send an update
WarKirby Magojiro: possible a service issue
Torley Linden: Daed: Historically some of the Resident confusion with that has applied to the Fly button too, that you have to walk off and back onto a parcel to see the state reflected correctly.
Sabina Stenvaag: i still see no build icon too
WarKirby Magojiro: I'll create an issue in SVC for it then
Torley Linden: Group permissions are related, because... when you give someone Abilities in a group Role, they may not see them take effect right away for similar reasons.
WarKirby Magojiro: Torley, when you use "historically" to describe a bug
Daedalus Young: I can use ctrl-alt-V to force it on, but hitting the keystroke again greys the button again
WarKirby Magojiro: you know something is way wrong
Torley Linden: Thanks WarKirby... I'm sure Ben & Rx will like to talk this over.
Torley Linden: WarKirby: Ha, yes... "Historically" to me is 2004, at the latest, early 2005. But I know Residents who've been around since 2002... and Lindens even longer...
Torley Linden: Such a rich tapestry of history through the ages, I suppose.
WarKirby Magojiro: how long has SL existed?
Saijanai Kuhn: historically?
Torley Linden: Any particular other hot bugs that someone would like to bring up? :D
Saijanai Kuhn: Qarl's ant is a bug magnet for sim-crossign issues
Torley Linden: OHHH better than I could trot out in a few sentences, see the SL History Wiki — http://secondlife.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page
Torley Linden: Sai, someone mentioned that to me the other day too, who was that? I reckon it's because it's loads of sculpties? A similar thing happened when I attached several sculpted chairs once...
Saijanai Kuhn: I gave a copy to Andrew. It shows up in the Havok 4 beta
Torley Linden: Hrm.
WarKirby Magojiro: Do sculpts have region crossing issues?
Saijanai Kuhn: thing is, we tried it with the libsl version o fthe ant and it didn't work
Saijanai Kuhn: Someone also sneaked ou the UUIDs for the individual sculptmaps and built the ant by hand and THAT didn't work
Torley Linden: WarKirby: I'm not conclusively sure but I definitely know I have a sculpted hat, 8 sculpted prims and 2 (I think) non-sculpties that goes invisible on region crossing/teleports sometimes.
Aric Linden: If no one minds, I'm going to sneak off and do some internal triage
Torley Linden: Odd, Sai... wasn't a script, a makeshift Maya importer used to bring the ant into Second Life?
Torley Linden: OK Aric, sounds good... time's always a-tickin'!
Torley Linden: And Bridie's back next week I hope. Ahhh.
Saijanai Kuhn: Zha Ewry thinks its some weird server interaction where teh textures are sent off to the client in the specific order
Torley Linden: How we've held the fort!
Daedalus Young: ah cool
WarKirby Magojiro: This went pretty well
Aric Linden: I think she's back on friday
Torley Linden: Oooh.
Torley Linden: I've missed her alot.
Torley Linden: Er, a lot.
Aric Linden: moi aussi
Aric Linden: she does so much so well
WarKirby Magojiro: When will we get v1.19, by the way ?
Torley Linden: Yes, always inspirational... I love the energy of fruitful collaboration.
WarKirby Magojiro: we've had 1.18 for a while now...
Torley Linden: Hehe Josh you wanna talk about future releases? =o)
Saijanai Kuhn: any word on Windlight?
Torley Linden: I was paging through upcoming releases the other day but Josh can speak to that better than I can...
Daedalus Young: was just thinking that
WarKirby Magojiro: and windlight too.....
Torley Linden: OH WINDLIGHT OMG... we are getting so close, I don't want to jinx it with a "TBA" if we're not dead-sure... but...
Torley Linden: WindLight is shaping up realy good right now.
Saijanai Kuhn: new features?
WarKirby Magojiro: back in a sec...
Torley Linden: WindLight encompasses a lot of things.
Torley Linden: The new atmospheric rendering...
Aric Linden: cyall laters
Torley Linden: Performance enhancements...
Torley Linden: a better Graphics Preferences layout.
