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Agenda Transcript of Bridie Linden's office hours:

[14:59] Bridie Linden: How's everybody doing?
[14:59] WarKirby Magojiro: Do we have an agenda for today ?
[15:00] Harleen Gretzky: Great! you?
[15:00] WarKirby Magojiro: im great :D
[15:00] Bridie Linden: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Bug_triage/Wednesday_Agenda
[15:00] Bridie Linden: Not a very long one...
[15:00] Bridie Linden: but alas, I'll likely be on my own today so meeting may not move as swiftly...
[15:00] Bridie Linden: :)
[15:00] benjo33 Alter: cheers
[15:00] Bridie Linden nods
[15:01] Bridie Linden: Anyone do anything fun with day off?
[15:01] WarKirby Magojiro: Every day is a day off when you're self employed :D
[15:01] Bridie Linden laughs
[15:01] benjo33 Alter: ye
[15:01] Bridie Linden: That's hard work WarKirby!
[15:01] benjo33 Alter: lol
[15:01] Bridie Linden: Been there!
[15:02] WarKirby Magojiro: Every day can also be a work day too
[15:02] Bridie Linden nods
[15:02] Bridie Linden: Well, shall we?
[15:02] WarKirby Magojiro: VWR-4010 is up first. New search not accepting non Ascii characters
[15:02] Jira URL-er v1.2: Invalid format
[15:02] WarKirby Magojiro: click the spinny SL logo thing to get to the page, everyone
[15:02] WarKirby Magojiro: I already set it :D
[15:03] Bridie Linden: ha!
[15:03] Bridie Linden: thx!
[15:03] benjo33 Alter: i did
[15:03] benjo33 Alter: hope its help
[15:03] Bridie Linden: Looks like a good one to import
[15:03] WarKirby Magojiro: o.0
[15:04] Bridie Linden just noticed the patch...but haven't looked @ it
[15:04] WarKirby Magojiro: Your search - Fran FFFFC3 FFFFA7ais - did not match anything we could find within Second Life
[15:04] WarKirby Magojiro: hey there Rob
[15:04] Rob Linden: hi folks
[15:04] Bridie Linden: Howdy Rob!
[15:04] Bridie Linden: We just started...
[15:04] Harleen Gretzky: Hi Rob
[15:05] Bridie Linden: Ok, next up...
[15:05] Bridie Linden: # VWR-4031 - Votes: 0 - Banlist in newer versions (1.18.6) does not show total number of banned avs on Parcel out of 300 - please put this back? - Michi Lumin
[15:05] WarKirby Magojiro: ah
[15:05] WarKirby Magojiro: I know this
[15:05] Bridie Linden: I looked for an existing issue...but couldn't find it
[15:05] WarKirby Magojiro: The info is available
[15:05] WarKirby Magojiro: just not obvious
[15:06] Bridie Linden: But I feel sure I've seen this before...?
[15:06] WarKirby Magojiro: andunintuitive
[15:06] WarKirby Magojiro: yes, there is an existing issue
[15:06] Bridie Linden: Do you have the # WarKirby?
[15:06] WarKirby Magojiro: aside form this one
[15:06] WarKirby Magojiro: I'll look
[15:06] Bridie Linden: kk
[15:07] Bridie Linden waits...
[15:07] WarKirby Magojiro: hmm
[15:07] Bridie Linden: should we come back to this one?
[15:07] WarKirby Magojiro: I can see why you couldn't find it
[15:07] WarKirby Magojiro: yes
[15:07] Bridie Linden: lol
[15:07] Bridie Linden: kk
[15:07] WarKirby Magojiro: come back to it at the end
[15:07] Bridie Linden: KK
[15:07] Bridie Linden: Next
[15:07] Bridie Linden: # VWR-4020 - Votes: 0 - "About Land" Name changing to another sim's - miranda Ashby
[15:08] WarKirby Magojiro: I've observed something like this quite a lot
[15:08] WarKirby Magojiro: usually lag on sim crossings
[15:08] Bridie Linden: This one also sounds familiar...
[15:09] WarKirby Magojiro: this is differet, though
[15:09] WarKirby Magojiro: seems to be an actual, rather than percieved change
[15:09] Bridie Linden: How so?
[15:09] Bridie Linden wonders if it can be rerpo'd
[15:09] WarKirby Magojiro: PErhaps worth adding a comment of that nature
[15:10] WarKirby Magojiro: does the sim keep records on things like that ?
[15:10] Bridie Linden: Will do - and I'll ask internally, but I think I'll hold off importing for now. Ok w/all?
[15:10] Bridie Linden: hey Alice
[15:10] WarKirby Magojiro: ie, updating parcel info
[15:10] aliceinwire Bleac: hello ^^
[15:10] Bridie Linden: Not sure WarKirby...I'll see what I can find out.
[15:11] WarKirby Magojiro: kk
[15:11] Bridie Linden: Next up:
[15:11] Bridie Linden: VWR-3990 - Votes: 0 - Traffic not working cant reset when update is made wont reset to 0 and not keeping proper count
[15:11] Harleen Gretzky: Discription says Spike has seen this too
[15:11] aliceinwire Bleac: how are you ?
[15:11] Bridie Linden: Great Alice - you?
[15:12] aliceinwire Bleac: mmm with flu
[15:12] WarKirby Magojiro: hmm
[15:12] aliceinwire Bleac: but not bad
[15:12] WarKirby Magojiro: never bothered with the traffic system at all, personally
[15:12] Bridie Linden: I know we made a fix to traffic + classified recently...
[15:12] Bridie Linden: jas
[15:12] Harleen Gretzky: It was fixed not to reset teh traffic count on update, that was one of Prok's issues
[15:13] benjo33 Alter: are u in gapan now
[15:13] WarKirby Magojiro: seems like not resetting is best
[15:14] Bridie Linden agrees
[15:14] Harleen Gretzky: agreed, if you want a reset of traffic create a new classified
[15:14] aliceinwire Bleac: who are in japsn ?
[15:14] Bridie Linden: Hmm - this was reopened http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-3814
[15:14] benjo33 Alter: are u
[15:15] aliceinwire Bleac: no :(
[15:15] WarKirby Magojiro is still looking for the banlist issue
[15:15] aliceinwire Bleac: but i hope to go one day in the future
[15:15] benjo33 Alter: well dont come near me with that flue
[15:15] aliceinwire Bleac: lol
[15:15] Harleen Gretzky: seems a duplicate of teh other both reported by the same person
[15:16] Bridie Linden just saw that Harleen...
[15:16] benjo33 Alter: are u gupunise
[15:16] WarKirby Magojiro: TRaffic count generally refers to parcel traffic, does it not ?
[15:16] benjo33 Alter: gapan
[15:16] Bridie Linden: I'll try and resolve off line...
[15:16] WarKirby Magojiro: I would ask for more info
[15:16] Bridie Linden nods
[15:16] Harleen Gretzky: Classifieds have counts of who has teleported. mapped, and used your profile counts on them
[15:17] WarKirby Magojiro: can#t find the banlist issue, it seems. Might as well pretend it never existed for now
[15:17] Bridie Linden: Let's move on to the next one...(but feel free to leave comments)
[15:17] Bridie Linden: # VWR-4025 - Votes: 0 - Upper left corner black triangle - zann canto
[15:17] Bridie Linden: LEt's come back to ban issue at the end
[15:17] Bridie Linden: Anyone seen this?
[15:18] benjo33 Alter: see whaqt
[15:18] WarKirby Magojiro: looks like a video card thing
[15:18] WarKirby Magojiro: never had it personallty
[15:18] WarKirby Magojiro: Intel GMZ 950 is a gPU, I think ?
[15:18] WarKirby Magojiro: GMA
[15:18] aliceinwire Bleac: yes
[15:19] WarKirby Magojiro: is it supported?
[15:19] aliceinwire Bleac: i don't know
[15:19] Bridie Linden: http://secondlife.com/corporate/sysreqs.php
[15:19] WarKirby Magojiro: thanks
[15:19] WarKirby Magojiro: was jsut going to checjk
[15:19] WarKirby Magojiro: says 945 chipset
[15:20] WarKirby Magojiro: is 950 better?
[15:20] Bridie Linden: later?