Saijanai Kuhn: take care ARic
Torley Linden: E.g., 1 tab instead of 3.
Sabina Stenvaag: sorry---but windlight is client side right?
Torley Linden: It's been fun Aric!
WarKirby Magojiro: that will be neat
Torley Linden: Yes, viewer-side for the initial First Look BUT the functionality will replace server-side estate controls too.
WarKirby Magojiro: 3 tabs has always been a bit confusing
Torley Linden: And if you don't like all the bells and whistles, you can turn off WindLight's more advanced rendering too...
Saijanai Kuhn: Is weather on the agenda eventually?
WarKirby Magojiro: Oh, about windlight....
Sabina Stenvaag: jsut 'estates' ok.
WarKirby Magojiro: Will estate selections be just the default
Torley Linden: Pastrami will be announcing those.
WarKirby Magojiro: or will they be mandatory for people on the estate
Daedalus Young: rolling restart thunderstorms
Torley Linden: WarKirby: Initially, yes, but we want to expand it so people can "trade skies"...
WarKirby Magojiro: Will people be able to override the estate settings?
Torley Linden: Yes, through Force Sun.
WarKirby Magojiro: hmm
Sabina Stenvaag: wow--sounds lovely!
Torley Linden: Just like we can do now.
Torley Linden: But better.
WarKirby Magojiro: The thing is
Saijanai Kuhn wants his windlight-controlled GUI skins
Torley Linden: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Torley_Linden/Project_updates
WarKirby Magojiro: Imagine a big evil city sim
WarKirby Magojiro: where half the fun is the darkness
WarKirby Magojiro: if someone forces sun to day
Saijanai Kuhn hums "Raindrops keep falling on my head"
WarKirby Magojiro: they can see more
Torley Linden: Yeah, I know, it's an extension of today's concerns where someone sets their Halloween region to midnight.
WarKirby Magojiro: and cheat
Saijanai Kuhn: that leads tme to a discusson my son and I had about WOW/EQ vs SL
WarKirby Magojiro: There is the simple argument, that if you dson't like the estate's sky, you can just leabe
WarKirby Magojiro: leave*
Torley Linden: We've discussed forcing certain settings... like "force people to wear a certain type of avatar" but it all gets very heated.
WarKirby Magojiro: I really think estates should be able to force their chosen sky settings
Torley Linden: "Control of the experience".
Torley Linden: And I do understand that too...
Saijanai Kuhn: there are functions of SL that are diametri9cally opposed to a MMORPG
Torley Linden: What was that, Sai?
Saijanai Kuhn: money, for one thing.
Torley Linden: Yeah, it's like "Ohhh look you have freedom of creation! But oh my gosh, you can also screw it up horribly..."
WarKirby Magojiro: Torley, can you quickly change the parcel settings
WarKirby Magojiro: like disable build, or something
Saijanai Kuhn: and the whole concept of being able to circumvent sim-owner's control. Like Warkirby said, forcing sun could be "cheating" in some situations
Torley Linden: Yes, I changed parcel settings.
WarKirby Magojiro: kk
WarKirby Magojiro: back in a sec
Torley Linden: I remember playing Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and... changing my monitor gamma so I could "see in the dark".
Saijanai Kuhn: if you in WoW/EQ, you have to (in theory) go through the process of the game to obtain the uber thing. In SL, you just buy more LIndens
Torley Linden: There'll always be a way around some things.
Torley Linden: But in any case... I've got to go for now. It's been great hanging out with each and all of ya, and thanks for the help! =)
WarKirby Magojiro: Thanks for the time, torley
Daedalus Young: ok Torley, see you later
WarKirby Magojiro: nice to talk to you
Saijanai Kuhn: take care
Torley Linden: And you too... you're welcome! Bye for now... and I have office hours on Fridays @ 6 AM and 2 PM PDT if you can make it... =o)
Saijanai Kuhn: oh, and grats on your marriage
Torley Linden: *waves and smiles*
Torley Linden: Thanks!! Ahhhh... love. <3