[15:20] WarKirby Magojiro: it's a supported card then ?
[15:20] WarKirby Magojiro: sounds like worth importing andd trying to repro
[15:21] Maxwell Blinker shouts: here kitty
[15:21] WarKirby Magojiro: although
[15:21] Bridie Linden nods
[15:21] WarKirby Magojiro: might want to ask if they have the problem in windlight
[15:21] Bridie Linden: And if it's specific locations (tho I doubt it)
[15:21] benjo33 Alter: wow u are good in what u doing
[15:21] WarKirby Magojiro nods
[15:21] benjo33 Alter: see u around
[15:21] WarKirby Magojiro: bye
[15:21] benjo33 Alter: nice pepoel
[15:22] Bridie Linden: Bye benjo33
[15:22] Bridie Linden: NExt up:
[15:22] Bridie Linden: VWR-3922 - Votes: 0 - Sculpties/Sculpted prims rez differently after each login -
[15:22] WarKirby Magojiro: oh
[15:22] WarKirby Magojiro: this sounds related to the issues with lossless compression
[15:23] Bridie Linden: I'll import and send to qarl
[15:23] WarKirby Magojiro: The sculpts look right on upload
[15:23] WarKirby Magojiro: but once your cache is cleared, and you re-download it
[15:23] WarKirby Magojiro: they look wrong
[15:23] aliceinwire Bleac: :)
[15:23] aliceinwire Bleac: yep quarl
[15:23] aliceinwire Bleac: qarl
[15:24] Transit Knoller: my i join you?
[15:24] WarKirby Magojiro: This is a bug triage meeting,. alla re welcome
[15:24] Bridie Linden: Sorry distracted by squeaking objects...
[15:25] WarKirby Magojiro: <_<
[15:25] aliceinwire Bleac: -.-
[15:25] WarKirby Magojiro: nect up
[15:25] Bridie Linden: VWR-4016 - Votes: 0 - New login screen is always in English
[15:25] WarKirby Magojiro: # VWR-4016 - Votes: 0 - New login screen is always in English - Alissa Sabre
[15:25] Bridie Linden: beat ya! ;)
[15:25] WarKirby Magojiro: >.<
[15:26] Bridie Linden: Candidate for import
[15:26] WarKirby Magojiro: yeps
[15:26] WarKirby Magojiro: seems self explanatory
[15:26] Bridie Linden nods
[15:26] aliceinwire Bleac: is not supported
[15:26] WarKirby Magojiro: ?
[15:26] aliceinwire Bleac: i think he have to change the xml file
[15:27] WarKirby Magojiro: what isn't ?
[15:27] aliceinwire Bleac: with the one of windlight
[15:27] aliceinwire Bleac: like when you use dazzle
[15:27] aliceinwire Bleac: on the new login screen
[15:27] WarKirby Magojiro: hm
[15:27] aliceinwire Bleac: or on the change of the client
[15:28] WarKirby Magojiro: importing this one ?
[15:28] Bridie Linden nods
[15:28] WarKirby Magojiro: kk
[15:28] aliceinwire Bleac: :)
[15:28] WarKirby Magojiro: next up... # VWR-4011 - Votes: 0 - Some texts on new login screen is too small to read on Macintosh - Alissa Sabre
[15:28] Bridie Linden: Last one for today
[15:28] Bridie Linden: :)
[15:28] aliceinwire Bleac: is only a suggest
[15:28] aliceinwire Bleac: but i control better
[15:29] Bridie Linden: "A suggested fix is just to discard new web-based login and revert to the origianl login screen."
[15:29] aliceinwire Bleac: i agree
[15:29] Bridie Linden: Text too small for others?
[15:29] aliceinwire Bleac: no
[15:30] WarKirby Magojiro: fine on windows
[15:30] WarKirby Magojiro: xp
[15:30] Bridie Linden: fine for me too...
[15:30] Bridie Linden hmms
[15:30] aliceinwire Bleac: for me too
[15:31] Bridie Linden: Mozilla settings?
[15:31] WarKirby Magojiro: import and test, perhaps ?
[15:31] aliceinwire Bleac: he have 1600x 1200
[15:31] aliceinwire Bleac: maybe he use it in a windows
[15:32] aliceinwire Bleac: window
[15:32] aliceinwire Bleac: i don't know
[15:32] Bridie Linden: Maybe worth importing...
[15:32] WarKirby Magojiro: I run in a window.
[15:32] Bridie Linden: sold! :)
[15:32] aliceinwire Bleac: me too
[15:32] aliceinwire Bleac: but not with that resolutin
[15:32] Bridie Linden: and that's it for the agenda!
[15:32] aliceinwire Bleac: and on 20 inch
[15:33] Bridie Linden: I'm still working on gathering folks to discuss age verification issues...
[15:33] aliceinwire Bleac: i have sent the age verification
[15:33] Bridie Linden: a little tricky w/the holidays and all.
[15:33] aliceinwire Bleac: translation in italian
[15:33] aliceinwire Bleac: two week ago
[15:33] aliceinwire Bleac: to linden
[15:33] WarKirby Magojiro: ok. TO be revisited now
[15:33] WarKirby Magojiro: http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/vwr-4031
[15:33] aliceinwire Bleac: and the italian language is not up -.-
[15:33] Bridie Linden: right, thx WarKirby!
[15:33] WarKirby Magojiro: I can't find the duplicate, it seems
[15:33] WarKirby Magojiro: the issue here is that the information IS present
[15:34] WarKirby Magojiro: but it's rather well hidden
[15:34] Bridie Linden: Explain, pls
[15:34] WarKirby Magojiro: The about land used to say
[15:34] WarKirby Magojiro: Banned avatars (X of 300)
[15:34] Bridie Linden: right
[15:34] WarKirby Magojiro: now, you only get the x of 300 if you hover over the banlist
[15:34] WarKirby Magojiro: when it should appear in text beside the banlist
[15:34] aliceinwire Bleac: oh yes
[15:35] Bridie Linden: I remember now!
[15:35] WarKirby Magojiro: a lot of people have had problems finding that
[15:35] aliceinwire Bleac: remember too
[15:35] aliceinwire Bleac: ^^
[15:35] WarKirby Magojiro: because removing acess to info is rather unintuitive
[15:35] Bridie Linden: I know we discussed it too...
[15:35] aliceinwire Bleac: yes
[15:35] Bridie Linden: I'll import and double check for it internally
[15:35] WarKirby Magojiro: kk
[15:35] aliceinwire Bleac: ok
[15:35] Bridie Linden: Great!
[15:35] WarKirby Magojiro: and one more issue, since we've got plenty of time
[15:35] WarKirby Magojiro: http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-3983
[15:35] aliceinwire Bleac: ^^
[15:35] Bridie Linden: kk
[15:36] Bridie Linden looks...
[15:36] WarKirby Magojiro: I crash constantly when changing between fullscreen and windowed
[15:36] aliceinwire Bleac: and for my italian age verification translation ??
[15:36] WarKirby Magojiro: it's present in windlight, main and RC clients
[15:36] WarKirby Magojiro: it'd be nice to have it imported
[15:36] Bridie Linden: Easy to repro?
[15:36] WarKirby Magojiro: yeps
[15:37] WarKirby Magojiro: ctrl enter twice
[15:37] WarKirby Magojiro: and the viewer crashes
[15:37] WarKirby Magojiro: every time
[15:37] Bridie Linden: Supported card, yes?
[15:37] WarKirby Magojiro: yex
[15:37] WarKirby Magojiro: x1800xt
[15:37] aliceinwire Bleac: O_o
[15:37] Bridie Linden: Sold!
[15:37] WarKirby Magojiro: ~10 fps with max windlight settings
[15:37] Bridie Linden: Thx for reporting
[15:38] Bridie Linden: If you all don't mind, I'd like to wrap up early....
[15:38] WarKirby Magojiro: and that's pretty much it
[15:38] WarKirby Magojiro nods
[15:38] Bridie Linden: Thx so much for helping out during holiday week!
[15:38] aliceinwire Bleac: thanks you
[15:38] WarKirby Magojiro: no problem :D
[15:38] aliceinwire Bleac: ^^
[15:38] Bridie Linden: :)
[15:38] Bridie Linden: laters!